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William R. & Sarah WICKLIFFE Combs of Stafford Co., VA (son of Ennis & Margaret ROUSSEAU Combs)

Combs Family Bible Record 1784-1946, Accession #23339, originally transcribed by Combs-Hayes Researcher Nancy Tyrrell Theodore from “The Library of Virginia, Digital Collections, Archives & Manuscripts”, “re-transcribed” 01 Apr 1998 by Combs Researcher Anne Wickliffe B. Musser, descendant of V. E. (Virginia Elizabeth) Combs, b 1834; and “re-re-transcribed” Feb 1999 by Combs Researcher Carole Hammet.

Note: This record is very difficult reading,and Anne's transcription was partially enabled by her knowledge and possession of other records confirmingf acts herein, and Carole's with the assistance of yet more records (See Fauquier & Stafford Cos VA). Nevertheless, some portions of this bible record remain illegible. If anyone has further knowledge of the original entries, input would be appreciated. Other family names mentioned in the index but evidently unreadable on the film are: BELLERLY, EDRINGTON, ESKRIDGE, GREEN, HALL AND SEATON. Family names besides Combs listed below are: WICKLIFFE, LUCKETT, BRADSHAW,BRIGGS, DeJARNETTE, BURKE, COLEMAN and REAMY. The earliest Combs name and date are:

Wm. R. Combs, b 30 May 1784, died 20 July 1836 [or 1856].

__________to Seth R Combs by his affectionate Mother April the 25th 1857
Given to M E Combs by Sarah Combs

Family Record

Births [readable part] Births

M __ Combs son of S Rand L M Combs __ 24 Decem 1851.

Cates by E. Combs son of S R and SB Combs was born Dec 9th 1853.

Ella E. Combs daughter of S R and S B Combs was born __15th 185[5?].

Laurance Rosseau Combs son of S R & Sally B Combs was born Sept the 15th 1858.

Q[ubily?] Jackson Combs born Feby [Mary?] 12th 1891.

Wm. R. Combs born May 30th 1784
………. died July 20th 1836 [Wm. Rousseau]

Sarah Wickliffe born Dec 24th 1794 Died 18 Oct 1872.

K . E. Combs born March 22nd 1814 (died) June 5 1893. [Kendrick Ennis]

D W Combs born Feb 19th 1816 died August 5, 1889. [David Wickliffe]

S R Combs " Nov 21st 1827. [Seth Rousseau]

B C Combs " May 7th 1831 died Aug 14th 1862.[Bolivar C.]

V E Combs July 14th 1834 [Virginia Elizabeth]

M E Luckett wife of D W Combs born Sept 21st 1826 died November 16th 1889. [Margaret E.]

K B Combs born 31st Jany 1853.

W W Combs born 2d Nov 1854 died 8 Sept 1855.

Wickliffe Combs born 21st June 1856.

Stafford Combs " 1st Mar 1858 Died [Sept 3?] 1911.

S C Combs born 6th Jany 1860.

S J Combs " 28th Mar 1866 Died Sept 20 1911

D W Combs Jr " 10 Feby 1868 Died Dec 22 [1895?]

[Last three lines unreadable.]

D W Combs & M E Luckett Married Jany 20th 1852.

Kenrick Combs & D F ----- were married April 6th 1882

K B Combs and D F Briggs married April 6, 1882
Note: It appears someone later added the last entry for clarification

S J Combs & Lucie [Liew?] Hammett married Feb 17 /89 [Feb 17 1889]

Harry B Bradshaw and Blanche E Combs Married Dec ___ 1911

Deaths Deaths

L. M. Combs wife of S R Combs died 12th January 1852

Cates by E. Combs son of S. R. & S.B. Combs died June 27th 1864

Sally B. Combs wife of Seth R. Combs departed this life January 19th 1859

D. W. Combs died August 5th 1889

M. E. Combs wife of D. W. Combs departed this life November the 16th 1889

K . B. Combs died July 13, 1912

Wm Dangerfield REAMY died Sep 2, 1939.

D E Percy REAMY died Oct 10, 1945.

Sallie Catherine REAMY died June __ 1946.

Blanch E Combs [born] 27 March 1888 [could be 1880].

David K M Combs born 11th June 1890.

Wm Walter Combs born 18th July 1893 died March 25, 1895.

David K M Combs died April 1st 1895.

Leslie Combs born 14th April 1896.

Mary Chisley Combs born Nov 11 1899.

Bolivar Combs born Nov 11t 1901

Winnie Margareth Combs born Dec 13th 1903.

Margaret Dangerfield REAMY Daughter ____ ___ ___ Born Dec 14, 1895.

____________Dec 22, 19____

W D REAMY born Jan 2 1852

Anne Wickliffe REAMY born Nov 1 ____

Wm Dangerfield REAMY ___ Aug 16 ____.

Deaths [most not legible]
Lucy Mary DeJARNETTE born Sept 16th____ Died May _______ Bettie D BURKE was born November the 8th 1861, died July 26th 1930 at 5:25 at Braynefield. She was a true, devoted wife. A fond and loving Mother. she was in failing health for years, but borei t all with Christian fortitude. An Angel in her earthly home. An Angel in Heaven.

Beatrice Knapp Burke wife of J D Burke died Feb 26 193___ buried at Braynefield Feb 28, 193__. A true Christian, a faithful wife, a devoted mother, loved by all who knew her.

Jennie L DeJARNETTE died in Ashland [Oakland] July 25, 1937. Buried July 17, 1937 at Poplar Grove ___ and loved. She was daughter of the late James Coleman and Lucy Mary DeJARNETTE.

Notes: Some additional information is available in reference to the above family, but not yet organized.

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