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St Mary Woolchurch Haw
City Centre, London

Note: The primary sources for information given in regard to parish records are GenDoc's Victorian City of London Churches (Church of England a.k.a. Anglican) and FamilySearch.Org
St Mary Woolchurch Haw was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1666 and not rebuilt. It was united to St Mary Woolnoth in 1670. Parish records are in the Guildhall Library:baptisms 1558-1693/4 & 1814-89, marriages 1559-1666 & 1814-37, banns 1824-65, burials 1558-1665/6 & 1813-48 For baptisms 1693/4-1814 & post-1889, marriages circa 1670-1812 & post-1837, banns 1754-1823 & post-1865, burials circa 1670-1812, see St Mary Woolnoth. A partial index to baptisms and marriages 1558-1885 is in the IGI. No Combs are in this index as of 1998.
15 May 1575 St Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, England. Married: Ralph YARDLEY and Agnes ABBOT. (FamilySearch.Org)
See Ralph YARDLEY of St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey.
12 Feb 1575 Saint Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, London, England. Married: Lawrence SMITH and Elizabeth REY (FamilySearch.Org, IGI, parish register extracts, 1559-1666, So: 0897089; Film: 6903701 - record not yet viewed)
See Lawrence SMITH in 1575 Orphans Court Recognizances with Thomas and Martin ARCHDALE and Thomas DUFFIELD. See 1601 St. Dunstan, Stepney marriage of Clement COMBE and Katherine REA [sic]. Not known yet if significant.
3 Feb 1583 St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, England. Married: Thomas FARRINGTON and Alice TAYLOR. (FamilySearch.Org)
See Drapers Company, records of John COMBE, 1598, whereby one Thomas FARRINGTON deposed that in 1587, he and John COMBE had assigned the lease of a house called "Ship in the Bill" to one Thomas TAYLOR. No christenings of children (not full search) have been found in this parish.
19 Sep 1602 St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, England. Christened: Arthur CREWE, s/o Anthonie CREW (FamilySearch.Org)

21 Apr 1605 St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, England. Christened: John CREWE, s/o Anthonie CREW (FamilySearch.Org)

4 Oct 1607 St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, England. Christened: Anthonie CREWE, s/o Anthonie CREW (FamilySearch.Org)

29 May 1617 Tottenham, Middlesex. Married: Anthony CRUE, Mercer, of St. Mary Woolchurch, London, and Suzanna RIDGDALE, widow (Middlesex Marriages - GenUKI)
See Anthony CREW investor in the second charter of the Virginia Company, and Arthur CREW who married Elizabeth COMBE in 1649 in Sparsholt, Berks.
13 Feb 1597 Saint Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, England. Married: John BARGAR and Jane CROWCHE. (FamilySearch.Org) [Search Words: CROUCH]
Unidentified. Included only to show presence of BARGAR in London (See St. Peter Paul's Wharf for 1617 marriage of Ellis COMBE and Judith BARGAR).
1606-1631 St. Mary Woolchurch Haw. "Edward DITCHFIELD of London, Armiger, and of Edmonton, Middlesex, resided in this parish from 1606-1631; married twice: (1) unnamed, buried St. Mary Woolchurch, 24 Mar 1605-6; (2) 16 Feb 1606/7, Katherine WHITTINGAM of Allhollows [All Hallows], Honey Lane, who was buried at St. Mary Woolchurch Haw on 19 Apr `1631. Edward's will was dated 25 Aug 1640, proved 13 Mar 1647-8. By his first wife, son Edward DITCHFIELD of Edmonton, Middlesex, married 27 Mar 1631, St. Botolph, Bishopgate, Mary, daughter of Randolph MANNING of London, Armiger. (Visitations of London 1634 and 1664) by his wife, Mary COMBE, d/o John and Margaret COMBE Archdale.

1628 [4 Car.] -Grant to Edward DITCHFIELD, and others, named by the mayor and citizens of London, of various lordships, castles, manors, etc., in con-sideration of loans, etc., supplied to the King (Ditchfield (Edward) . Grant of lands to 1628. Add. 15663, f. 75, British Library Manuscript Collection)

22 Aug 1643 (dated) Commissary of London, vol. xxix, fo. 213.
Deare wife and wellbeloved, with all our deare and sweet chil dren, I [Richard HUNT] waiting daylie for my change and dissolucon am willing to leave with you this my last will and testament, (having) written it with my owne hande in the time of my health, least the omitting of it should trouble me at the howre of death when thoughts of other things wilbe more needful…And touching my bodie, I commit it to the earth whence it came, but if otherwise the Lord hath disposed of me, his holy will bee fullfilled. According to the custom of this honourable Cittie I devyde my estate into three parts, whereof I bequeath one part to my wife Jane, which I hope will amount to £1800 besides her jewells and rings; also I bequeath unto her my great silver bason and ewer with two faire flaggon potts and the lease of my house in Hackney parish. One other third part I bequeath amongst my children, vizt., to my eldest sonne Josia HUNT £800 at 21, to my eldest daughter Sarah HUNT £500 at 21 or marriage, to my daughter Katherine £500 in like manner, to my young son Nathaniel £500 at 21, to my son Richard £500 at 21, and if my wife be with child, to such child £400. To my brother John HUNT £60, and to my brother William HUNT £20 for the use of their children. To my sister Ellen's children, vizt., William THOMPSON £10, George THOMPSON £20, Richard THOMPSON £10, Thomas THOMPSON, if he returnes from the warres, and setts up trade, £10, and to the other two in the country £5 apeece. To my sisters Jane, Elizabeth and Anne, for their children £40 apiece. To my brother John WATKIN 40s, and to my sister 20s. Tobias and Arthur WATKIN £5 each. Brother Richard KENT £5. My master Capt. Edward DITCHFIELD, one of the best friendes that ever I had in the world, £10. Mr William GREENHILL my deare friend £5. Mr FEAKE, lecturer of Wolchurch, £3. Ten other ministers, Mr TREBITT and Mr RAWLINSON being two, £30. Mrs Mary GRAY and Mrs Catherine MIDLETON 30s. each. Mr Hugan HOVILL [HOWELL?], Mr HOOPER and Mr WILSON 20s. each. Mr Isaac KNIGHT and Mr John CARTER £3 each. Mrs Alice ALLEN 20s., Thomas STIVERS the elder 40s., Joseph MORDOCKE 20s., William SAWYER £3, and Edward HILLER if he serve his time out 40s. Mrs Katherine EXELBY £5, Richard PIERSON 20s., and Mrs Jane LANEY 20s. The Artillerie Company £20. Poor of Mary Wolchurch 20 nobles. Sibill JONES £5. I give the land I adventured for in Ireland, if it be gained, to my eldest son Josias. To my deare wife £1000. To my brother John's children £300 if they be Protestants. To my brother William's child £200 upon the like terms. To Ralph HUNT my brother William's son £50, Item to New England towards a library twentie poundes. Residuary legatee and executrix, my deare wife. Overseers, Capt. Edward DITCHFIELD, Mr Hugan HOWELL and Mr Thomas WOOD. Dated 22 Aug., 1643. Witnesses: William MEDLEY, John PEACE. Proved 30 Jan., 1643-4, by the executrix. (Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy, J. Henry Lea & J. R. Hutchinson) SW: HOWELL
Richard HUNT married 12 Jan 1631, St Peter Le Poer, Jane WATKINES. Their son, Josia HUNT ("Josiah, son of Richard and Jane"), was christened 1 Jun 1636, Saint Mary Woolchurch Haw, London.

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