Castle Garden, today known as Castle Clinton National Monument, is the major landmark within The Battery, the 23 acre waterfront park at the tip of Manhattan. From 1855 to 1890, the Castle was America's first official immigration center, a pioneering collaboration of New York State and New York City. Between 1830 and 1892, the year Ellis Island opened, about 12 million immigrants entered the U.S. From 1855 to 1890. To date has extracted 10 million records from original Ship's Manifests.

Thanks to Patience Northern, additional information has yet to be extracted.

Samuel CoomsChild, Youngster14M2 Apr 1849EnglandAbby Pratt
Barbara CoomesFarmer7F25 Jun 1858GermanyCharles Cooper
George CoomesLaborer22M17 Oct 1881EnglandGermanic
Mary CoomesMatron45F29 Oct 1878USAWyoming
Mary CoomesMatron45F29 Oct 1878USAWyoming
A. CoombsMinerUM9 Nov 1859USAAtlantic
Ada B. CoombsSpinster25F6 Oct 1882USARepublic
Ada CoombsChild, Youngster3F26 Aug 1876EnglandBritannic
Albert CoombsChild, Youngster5M2 Sep 1873EnglandSiberia
Alice A. CoombsChild, Youngster7F1 Oct 1883EnglandMarathon
Alice M. CoombsInfantUF30 Jul 1858EnglandEmpire
Ann CoombsChild, Youngster3F12 Sep 1881EnglandGermanic
Ann CoombsWife41F14 Aug 1882EnglandEgypt
Annie CoombsInfantUF26 Jul 1875USAPennsylvania
Augusta CoombsCarpenter20M4 Oct 1852EnglandGeorge Washington
Betsy CoombsWife43F15 Apr 1872EnglandCity Of New York
Caroline CoombsWife21F26 Aug 1876EnglandBritannic
Charles CoombsGardener, Grower18M30 Jul 1858EnglandEmpire
Charles CoombsGentleman16M21 Sep 1885EnglandEtruria
Charles R. CoombsChild, Youngster9M6 May 1873EnglandHecla
Daniel Henry CoombsPlate Layer22M27 Aug 1883EnglandCornwall
Dorcas CoombsSpinster60F2 Jun 1834Great BritainCato
Eligah CoombsMerchant40M24 Aug 1867EnglandHibernia
Elisabeth CoombsNone25F29 Dec 1834EnglandOntario
Eliza CoombsInfantUF10 Sep 1877IrelandThe Queen
Eliza CoombsWife53F30 Jun 1873EnglandBaltic
Elizabeth CoombsChild, Youngster4F10 Sep 1877IrelandThe Queen
Elizabeth CoombsUnknown40F6 Jun 1860IrelandPrinceton
Elizabeth CoombsWife20F7 Oct 1869EnglandBellona
Elizabeth CoombsWife44F3 Aug 1885EnglandServia
Ellen CoombsChild, Youngster11F10 Sep 1877IrelandThe Queen
Ellen CoombsServant, Gentleman's Servant28F17 Oct 1881USAGermanic
Ellen CoombsWife48F6 Oct 1882USARepublic
Emily M. CoombsChild, Youngster3F5 Jan 1882EnglandThe Queen
Emma CoombsChild, Youngster12F14 Aug 1882EnglandEgypt
Emma G. CoombsMatron22M30 Jul 1858EnglandEmpire
F.e. CoombsChemist28M3 May 1893USAOrizaba
Fred CoombsFarmer42M15 Apr 1872EnglandCity Of New York
Fred CoombsMechanic41M20 Aug 1883EnglandCity Of Chester
Fred S. CoombsLaborer35M28 May 1886USACity Of Chicago
Frederick CoombsChild, Youngster8M12 Sep 1881EnglandGermanic
Frederick CoombsShoemaker36M24 Sep 1869EnglandNeptune
Frederick CoombsWaiter27M3 May 1869EnglandCella
Fredrick CoombsChild, Youngster11M4 Dec 1871EnglandAnglia
Fredrick John CoombsChild, Youngster2M7 Oct 1869EnglandBellona
