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Chesham, a market town and parish in the hundred of Burnham , 29 miles west northwest of London, comprises the chapelry of Lattimers with its hamlets of Waterside and Botley, and the hamlets of Ashley-Green, Billington, Chartridge, and Hundridge with Ashbridge. Chesham is 1.24 miles north of Chesham Bois, 3.16 miles northwest of Flaunden, Herts; 3.62 miles northwest of Chenies, Bucks; 4.3 miles east of Great Missenden; 7 miles northeast of Beaconsfield; 7 miles southwest of Hemel Hempstead, Herts; and 16.9 miles southeast of Soulbury (home to Combe-Lovett families).

Ed. Note No Combes have been located in this parish as yet. Instead, there are numerous records of one or more unidentified LOVETT lines (See Soulbury, Bucks and Early Combe-Lovett Families of England). The following parish records are, except where otherwise noted, courtesy of Connie Bates' Lovett-Lovitt Genealogy (an excellent resource for all Lovett-Lovitt researchers) and included here primarily due to the Christopher and Francis LOVETT in this parish (see Archdales, Combes and Lovetts of the Drapers Company re 2nd Christopher LOVETT).

Other locations mentioned in these baptisms, marriages and burials are: Chesham Bois Parish (a few selected records for Chesham Bois have been addeded separately at the end of this report); Flaunden, Herts Parish (see below); Whitend; Belend/Belendon (the above hamlet of Billington, Chesham?); Asheridge (the above Ashbridge?); Chennes (Chenies Parish, Bucks); Cheritrees (not yet identified); and Senex (not yet identified).

Baptisms 1538 - 1665

20 Oct 1539 Maude d. John LOVET
9 May 1541 Rychard s. Robert LOVET
6 Nov 1541 Isbell d. John LOVET
1 Apr 1543 Jone d. Robert LOVET
28 Nov 1547 George s. Robert LOVET
(no baptisms recorded during the reign of Queen Mary)
1 Dec 1560 William s. Willm. LOVET
1 Mar 1561/2 Anne d. Xpofer LOVET
25 Oct 1563 Mary d. John LOVET
18 Nov 1565 Jeames s. John LOVET
4 Apr 1568 Isbell d. Thomas LOVET of Bois
10 Jul 1569 Robt s. John LOVET
24 Mar 1571/2 Helenor d. John LOVET
5 Sep 1574 Mary d. Thomas & Elyzabeth LOVET
7 May 1575 John s. John & Jaane LOVET
22 Feb 1578/9 Stephin s. John & Jaane LOVET
26 Apr 1584 Janne d. Lawrence & Anne LOVET
13 Apr 1589 Anne d. Lawrence & Anne LOVETT
23 Dec 1590 John s. Jeames & Joan LOVET
6 Jan 1592/3 Jeames s. Jeames & Mary LOVET
31 Jan 1592/3 Mary d. Willm & Margarite LOVET
31 Jan 1592/3 Susanna baase borne [baseborn] d. of Elyzabeth LOVET, servant to Hugh CAATER
30 Sep 1593 Willm s. Lawrence & Anne LOVET
13 Apr 1595 John s. Henry & Susan LOVET
11 Mar 1595/6 Clare d. Willm & Margarite LOVET
7 Apr 1596 Thomas s. Jeames & Mary LOVET
1 Oct 1596 Elyzabeth baase borne d. of Elyzabeth LOVET, servaunte unto Hugh CAATOR
19 Feb 1597/8 Sara d. Henry & Susan LOVET
5 Aug 1599 Thomas s. Willm & Margarite LOVET
23 Aug 1601 Edward s. Adrian GOOCHILDE & Elyzabeth LOVET his wife
23 Jun 1602 Stephen & George the children of Jeames & Mary LOVETT
5 Jun 1608 Daniel s. James & Jane LOVET, hundrich
3 Aug 1614 Hester d. Francis & ____ LOVETT
16 Feb 1616/7 John s. Steeven & Rhoda LOVETT
9 Nov 1617 James s. Francis & Marie LOVETT
16 Nov 1617 James s. James & Rose LOVETT
4 May 1621 William s. Francis & Marie LOVETT
11 May 1623 Mary d. Timothy & Marey LOVET of Bois
22 Feb 1626/7 Josias s. Francis & Mary LOUETT
21 Jul 1633 William s. Christopher & Francis LOUETT
19 Jan 1637/8 Jane d. Robert & Elizab. LOVETT

(Between 1643 and 1653, only about 6 entries per year were recorded instead of the normal 8 or 10 per month. There are no more LOVETT entries through 1665.)

