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City of London

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The following is only a guide to early Combs marriages of London, and is very incomplete. Remember, too, that marriages usually took place in the bride's parish of residence whereas subsequent children were usually christened in the father's parish. Also note that many of these records are from the IGI and that once the original record has been transcribed, it may well include additional information, including not only the groom's parish, but even his trade. Sources and additional records can be found in the applicable parish report.

Note: The applicable parish report is linked only the first time it appears below.

1522LondonCOMBES, WilliamWALSYNGHAM, Elizabeth
1553St Michael CornhillCOUMBE, RychardeDUCKE [DUKE?], Maryon
1554St Stephen Coleman StJONS, WalterKOOMES, Margery
1556St Martin in the Fields, WestminsterCOMES, Giulielmus [William]HAMMON, Judocea [Joyce?]
1561St Mary SomersetCOMBES, JohnDUONGER, Margaret
1563LondonCOMBES, RichardPLUMMER, Margaret
1570St Margaret LothburyCOMES, RobertBARNAM, Margerett
1573St Mildred PoultryCOMBE, JohnPALFREYMAN, Ciceslye
1576St Giles CripplegateDYAPER, PeterCOOME, Mary
1582St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX EMMERSON, RichardCOMBES, Alice (widow)
1583St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX WARFORD, JohnCUMBES, Elizabeth
1583St Stephen Walbrook & St Benet SherehogCOMES, JohnWOODWARD, Anne
1586St Antholin Budge RowCOMES, AmbrosCLARK, Annis
1587St Antholin Budge RowCOMBS, JohnARCHDALE, Margaret
1590St James Clerkenwell, MDXCOMBES, ThomasHASSOLDE, Margaret
1591St Mary SomersetCOMBES, ThomasCHAMBERS, Anne
1593St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX GLASSON, GeorgeCOMES, Rose
1595St Martin Orgar & St Clement EastcheapCOMBES, WilliamPEERS, Francis
1597St Mary at HillCOMBES, EdwardRAYNEBORE, Marie
1599St Clement Danes, WestminsterRUSSELL, WilliamCOOMES, Ann
1600St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX BLAKE, ThomasCOOMES, Agnes
1601St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX COOMES, ClementREA, Katheren
1602St Giles CripplegateWESTE, NicholasCOOMES, Annes
1601St James Clerkenwell, MDXCOOMES, ThomasCHURCHE, Elizabeth
1604St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX SPENCER, BasillCOMBES, Alice
1604St Mary Magdalene Old Fish StDOGERELL, JohnCOMES, Elesebeth
1604St James Clerkenwell, MDXSCORRYER, Jacobe [James?]COOMBES, Amey
1605St Clement Danes, WestminsterCOMES, ThomasPARKES, Margrat
1606St James Clerkenwell, MDXSHUTE, RichardCOMBES, Marie
1607St Giles CripplegateCAM, NicholasSAMES, Priscilla
1610St Martin PomeroyCAMBE, JohnPAWLE, Frannces
1611St Margaret, Westminster COMES, JohnWELBIE, Dorathy
1612St Peter Pauls WharfCOMES, JohnEVANS, Johan
1612St Gregory by St PaulCOMBES, RichardWATTS, Martha
1612St Botolph Without BishopsgateCAM, JohnSUGAR, Frances
1613St Thomas ApostleCOOMES, JohnLLOYD, Elizabeth
1613St Leonard EastcheapCOOMES, ThomasKEISWELL, Joan
1613St Botolph Without BishopsgateCOMBES, ThomasBENNET, Avice
1615St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX SMITH, RobertCOOME, Diana
