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Shropshire, or Salop, an inland county, of the W of England; bounded, on the NW, by Denbighshire; on the N, by Flintshire and Cheshire; on the E, by Staffordshire; on the W, by Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and Radnorshire; on the W, by Montgomeryshire and Denbighshire. Its outline has numerous irregularities, but is not far from being oblong. Its boundaries are chiefly artificial. its greatest length, from N to S, is 48 miles; its greatest breadth is 41 miles; its circuit is about 220 miles; and its area is 826,055 acres.

Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales. John Marius Wilson. 1970-72.

Note: This county not yet actively researched - still “under construction”.

Combs &c. Records by Hundred, Liberty and Parish in which Combs and Associated Families have been found thus far

To learn more about medieval terms for land see the ENGLAND: Land from Medieval to Present Day.

Extracted by Joe Kendalll (who added dates) and transcribed by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from "Great Britain. A DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF ANCIENT DEEDS IN THE PRO [Public Records Office]." London. His Majesties Stationery Office. 1894:

1355 [Salop] A6752. Grant by Alice, relict of Roger de WEBBELEYE, to Richard de ARCHESDALE, and Juliana his wife, of all that burgage which she had of the grant of the said Roger in Great Draitone in Hales. Saturday after St. Barnabas, 28 Edward III. Seal. (p. 78)

1399 [Salop] A.6751. Grant by Richard ARCHEDALE, to Roger SWIRNERTON, and Richard STAFFORD, chaplain, of a burgage in Drayton in Hales, and also of all his goods and chattels. Sunday after Annunciation, 1 Henry IV. Fragments of Seal. (p. 78)

1432 [Salop] A. 6749. Grant by Richard STAFFORD, chaplain,to Roger SWYNESHED and Humphrey WETWOD, of a burgage in Drayton in Hales, which he, with Roger SWYNARTON. deceased, lately had of the feoffment of Richard ARCHEDALE. 7 August, 10 Henry VI. Seal. (p.78)

ca1439 [Salop] A6758. Grant by John SHROPSCHYRE of Drayton in Hales, to John GERVEYS, of part of the land of a burgage, formerly Richard ARCHEDALE'S, in Drayton aforesaid. Tuesday after St. Laurence, 17 Henry VI (ca 1439). Seal. (p. 79)

Note: The above Richard ARCHDALE has not yet been identified. (Search Words: Archdale, Swinnerton, Webbley, Gervais, Jarvis)

bef 1525 Born: Margaret MORTON of Shropshire, who married by 1540, Richard CLIFTON, Skinner to King Henry VIII (reigned 1509-1547), of St. Antholins Budge Row, London. Their daughter, Mary CLIFTON, m 31 Oct 1568, in that parish to Thomas ARCHDALE, merchant of Aldermanbury, London. (Memoirs of the Archdales by Henry Blackwood Archdale, 1925; Archedale Visitation, Harleian Mss., London, 1633-4 (hereinafter Archdale Memoirs))

Notes: Nothing more than the above is known of Margaret MORTON Clifton. Margaret, d/o Thomas & Mary CLIFTON Archdale, m in 1587, also at St. Antholins, John COMBE, Merchant of London. Thomas ARCHDALE was the fourth son of John ARCHDALE of Staffordshire.

Alveley Parish, about 6 mi. from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, where William UNDERWOOD, Sr. is found with Edward BURTON in 1663.

4 Dec 1562 Alveley, Shropshire, England. Married: Margey COMBE and Robert BEYNET (IGI, Ba: E037281, So: 506789, film not yet read) SW: BENNETT

October 14th 1534. Cleobury Mortimer (Shropshire) Church Records. "Administrator bonorum Thome A COME de Clebury Mortymer viz. Jana eiusdem relicta que habet exhibere Inventarium ut in precidenti registro stet in prox. quo die adveniente publice preconizata et non comparuit ideo suspensa xx die mensis Januarij apud Clebury publice preconizata et non comparuit ideo exco. postea comparuit et absoluta et dimissa ad mandata magistro commissarij"

Executrix testamenti Thome A COME de Clebury Mortymer viz. dimissa quia ut supra (Cleobury Mortimer People in the Church Courts, 1534-1600)