Marriages 1538 - 1659

11 Jun 1542 Henry, s. Ric. LOVET of Flaunden & Alice, d. Robert GAATE
(No entries 1553 - 1558)
22 Jul 1560 John LOVET & Joan BYRCH
25 Nov 1560 Christopher LOVET & Margariet HARDINGE
12 May 1563 Rychard LOVET & Joan WEEDON, widoe
16 Dec 1575 Rychard NEWTON of Whitend & Roase LOVE his s'vante
1 Aug 1580 John BACHILOR, carpenter & Margariet LOVET, sister to the wife of Roger WEEDON
10 Mar 1583/4 Laurence, son of Willm LOVET & s'vant to Mr. TASBROUGH & Anne, suster to Robt BACHILOR of the wood.
16 Jun 1592 Willm, s. Willm LOVET & Margarite, d. Thomas HAARE, servants to Mr. Tho. ASHFEILDE
17 Nov 1600 Adrian GOODCHILD & Elyzabeth LOVETT, servant to Hugh CATOR
12 May 1614 Joseph TWICHELL & Elizabeth LOVETT
28 Oct 1622 Edward CARTER & Marie LOVETT
27 Nov 1628 William GRACE & Bridgett LOVETT
11 Oct 1632 Christopher LOVET et ux.

(No marriages recorded 1637-1652 or 1659-1686. No LOVETT marriages 1653-1659)

Burials 1538 - 1680

21 Mar 1550/1 mother LOVET
30 Sep 1560 Alice the wyfe of Xpofer LOVET
5 Feb 1561/2 ___ LOVET, of Bois
1 Nov 1562 John s. John LOVET
24 Jan 1563/4 Mary d. John LOVET of hundrych
27 May 1568 Agnes d. John LOVET
2 Dec 1576 Thomas LOVET of Ashley greene
23 Jan 1577/8 John s. John LOVET
28 Jun 1579 John LOVET of hundrych
24 Mar 1590/1 Joan wyfe of Jeames LOVET
28 Oct 1592 Bridget d. Robert ELLES als. ALLISON deceased and Douglas LOVET the syster's daught. Of the said ELLES
29 Mar 1593 William LOVET of Belenden
2 Aug 1598 John LOVET, servant to Willm CARTER
12 Apr 1602 Edward, s. Adrian GOOCHILDE & of Elyzabeth LOVET, his wife
4 Feb 1603/4 Maude the widoe of Willm LOVET of Belend
29 Feb 1603/4 Cicely the wife of Georg LOVET of Chennes & mother to Edward SILLES of the parish of Asheridg
15 Nov 1607 Henry LOVET brother to ye wife of Adrian GOODCHILD, a stranger
27 Sep 1611 William LOVETT, servant to Richard WOOD
20 Oct 1613 William LOVETT
30 Apr 1617 Lawrence LOVETT
13 Oct 1617 ____ wife of Steeven LOVETT of Cherritrees
5 Jan 1619/20 James LOVETT jun' of Hundridge
10 Aug 1621 Margaret LOVETT widow
1 Jan 1624/5 Adrian GOODCHILD, laborer, senex
24 Jul 1631 George LOUETT
14 Dec 1631 widowe LOVETT
27 Feb 1633/4 James LOUETT
1 Dec 1636 a yonge child of Robert LOUET
2 Apr 1637 Mary, d. Robert LOVETT
(No burials recorded 1639-1652)
23 Dec 1653 Robert LOVETT
(No burials recorded 1655 - 1661, except one in 1658)
8 May 1664 Richard LOVATT
7 Apr 1672 a child of John & Sarah LOVETE
27 May 1673 Sarah w. Jo. LOVETT
13 Aug 1675 Martha w. Philip LOVET
28 Oct 1676 a child of Danill & Marey LOVETT
24 Aug 1680 John LOVETT, blacksmith

Miscellaneous Notes

  1. The Rose LOVE who married Rychard NEWTON on 16 Dec 1575 is listed in the IGI entry for Film #0883505 as "Roase LOVET."
  2. Not included in the above is an IGI entry for the following christening:

