Virginia - Washington County

John? William Combs

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  1. John? William COMBS AKA “Old Billy” (c1765-1800) book m: Sarah
  2. William C. COMBS AKA “Billy” (c1790-1870) m: Elizabeth Parks ELLIS
  3. Stephen Rufus COMBS* (1818-aft 1880) m: Malinda CAUDILL
  4. John William COMBS (1848-1905) m: Matilde Jane BURRUS
  5. Claudius Gallio COMBS (1875-1970) m: Rhoda SALISBURY
  6. Emma Irene COMBS (1916-2000) m: Daniel Ralph HUFF
  7. Sharon Ann Huff (living)
  1. Washington Co, VA; Patrick Co, VA; Rockford, Surry Co, NC, Stoney Point, Iredell Co. NC
  2. VA; Stoney Point, Iredell Co, NC
  3. Stoney Point, Irdedell Co. NC; Union Hill, Surry Co, NC
  4. Union Hill, Surry Co, NC; Mt. Airy, Surry Co, NC; Merkel, Taylor Co, TX
  5. Mt. Airy, Surry Co, NC; Beaver Co, OK; Phoenix, Maricopa Co, Arizona
  6. Beaver Co, OK; Oklahoma Co, OK
  7. Oklahoma Co, OK; Cleveland Co, OK; Notodden, Telemark, Norway


  • By establishing the “genetic profile” of Gen #6 and earlier descendants, validate the identity and the assumptions for later generations.
  • Determine if the father of William C. Combs was the emigrant ancestor as indicated by family history.
  • Concentrate on locating the connection between this line and the line in Dorset, England where we have a DNA match.
  • Note: All descendant lines from William Combs Gen #6 and wife Elizabeth Ellis are well documented. Their nine potential siblings and their descendants lines are also traced. Research perspective is comprehensive involving both collective and associated families in determining the family history. Surnames of Byrd, Nance, Ellis, Davidson, Smith, Hutchinson, Harding, Stacy, Payne, Guy, Douthit, Jackson, Snow, Ellyson, Gerrard are associated with this lineage.


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