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On 08 Jul 1630 at Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, Elizabeth LOVETT, daughter of Sir Robert and Anne SAUNDERS Lovett of Liscombe, Soulbury, Bucks, married John COMBE, son of John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, the latter a member of the Drapers Guild. No earlier association between the Combe and Lovett families has been discovered as yet, but in 1640, Francis LOVETT, son of Sir Robert, was apprenticed as a Draper; in 1643, Elizabeth's father, Sir Robert, died in Sparsholt, Berks (to where the Combes had removed in 1641-2); 1646, Sir Robert's son, Christopher, was apprenticed as a Draper; and in 1656, Elizabeth Elizabeth LOVETT Combe, now a widow and living in Oxfordshire, apprenticed her son Archdale to her brother, Christopher, who by 1658 and at least through 1663, was residing in Dublin, Ireland.

This study of the Lovetts of England began as an attempt to determine the descendants of Archdale COMBE, but has grown to encompass all early LOVETTS of England. Our primary Lovett researcher is Denise Mortorff, who has been ably aided by fellow Combs &c. Researchers Vince Griffith, Joe Kendalll and others. Research is still in progress and readers are encouraged to bookmark this report and check back frequently for updates.

Combs &c. Research Group

Note: Numerous additional Lovett records are located in our English and Irish Combs Counties, searchable using our Combs &c. Search Engines. Also note that Combs-Lovett research "mothers out" in the mid-1600s. For those researching later and/or other Lovett/Lovitt lines, see also Connie Bates' Lovett-Lovitt Genealogy (an excellent resource for all Lovett-Lovitt researchers)


Miscelaneous Ed. Notes

From Denise Mortorff, a search of the indices for Old Rappa, Richmond and Essex counties, Virginia for the surname Lovett (and var. sp.) results in the following:


James RD-08 Richmond County 08=Order Book Abstracts 1697-1699

John RD-04,08,09 Richmond County 04=Deed Abstracts 1695-1701;08=Order Book Abstracts 1697-1699; 09=Order Book Abstracts 1699-1701

Mary RK-14 Old Rapahannock County 14=Deed Abstracts 1686-1688

Richard EX-20 Essex County 20=Order Book Abstracts 1699-1702

Ed. Note: Richmond and Essex sources not checked yet. The following for Old Rappa (still to be posted and still to be added to that Combs County page):

1-4 Apr 1688* (Old) Rappahannock County, Virginia Deeds, 1686-8, p. 400. I Mary LOVET do give a two year old heifer being brinded and her mane being brinded unto Mary GOOGE and all the female encrease of her until the said Mary GOOGE shall come to be fifteen yeas old and then male and female to be her owne this marke is the right eare being whole and a hole in the left eare cropt and underkeele and a slit in it. No signature, undated* and no witnesses. (Old Rappahannock County Deeds, 1686-1688, Ancient Press, Ruth and Sam Sparacio) *Undated, but recorded immediately before 4 Apr 1688 during April session, thus recorded between the first and fourth of Apr.

Note: No other GOOGE surname entries found in this book. This surname not yet been checked in either list archives or other Old Rappa books). Nor has this specific mark been checked against other known Old Rappahannock County, Virginia marks.

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