1617St Peter Pauls WharfCOMES, ElliceBARGAR, Judith
1619St Olave Old JewryCOMBE, ThomasSHEPPARD, Jann
1621St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX WILSON, JohnCOME, Mary
1626St Mary Magdalene Old Fish StHARRINGTON, GeorgeCOMBE, Mary
1635St Gregory by St Paul SEALE, RobertCAMBE, Anne
1637St Martin in the Fields, WestminsterMONKESTER, ThomasCOMBES, Maria
1638St Margaret, Westminster HAWKINS, PhillipCOOMES, Margaret
1640St Benet Pauls Wharf COOMBS, RichardBUSBY, Dorothy
1641St Martin in the Fields, WestminsterBERRIER, WilliamCOMES, Maria
1642St Dionis BackchurchSMITH, WilliamCOOMES, Susannah
1643St Olave, Southwark, SurryCOOME, ThomasHEWES, Suzanna
1644St Giles Cripplegate CAMM, JohnNICHOLLS, Mary
1644St Nicholas Acons COBB, JohnCOMS, Mary
1645St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX WOODWARD, ThomasCOOMES, Sarah
1647St Olave, Southwark, SurryWARD, ThomasCOOMES, Alice
1652St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX WILSON, ThomasCOOMES, Susana
1654St Katherine by the Tower COX, WilliamCOOMES, Elizabeth
1656St Clement Danes, Westminster COMBES, JamesBAYLEY, Thomase
1656St Martin in the Fields, WestminsterCOMBES, ThomasJENKINS, Barbara
1657St Dionis BackchurchCOOMBES, HenryWHEELER, Mary
1657St Botolph Without BishopsgateCOMBES, ThomasRICH, Ann
1657St Augustine Watling StCOMB, RobartPUNNIFOOT, Mary
1657St Peter Pauls WharfCOMBES, JohnCOLLETT, Damaris
1659St Dunstan, Stepney, MDX SUITE, GylesCOOMES, Christian
1662St Michael Queenhithe ARNOLD, RichardCOOMES, Marie
1663St Botolph Without BishopsgateWARNER, SamuelCOMBES, Elizabeth
1663St Gregory by St Paul COMBE, JohnHOBDAY, Elizabeth
1663St Giles Cripplegate DUDLEY, LawrencCOOMES, Mary
1664All Hallows London WallHOLTON, WilliamCOOMBS, Margarett
1665St Gregory by St Paul KERKBYE, HenryCOOMES, Margarett
1665St Mary SomersetCOMBES, RobertJOHNSON, Isabell
1667St Katherine CreeCOMBES, ThomasGUTTERS, Mary
1670St Dunstan in the EastCOOMES, JohnBEZER, Sarah
1671St Bride's Fleet StreetCOOMBES, RichardSHEEVE, Anne
1672LondonCOMBE (COOMBE), Sir Richard of Hempstead, HertsGREENE, Lady Elizabeth of Mitcham, Surry
1673St Dunstan in the EastCOMBE, Benjamin of St Mary WoolnothHARLOW, Hannah
1679St Martin OutwichCOMBES, JohnTHORNETON, Katherine
1680St James Dukes PlaceCOOMB, EdwardPRINCE, Elizabeth
1681All Hallows London WallCOOMBS, JohnRICHARDS, Margarett
1682St James Dukes PlacePLUM, JohnCOOMES, Grace
1682St James Dukes PlaceKOOMS, JosiahJENNY, Katherine
1682St James Dukes PlaceCOOMES, JohnSTORER, Mary
1682St Katherine by the Tower COOMBS, JohnLANGHORNE, Elizabeth
1683St James Dukes PlaceCOOMES, JamesLAWLEY, Mary
1686St Botolphs Without BishopsgateCOUMBS, RobertSKUTT, Susanna
1687St James Dukes PlaceCOOMES, JohnBENSON, Mary
1688St James Dukes PlaceGLOVER, HenryCOMBS, Jane
1690St James Dukes PlaceCOUMBES, JamesCOOPER, Mary
1691St James Dukes PlaceCOMBES, NathanielPRICE, Charitie
1692St James Dukes PlaceCOOMBS, JohnGILES, Frances
1693St James Dukes PlaceCOOMES, JohnBARRY, Mary
1695St James Dukes PlaceCOMBES, JohnRICE, Elizabeth
1696St James Dukes PlaceCOOMES, NathanielCADEL, Joanna
1698St Stephen Coleman StCOOMS, RobertMARS, Margaret

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