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9. Elizabeth JOHNSON was born in 1797 in Hawkins Co, Tennessee. She died after 1880 in Van Buren Co, Tennessee. She married John MITCHELL about 1816 in White or Warren Co, Tennessee. John MITCHELL was born in 1795 in Tennessee, the son of Mark and Mary RYDER Mitchell. He died between 1850 and 1869 in Van Buren Co, Tennessee. Known Issue: Mary, Sarah, Margaret, Lydia Ichabod B., Oliver L., Mark, Martin, James, Susan, William G. and Sophronia.

Special NOTE: Not only is Elizabeth a "new" daughter for Martin and Sarah Combs Johnson, but research of this Elizabeth JOHNSON Mitchell, has been further complicated by the Eliza JOHNSON Mitchell who is said to be the youngest daughter of Martin and Sarah Combs Johnson, and the Elizabeth JOHNSON who was daughter of William M. and Mary LOGUE Johnson and who also married a MITCHELL.

The MITCHELL and JOHNSON families had close ties from at least as early as the 1810s in Warren Co., TN, when (1) their children had intermarried; (2) John MITCHELL sold land to his brother-in-law, William M. JOHNSON; and (3) Sally JOHNSON and Mark MITCHELL'S names are listed adjacent at the top of the 1829 Rocky River Baptist Church membership list. Mark MITCHELL was a Revolutionary Soldier and as will be seen, suffered from "fits" in his later years, and one of his guardians was Elizabeth's brother, William M. JOHNSON.

Our belief in Elizabeth "Betsy" MITCHELL as the eldest daughter of Martin and Sarah Combs Johnson is based on the following:

(1) The 1851 power of attorney by William M. JOHNSON and Dorothy JOHNSON Griffey(?) (See Martin JOHNSON, Sr.) lists the heirs of Martin JOHNSON, Sr. in chronological order by age - EXCEPT that Elizabeth is listed first and NO Eliza is listed. This is, of course, not conclusive, but in documenting the descendants of Martin and Sarah Combs Johnson, we have often been faced with the use of multiple "circumstantial" records to build a strong case for or against a child.

(2) Mary, the name of their eldest daughter, was also the name of John MITCHELL'S mother, Mary RYDER; Sarah, the name of their second daughter was the name of Elizabeth's mother, Sarah Combs; Ichabod, their eldest son, may have been named after Ichabod RYDER, believed to have possibly been the father of Mary RYDER; their next son, Mark, was undoubtedly named after John MITCHELL'S father, and their next son, Martin, is believed to have been named after Elizabeth's father, Martin JOHNSON.

(3) Long-standing MITCHELL family tradition has included Elizabeth JOHNSON as a daughter of a Martin JOHNSON - although not always necessarily this Martin JOHNSON (one tradition, for example, had it that Elizabeth's Martin JOHNSON father was born in Ireland, a fact not substantiated by census records).

(4) Elizabeth's grandson, James T. CLARK, son of John C. and Lydia MITCHELL Clark, certainly believed that Martin JOHNSON, and James JOHNSON before him… were his ancestors, as is proven by the following documents:

(1) A query submitted to the Tennessee Historical Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3, Sept. 1918, publ. by the Tennessee Historical Society:

"The following historical statement has been sent to us with the appended inquiry:

"During the Revolutionary War, about 1777, Major James Johnson was killed by Tories while bathing in the Clinch River in Hawkins Co., Tenn. His wife was ill in bed with a young baby and saw through the window the killing of her husband. Later, after her husband's death, she married Thomas Murrill [sic] of Hawkins County. A great grandson of this Major Johnson was named Ichabod Mitchell (b. Sept. 27, 1822; d. Jan. 18, 1917, at Combstown, Tenn.). Two of the Johnson family, Martin and William, married Sallie and Tisha Combs.

"It is particularly desired, if possible, to ascertain the exact date and location of this tragedy. Tradition says that Major Johnson had gone home on a furlough and had resigned or was about to resign his commission at the time of his death.

"Perhaps members of our society in the eastern part of the State can find for us the desired data."

