Elizabeth City is one of the Virginia Colony's original charter counties, "officially" established in 1634. In 1636, New Norfolk was established from Elizabeth City, (New Norfolk became Upper Norfolk and Lower Norfolk in 1637), after which her boundaries never changed again (essentially). The City of Hampton was established in 1680, became an independent city in 1908. The city of Hampton, town of Phoebus and Elizabeth City County consolidated in 1952. Records begin in 1684 (Virginia Independent Cities)

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Following the Indian massacres, a muster was taken of the remaining inhabitants of the colony in 1623/4, but no Combs was included for Elizabeth City. The first Combs recorded in Elizabeth City was one Richard COMBES in 1635:

21 Nov 1635 (Elizabeth Citty Co - Land Patent Book No. 1 - Part 1, p. 317) Dictoris CHRISTMAS, 300 A, on N side of the old Poquoson Riv, joyning upon land of Gilbert PERKINS Eastward, W. upon Monack neck & N into the woods. 100 A for the per. adv. of himselfe & wife Isabell CHRISTMAS & 200 for trans of 4 pers: William GUN, Rich. COMBES, Israell ATWELL, Zachariah FOSTER (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1977, p. 35) Note: Vectoris, not Dictoris, CHRISTMAS per Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666 by George Cabell Greer, Clerk, Virginia State Land Office, 1912; Dictras CHRISMUS per 1623/4 Muster of the Living at Elizabeth City.

Thus far, no further records of a Combs has been located in Elizabeth City until 1681 when we find Robert:

22 Dec 1681 (Elizabeth Cittie VA - Land Book 7, p. 217) Thomas ALLAMBY. December 22, 1681. 184 Acres on the bank of the James River, adjoining the land now in the possession of Robert COMBES. Land Book 7, p. 217. (Wills & Administrations of Elizabeth City Co., VA., 1680-1800 by Chapman, 1980, pg 24, 31, 44, 58, 76, 77, 114, 115, 121, 122, 124, 125, & 139.)

22 Dec 1682 [sic] (Elizabeth City Co - VA Land Patents Book 7:217) Mr. Tho. ALLAMBY, 184 A. Beg. att a Figg Tree on James River upon land of Robert COMBES; & Mary ELCOCK(?). 100 Acres granted to Wm. BROOKS alias MORGAN 6 May 1620; 50 granted Wm. COLE 6 Dec "next following" & by severall conveyances both came to the possession & seizin of Florentine PAINE, dec'd., who gave same to his 2 sons, viz: 100 A to Florentine, & 50 A to Wm., who conveyed the same, in free, to sd. ALAMBY; 34 A for trans. of Eliz. WYN. (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, Nugent, p. 250)

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GRANTEE Allamby, Tho. grantee.
DATE 22 December 1682.
NOTE Location: Elizabeth City County.
NOTE Description: 184 acres beg. &c., on the bank of James River, near a small swamp or pond by the river side &c. Northerly on the land now in the possession of Robert Combes.
NOTE Source: Land Office Patents No. 7, 1679-1689 (v.1 & 2 p.1-719), p. 217 (Reel 7).
NOTE Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41

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1696/10/19 (Elizabeth City Co. Orders 1692-1699, 102-103). John STRINGER, white male, age 15, apprenticed to Charles COMBS, Weaver, Beg. Date 10/19/1696; Ending date: 10/19/1702. (Apprentices of Virginia, 1623-1800 by Harold B. Gill, Jr., 1989, pg 244)

18 May 1698 (Elizabeth City VA Order Book 1689-1699, p. 130 & 132) Christopher DAWSEY. Ex. Benjamin RIDGE. Appraiser appointed, John HARRON, Charles COMBS and William WILLIAMS. (Wills & Administrations of Elizabeth City Co., VA., 1680-1800 by Chapman, 1980, pg 31)

20 Jan 1700 (Elizabeth City VA Book 1689-99, p. 217) Elizabeth COMBS. Administration of her estate granted to William WILLIAMS. (Wills & Administrations of Elizabeth City Co., VA., 1680-1800 by Chapman, 1980, p 24)

Combs Questions: Is there any possibility that the above records are of Elizabeth (-----) (Underwood) (Underwood) Combs, w/o Unknown UNDERWOOD, Col. Wm. UNDERWOOD and Archdale COMBS of Old Rappa. Co VA? (Her death date and location remain unknown) Could Charles COMBS have been her son? And/or might he have been the same as Charles COMBS of Essex Co VA? Has Benjamin RIDGE been identified? Could he be kin to the RIDGE Family of Spotsylvania Co VA?