Rough (very) translation summary: Jana, the relict (widow) and court-appointed administratrix, of Thome a COME of Cleobury Mortimer (Shropshire) presented his inventory on the 20th day of January past and asks that probate be closed English summary (very rough translation)

July 7th 1586 "at Wistanstowe" Cleobury Mortimer (Shropshire) Church Records. "Richardus NEWELL comparuit & produxit Willmum. SIMKINS, Richardum PHELLIPS Johannem HUGHES, & Richardum a WIER / de eadem supr etc. non etc. incontinentia etc. cum Elizabetha UNCLE uxore Thome UNCLES de eadem etc. in compurgatores etc. quod dominus ad sic etc.
(notes in margin: deb. oneri feod. / onrgac. )
"Elizabetha UNCLES uxor Thome UNCLES de eadem / habet ad purgandum se in prox. cum 4 manu etc. pro dicto Richardo NEWELL etc. comparuit dicta Elizabetha etc. produxit quasdam Elizabetham BUTLER uxorem Johannis BUTLER, Margaretam NEWALL uxorem Andree NEWELL, Margeriam PERKINS uxorem Humfridi PERKINS, Jocosam COMBER vid. & Jocosam NEWELL uxorem Thome NEWALL de eadem etc."

(notes in margin: purgacio / 2s 6d 2s 4d)

Note: There are both FLEETWOOD and FOXHALL in these records. No Archdale, no Lovett.

Bayton Parish Register, Worcester, England

5 Nov 1565 Thomas COMBER & Johan WHOPPER mar.

18 May 1625 Thomas HILL & Jone COMBER mar.

19 Dec 1633 Thomas COMBER bur.

13 Oct 1635 James HILL & Jone COMBY with licence mar.

Sep 1 1636 Margerett d. of Walter COMBER & Margerett bur.

22 Sep 1640 Thomas SMEETHES & Anne COMBER mar.

(Bayton Parish Register, 1564-1812)

Also Note: There are numerous more still needing to be extracted (entire site not checkeded yet)

Excerpted from Combs and Waterhouse Family Visitations, Hertfordshire, 1572:

In 1572, Richard COMBE of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire reported that he was the s/o Robert COMBE of Newington, Middlesex [sic, but Newington was actually in that part of Greater London that was in Surrey?] and Agnes, da. of John WATERHOUSE. The WATERHOUSE Visitation lists Agnes WATERHOUSE as wife of Robert COMBE [no location] and daughter of John WATERHOUSE who descended of … WATERHOUSE of Ludlow, Co. Salop (s/o Francis WATERHOUSE) and Anne, daughter and heir of SPARKE of London.

Excerpted from the Combs Family Visitation, Warwickshire, 1619 (Page 23) (2 of 2)

1 John COMBE
….2 Tho. COMBE de Stretford [Warwickshire].
….2 Edwardus COMBE de Wasperto' [Wasperton, Warwickshire]
….….+ Anna filia Stephi HALES de Newland in Com. Ciutatis Courntriae.
….….3 Jocosa fil. et Coh. nupta Francisco CORNWALL de Berferd in Com' Salop

(Combs &c. Visitations)

Notes: CORNWALL was a.k.a. CORNWELL and possibly same as CORNELL & CORNHILL.

8 Oct 1666 (Old Rappahannock Co VA. Deeds, Wills, Book 5:109) Robert WALTON of Rappa. By vertue of Letter of Attorney from Nicholas ANDREWS of Longdon Gent bearing date 15 Oct 1663… in consideration of 400 lbs. Of Tobacco… to John PAYNE of County of Rappa. 560 A of land by the within mentioned formerly sold and conveied to the said Nicholas ANDREWS by the said John PAYNE … he the said John PAYNE paying and performing the Rents and services thereof due… this 8th day of October 1666. s/Robert WALTON. In presence of John PAYNE, Jr., Charles MUMFORD, Richard PAYNE, Abraham COMB, Thomas PARKER.

(Deed Abstracts of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, Part I of1672-1676, Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA, 1989)

Notes: This may not be a Shropshire record since Longdons are also found in the English counties of Stafford and Worcestershire. See Also Archdale-Combs Families of England re ANDREWS/PALMER of Middlesex, EN; See Also George COMBS of Henrico County, Virginia re William PARKER and see above Abraham COMB, later of St. Mary's Co MD.