    • 07 Jun 1601 Chesham, Bucks. Christened: Christopher, s/o Wm. and Margarite (Margaret) LOVET (LOVETT) (FamilySearch.Org for source and ordering information. Note: IGI Pre-1970, F#: 457167 states this is William and Margaret HARE LOVETT)
  3. Chesham Bois is only 1.24 mi. from Chesham, and as can be seen from the above records, some overlap existed. The following selected records are from the IGI and the film has not yet been read (See FamilySearch.Org for source and ordering information)

    • 22 Sep 1616 Chesham Bois, Bucks, England. Christened: Francis LOVETT, s/o Francis LOVETT.
    • 6 May 1623 Chesham Bois, Bucks, England. Christened: Mary, d/o Timothy and Mary LOVET (LOVETT).

    The earliest record in Chesham of a LOVETT "of Chesham Bois" is the burial of "_____ LOVET of Bois" on 2 Feb 1561/2, who may have been the ancestor of: (1) Francis LOVETT, father of Francis, was perhaps the same as Francis, father of Hester, James, William and Josias, and husband of Mary, but both his ancestry and marriage remain unknown. (2) Timothy, whose daughter, Mary, was also baptised at Chesham, on 11 May 1623, the first entry of any Timothy in Chesham parish records. Record of neither Timothy's birth nor his marriage have been located as yet.

  4. One of the earliest records in the Chesham parish register is the 1540 marriage of Henry LOVETT, son of Richard of Flaundon, to Alice GAATE, daughter of Robert -- the only parish record for Henry (although some of the above may be his descendants - not researched). Flaundon, Hertsfordshire is a chapelry of the parish of Hemel Hempstead, Herts, although it lies 5.34 miles northwest of the market town of Hemel Hempstead. The earliest (all pre-1600) IGI entries for Hemel Hempstead, Herts, include (Source No. 991330):
    • 21 Nov 1580. Married: Richarde LOVET and Ales LONGE.
    • 15 Feb 1581. Christened: Thomas LOVET, son of Richarde LOVET.
    • 28 Nov 1585. Christened: Nathaniell LOVETT, son of Richarde LOVETT.

    Note: A second IGI source includes the christening of Nathaniel LOVET [sic], but also includes the 15 Feb 1582 [sic] christening of a Richard [sic] LOVET, son of Richard LOVET. Both include the mother's name as Alice LONG (IGI, B: 23 Nov 1966, F#: 471437, @, E: 13 Dec 1966 SLAKE, P#: 13, SP: Pre-1970, O#: 680 and 68055). The "pre-1970" and "@" indicate less than reliable source.

    • There are numerous Combes in Hemel Hempstead, Herts, but whether they resided near to, or had any connection with these Lovetts remains unknown. That the Lovetts of Flaundon, Herts, Chesham and Chesham Bois are descended from the same Norman line as those of Soulbury, Bucks, is quite probable, particularly given naming patterns (Christopher, Francis, Richard, Robert and Thomas).
    • The earliest Christopher of Chesham is, in fact, the earliest located in records thus far (the first in Soulbury not born until 1630).
  5. Notes: The above have been entered because we appear to have one or more "extra" Christopher LOVETT'S, including the same who adventured to the Colonies in 1622. Moreover, there appears to be (based on both these records and others not listed above) a clear parallel naming pattern with the LOVETTS of Soulbury. See Also "extra Lovetts" in St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, home of John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs. Also note that the above are only two of a large number of LOVETT records in this parish.
    • "…In August, 1622, [Sir Ferdinando] GORGES and [John] MASON took a patent for Laconia, the country between the sea, the St. Lawrence, the Merrimack, and the Kennebec; a company of English merchants was formed, and under its auspices, in 1623, permanent plantations were established on the banks of the Piscataqua. Portsmouth and Dover are among the oldest towns in New England. In the same year an attempt was made by Christopher LOVETT to colonize the county and city of York, for which, at a later day, collections were ordered to be taken up in all the churches of England…." ("History of the United States of America From the Discovery of the American Continent," Bancroft, George, Rev. ed., Vol. 1, Part 1, Ch. 13, 1882)

Editor's Reminder to self: Also not done: To check re Biddlesden Abbey in Bucks, but by Northampton, re Crew-LOVETT.

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