New York - Seneca County


  1. Charles Combs, (c1791-1838) m: Sarah, unknown maiden name
  2. John Combs,(1836-?) m: Maria Vandyne
  3. Charles Adelbert Combs, (1857-1925) m: Ambrosia Estella Chase
  4. Harry Vandine Combs (1881-1929) m: Mary Lizetta Groat
  5. Carl Adelbert Combs (1903-1985) m: Ruth Harriet Spicer
  6. Richard Arthur Combs (1935-2009) m: Barbara Ann Bouchard
  7. (living)
  1. Seneca Co, NY
  2. Seneca &, Ontario Co, NY
  3. Ontario Co, NY
  4. Ontario Co, NY
  5. Ontario Co, NY
  6. Wayne & Ontario Co, NY
  7. - - - - - - - -


  • Determine the “genetic profile” for this branch of COMBS.
  • Establish the “lineage genetic profile” of the ancestry for this line.
  • I have hit a roadblock with John Combs. I know from census records that he was born ~1836 in Seneca County, NY and that his mother, Sarah, was also born in Seneca County, NY. It is uncertain whether John died, left his wife and disappeared, or there was a divorce. He was not really mentioned by subsequent generations. I would like to be able to find lineage farther back.
  • Note: Documented thoroughly. Federal and NY State Census records, Ontario County, NY Historical Archives, newspaper records, family records.


Positive match to Dennis Combes of Middlesex, NJ; York, NB Snapshot, William COMBS of Sullivan Co, TN Snapshot, Jonathan COMBS of Middlesex Co, NJ Snapshot, Thomas COMBS of Nassau Co, NY; Monmouth Co, NJ Snapshot, Samuel Stockwell COMBS of KY (1 of 2) Snapshot, Samuel Stockwell COMBS of KY (2 of 2) Snapshot, Robert COMBS of VA>KY>Izard Co, AR Snapshot, Johnathan COMBS of Sullivan Co?, TN Snapshot, Jonathan COMBS of PA? Sullivan Co, TN Snapshot & Capt John COMBS of Monmouth Co, NJ Snapshot.