G.w CoombsWool Merchant44M9 May 1882USAFlamborough
Geo. CoombsArtist, Scenic Artist43M28 Apr 1849Great BritainElizabeth
George CoombsFarmer11M24 May 1848Great BritainElizabeth
George CoombsLaborer16M10 Sep 1877EnglandThe Queen
George CoombsLaborer25M22 Apr 1872EnglandWyoming
George CoombsLaborer26M10 Sep 1879EnglandLord Gough
George CoombsMechanic38M7 May 1869IrelandCity Of Boston
George CoombsMiner40M9 Apr 1867EnglandCity Of Antwerp
George CoombsPrinter20M20 Sep 1848Great BritainFalcon
George T. CoombsInfantUM5 Jan 1882EnglandThe Queen
Harriet CoombsChild, Youngster12F24 Aug 1867USAHibernia
Harriet CoombsUnknown34F4 Dec 1871EnglandAnglia
Henry CoombsBricklayer, Maurer22M1 Sep 1860EnglandResolute
Henry CoombsEngineer33M22 Oct 1888USAEtruria
Henry CoombsMiner38M22 Feb 1871USACity Of Brooklyn
Henry CoombsTraveler31M12 Dec 1881USABritannic
Henry CoombsUnknown19M22 Jul 1872EnglandCity Of Brussels
Isaac CoombsMiner22M13 Jun 1871EnglandCity Of Brooklyn
J. C. CoombsClerk24M3 May 1866USAEricsson
James CoombsAgriculturist, Agriculturalist25M28 Dec 1848IrelandSir Henry Pottinger
James CoombsChild, Youngster7M6 Jun 1860IrelandPrinceton
James CoombsFarrier44M26 Apr 1873EnglandAlex Marshall
James CoombsLaborer34M19 Apr 1870IrelandColorado
James CoombsLaborer34M31 May 1870IrelandColorado
James CoombsLaborer44M17 Aug 1868EnglandEtna
James R. CoombsGentleman27M2 Sep 1873EnglandNevada
Jane CoombsServant, Gentleman's Servant25F13 Jun 1881IrelandOhio
Jane CoombsSpinster45F14 Jun 1884EnglandBaltic
Jane CoombsWife24F28 Dec 1848IrelandSir Henry Pottinger
Jane CoombsWife24F3 Feb 1882EnglandScythia
Jane CoombsWife31F4 Nov 1878IrelandCity Of Richmond
John CoombsChild, Youngster11M30 Jun 1873EnglandBaltic
John CoombsLaborer38M5 Jan 1882EnglandThe Queen
John CoombsMiner28M20 Mar 1866EnglandCity Of Washington
Joseph CoombsLaborer20M28 Apr 1852EnglandHibernia
Kate CoombsServant, Gentleman's Servant18F4 Nov 1859IrelandUnderwriter
Laura A. CoombsChild, Youngster4F5 Jan 1882EnglandThe Queen
Laura CoombsLady24F19 Oct 1882USAWyoming
Lena CoombsWife31F12 Sep 1881EnglandGermanic
Louisa CoombsWife26F26 Jul 1875USAPennsylvania
Lucy CoombsChild, Youngster13F7 May 1881IrelandCeltic
M. CoombsChild, Youngster5M26 Jul 1875USAPennsylvania
Margaret CoombsUnknown30F23 Oct 1854EnglandExcelsior
Martha CoombsChild, Youngster6F10 Sep 1877IrelandThe Queen
Martha CoombsSpinster19F1 Aug 1883WalesBothnia
Mary A. CoombsWife30F1 Oct 1883EnglandMarathon
Mary Ann CoombsChild, Youngster8F14 Aug 1882EnglandEgypt
Mary CoombsChild, Youngster6F6 Jun 1860IrelandPrinceton
Mary CoombsSpinster19F20 Mar 1866EnglandCity Of Washington
Mary CoombsWife45F7 May 1881IrelandCeltic
Mary Jane CoombsChild, Youngster7F10 Sep 1877EnglandThe Queen
Mary Jane CoombsWife30F5 Jan 1882EnglandThe Queen
May CoombsChild, Youngster9F4 Dec 1871EnglandAnglia
Mr. George CoombsGentleman21M8 Feb 1882EnglandArizona