It is believed that James T. CLARK, son of John C. and Lydia MITCHELL Clark was the author of the above query, that he lived in Warren and/or Van Buren Co, TN and that he wrote the above from family tradition that came down through his Mitchell/Johnson line. It is also apparent, however, that he was in contact with his JOHNSON cousins who also had heard the story about the Major JOHNSON who was home on furlough. Thus, it also appears that there was continued communication between the Mitchell/Johnson line(s) of Warren Co, TN and those in Madison Co, AR, and that a certain amount of 'exchanges' of family traditions occurred -- which may have tended to 'corrupt' the family traditions of both families. (See Family Traditions)

The above-mentioned Ichabod MITCHELL appears to have been the same as James T. CLARK'S uncle, his mother's brother, Ichabod, who was born 27 Sep 1823, and died 18 Jan 1819 in Van Buren Co, TN. During the period 1809-1812, "J. T. CLARK" wrote a series of letters to the U.S. Pension Office in reference to both Mark MITCHELL and James JOHNSON. Any James JOHNSON inquiries would normally be totally lost to us as there is, of course, no pension file for James JOHNSON; however, because James T. Clark combined his queries, asking about both his MITCHELL and JOHNSON ancestors, we have available yet more information. The following is from Mark MITCHELL's RW Pension file:

McMinnville, Warren Co, Tennessee, R. D. Route #5-Box 81. Jan 6 1909.
Commissioner of Pensions
Washington D. C.
Dear Sir: I am now trying to find some record to show that Mark Mitchell was a pensioner as it is known that he (mark mitchell) served through the Revolution and was in the battles of Brandy wine and Monemouth and also assisted in taking Stony Point.

I do not know where he enlisted but he landed in Philadelphia in 1774. After the Revolution he (mark) married Polly Rider or Ryder in Washington County Va. near Abindon (Now W. Va) and sold out there and went to Warren County Tennessee about 1793. He died in Warren County Tennessee He died in Warren County on Rocky River April 18 - 1838 aged 89 years. He would go from Warren County Tennessee to Nashville Tenness on horseback to transact some kind of business concerning his pension. I have been thinking of writing to Nashville Tennessee to know if they could tell me something but I wrote to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia and the Librarian wrote me that if Mark Mitchell was a pensioner of the Revolution, write to the Pension Department Washington D. C. for copy of his application. I therefore write and would be glad if you could send me a copy of the application of Mark Mitchell for a pension and also if you have anything to write whether I would also get anything of Record by writing to Nashville Tennessee. I am informed that Mark Mitchell's P. O. was McMinnville when he lived in this Warren County. It may have been that Mark Mitchell was living in White County when he first drew his pension as a part of Warren I am told was in what was then White County Tennessee. I am trying to get all the information about the old Soldier I can. He was born in London England and came to America about 1774 or may be earlier. Do any or all of the states publish something about the services of their soldiers. If so could I get the history by writing to the state or states for a short history of this soldier. Pardon me for writing so large a letter as I wished to know what you could furnish one from your office. Thanking the Pension office for a past favor and hoping to hear from you real soon
I am yours most Respectully, J. T. Clark

In response to J. T. Clark's inquiry the Pension Bureau sent him the following:

"In reply to your request of [blank], received for a statement of the military history of Mark Mitchel or Mitchell a soldier of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, you will find below the desired information as contained in his application for pension on file in this bureau. S. File 38947.

According to this form, Mark MICHELL was appointed a Private in the Virginia Continental Line in February of 1773 [sic] for a three year period under Capt. John GILLISON and Col. Edward STEPHENS' Virginia Regt., and was discharged Feby 1780 in Philadelphia PA. The battles he engaged in were listed as: Brandy [Brandywine] Germ. [Germantown] Stonry Br [Bridge] & sev. sk. [several skirmishes]. His residence at enlistment was Culpeper Co, Va. Date of application for pension, Aug. 20 1818. All med & pd at Nashville. Residence at date of application, Warren Co, TN. The agency's book indicated he died Apl 18 1838... (Revolutionary War Pension File, Mark Mitchell, S38947, NARA microfilm)

James T. CLARK, wrote next in 1908, seeking yet more information:

McMinnville Warren Co. Tennessee
R. D. Route # 5 -- Box 81 \ Dec. 28, 1908
Commissioner of Land Office
Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir: I am having some investigation made to see what can be found about Mark Mitchell who was born in London England about 1747 or 1748. He married in Washington County Va (Now W. Va) after the Revolution. He married Mary Ryder or Rider, near Abingdon in Washington County VA (now W. Va) and went from there to Warren County, Tennessee where he died April 18 - 1838.

He drew a pension for his services in the Revolutionary war. He would go to Nashville Tennessee to attend to something concerning his pension. Have you anything on record as to where Mark Mitchell was when he drew his pension. Do you know whether there would be anything at Nashville Tennessee to show that Mark Mitchell drew his pension at Nashville. Please write me and let me know if you have anything to show where the old soldier enlisted or anything what ever of him as I am trying to search the Records at different places. Hoping to hear from you very soon. I am yours Respectfully, J. T. Clark.

He received a response from the Records Division, but apparently to a different, later query:

Record Division
June1, 1911
Mr. J. T. Clark,
R. D. # 5, Box 81,
McMinnville, TN

In reply to your letter dated the 24th and received the 27th ultimo you are advised that on January13, 1909, you were furnished the history of Mark Mitchell, Sur. File No. 38, 947, (who gave his age in lieu of the date and place of his birth) and that it is not the practice to furnish more than one such statement to each person.
This Bureau has no record of the date and place of birth of a Revolutionary War Soldier unless the same are stated in this claim for pension.
A careful search of the Revolutionary War pension records fails to afford any information in regard to James Johnson or Johnston described by you.
Very respectfully,

A brief summary of Mark MITCHELL'S pension declaration shows that he applied 20 Aug 1818 in Warren County, TN, that he had a wife, aged 47, two daughters (not named) aged 14 and 11 years, and sons, James, aged 6, and Isaac, aged 2 yrs.

These sons have not been traced, and one has to wonder if Eliza JOHNSON, possible youngest child of Martin JOHNSON, married one or both of them. John MITCHELL, of course, was not included among the above children because he was an adult and applications made in 1818 were based upon need as well as service. John Mitchell, b 1795, was a son of Mark MITCHELL by his first wife, Mary RYDER. The above children were issue by Mark MITCHELL'S second wife, Anna HAWK. At the time of Mark MITCHELL'S estate settlement (Warren Co, TN), John MITCHELL affianced that he was the 'only' surviving child of the first marriage, implying that full siblings had pre-deceased him, but these have not been identified.

(Warren County Tennessee, Book 1, p. 106)
(Warren TN p. 106) 11/25/1834. estate sale of Mark Mitchell's property, signed Thomas Bright and Wm. Johnson, guardians of Mark Mitchell.

"State of TENN To the honorable County Court of pleas and Warren County quarterly-sessions held at McMinnville on the March 28, 1835 first Monday of in April 1835. We the guardians of Mark Mitchell make the following return of the amount of property sold of sd Mitchells by us on the 25 of November 1834 which amount is $171.31 1/4 one note on John Black the balance of a petition $26.00. Total amount $191.31 1/4. The expense of collecting of property and feeding and selling of the same $24.18 1/4. Debt paid $4.87 1/4. Debt paid $8.79 1/4. Debt paid $1.00. Total amount of charges $38.85 1/4. (page 107) Remainder $158.45 1/4. We the lender signed do certify that the above seems as they are stated are true in testimony where of we have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and date written.
Thomas Bright (seal)
William Johnson (seal)
Guardians of Mark Mitchell
At the November term of court 1838, John MITCHELL (Mark's son) was appointed administrator of the estate and mentions the only surviving heirs are: Ichabod, Lawson, Isaac, James and John.

Note: The above Ichabod MITCHELL was the uncle of Ichabod, born 23 Sep 1823.

Mark Mitchell died 4/18/1838. Buried In Old Rocky Cemetery, Van Buren County, Tennessee. Inscriptions:


Anna was born: 12-28-1777 died: 10-12-1833

On the 1830 Warren Co, TN census, Mark and Anna HAWK Mitchell are listed on same page as Thomas Murrell and Sarah McMURRAY Johnson. (Note: It is not known if a relationship existed between Anna HAWK and Jacob HAWK, husband of Mary WARREN? Hawk Johnson (who married Martin JOHNSON in 1829), and father of Lydia HAWK who married Martin JOHNSON, Jr.; however, it is considered probable).

The primary source for the MITCHELL Research is Researcher, Bev Lovett, Port O'Connor, TX who submitted the following in reference to John and Elizabeth JOHNSON Mitchell, and their children:

JOHN MITCHELL (Son of Mark, born 1754, London England, and Mary Ryder)
Born: 1795
Died: aft 1880, Van Buren Co, TN?
Buried: Van Buren County, TENN
"Daughter of Martin Johnson from Ireland who settled in Columbus Ohio"
Born: 1797
Died: aft 1880, Van Buren Co, TN?
Buried: Van Buren County, TENN

1. Mary Polly B: 11-03-1816 D: 10-06-1909
Buried: McElroy Cemetery, Van Buren County, TENN
Married: William Edward Slatton

2. Sarah (Sally) B: 1818 D:
Married: Charles C. Martin 8-14-1847 Van Buren Co. TENN

3. Margaret B: 1819 D:
Married: Thomas Shockley 11-22-1841

4. Lydia B: 12-18-1820 D:
Married: John C. Clark 1-6-1849

5. Ichabod B. B: 09-27-1823 D: 01-18-1919
Buried: Cram Hill Cemetery, Van Buren County, TENN
Married: Clarinda Isabella Steakley 2-20-1852 Van Buren Co, TENN

6. Oliver L. B: 1825 D: 10-06-1876
Buried: Dent County, MO
Married: Mary Polly Martin 4-29-1847 Van Buren County, TENN

7. Mark II B: 08-26-1829 D: 1913
Married: Samantha Emeline Clark 1-13-1859 Van Buren Co TENN

8. Martin B: 08-1830 D:
Married: Angeline Moore 02-15-1853 Van Buren Co TENN

9. James B: 1833 D:
Married: Mary Elizabeth Mooneyham 8-14-1859 Van Buren Co TENN

10. Susan B: 1836
Married: Charles Simpson 8-1-1867

11. William G. B: 7-13-1838 D: 3-20-1913
Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Seminole, OKLA
Married: Lucy Ann Martin 12-19-1856 Van Buren Co TENN

12. Sophronia B: 1-11-1842 D: 11-1876
Buried: Houston County, TENN
Married: William R. Payne 1-24-1865 Van Buren Co TENN

1830, 1850 and 1880 census data has been presented under Martin JOHNSON; however, addition al records include:

1840 Census, Warren County, TN (transcript, Sistler Assoc., Nashville, TN, 1986)

MITCHELL, John p. 338 1212001-1010201
1 male 0-4 William G. b 1838?
2 males 5-9 James b 1833 Martin b 1830?
1 male 10-14 Mark b 1829?
2 males 15-19 Oliver b 1825? Ichabod 1823?
1 male 40-49 John b 1795?
1 female 0-4 Susan 1836?
1 female 10-14
2 females 20-29 Mary 1816? Sally 1818? Margaret 1819? Lydia 1820?
1 female 40-49 Elizabeth?

Note: Marriage year of Margaret to William Slatton unknown -- no Slattons on census in 1840. Sally, Margaret and Lydia's marriages all took place after 1840 according to Ms. Lovett's research.

SOURCE for following: Researcher Bev Lovett, Port O'Connor, TX
1860 Census, Van Buren County, TENN, John MITCHELL, Pg 47, Family 315
1870 Census, Van Buren County, TENN, 1st Civil Dist, John MITCHELL, Family 10 living alone

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