Mr. Henry CoombsGentleman30M4 Jun 1879USAScythia
Mrs G.w. CoombsUnknown39F9 May 1882USAFlamborough
Mrs. CoombsLady30F22 Jan 1868USACity Of Boston
Mrs. CoombsUnknown40F6 May 1873EnglandHecla
Mrs. E CoombsUnknown25F4 Sep 1854IrelandCenturion
Nelly CoombsChild, Youngster2F30 Jul 1858EnglandEmpire
Nelly CoombsSpinster16F7 May 1881IrelandCeltic
R. R. CoombsFarmer28M12 Jan 1852USADaniel Webster
Rev. J.n. CoombsClergyman, Reverend47M21 Sep 1874USACalabria
Richard CoombsBaker21M28 Apr 1873EnglandGlamorgan
Richard CoombsLaborer23M8 May 1872IrelandCanada
Richard CoombsUnknown15M6 Jun 1860IrelandPrinceton
Robert CoombsChild, Youngster4M23 Sep 1872EnglandAtlantic
Robert CoombsFarmer24M24 Jun 1858USAWilliam Tapscott
Rosina CoombsSpinster16F10 Oct 1872EnglandGreat Western
Samuel CoombsBoot & Shoe Maker60M29 Oct 1851WalesStafordshire
Samuel CoombsChild, Youngster9M1 Oct 1883EnglandMarathon
Samuel CoombsLaborer20M30 Aug 1884USACity Of Montreal
Samuel CoombsMechanic39M8 Apr 1873EnglandCity Of Bristol
Sarah CoombsUnknown30F10 May 1849WalesThomas H. Perkins
Sarah CoombsWife34F23 Sep 1872EnglandAtlantic
Sarah Jane CoombsWife30F10 Sep 1877IrelandThe Queen
Simon CoombsLaborer20U4 Jun 1853EnglandSir Robert Peel
Stephen CoombsWeaver32M3 Aug 1885EnglandServia
Susie CoombsLady20F19 Oct 1882USAWyoming
T. CoombsLaborer43M12 Apr 1871EnglandCity Of Paris
Thomas CoombsChild, Youngster5M14 Aug 1882EnglandEgypt
Thomas CoombsInfant1M4 Nov 1878IrelandCity Of Richmond
Thomas CoombsLaborer41M31 Oct 1870EnglandHarvest Queen
Thomas CoombsUnknown28M3 Feb 1882EnglandScythia
William CoombsBoot & Shoe Maker32M29 Oct 1851WalesStafordshire
William CoombsChild, Youngster11M20 Aug 1883EnglandCity Of Chester
William CoombsChild, Youngster4F26 Aug 1876EnglandBritannic
William CoombsFarmer40M19 Jul 1871IrelandCity Of Brooklyn
William CoombsLaborer40M10 Sep 1877IrelandThe Queen
William CoombsMason48M17 Jun 1872EnglandIdaho
William CoombsMiner32M10 May 1849WalesThomas H. Perkins
William CoombsPorter25M1 May 1884EnglandHolland
Wm. CoombsLaborer33M20 Jul 1848IrelandMasonic
Abigal CoombesLaborer26M14 Mar 1866EnglandThe Queen
Adison CoombesGentleman27M10 Jul 1848Great BritainAmerican Eagle
Alfred CoombesChild, Youngster11M1 Mar 1870EnglandCity Of Antwerp
Amelia CoombesNone24F3 May 1849Great BritainSilas Greenman
Andrew CoombesLaborer43M20 Sep 1884EnglandThe Queen
Ann CoombesChild, Youngster4F1 Mar 1870EnglandCity Of Antwerp
Anna CoombesNone18F3 May 1849Great BritainSilas Greenman
Catherine CoombesSpinster34F27 Jun 1871IrelandNevada
Charles CoombesMerchant29M15 Jun 1874EnglandAdriatic
Edward CoombesChild, Youngster14M14 Aug 1883EnglandWyoming
Elizabeth CoombesSpinster19F21 May 1873EnglandPembroke
Elizabeth CoombesWife20F7 Jun 1870EnglandParana
Elizabeth CoombesWife37F1 Mar 1870EnglandCity Of Antwerp
Elizth. CoombesNone21F3 May 1849Great BritainSilas Greenman
Emily CoombesChild, Youngster2F1 Mar 1870EnglandCity Of Antwerp
Emma CoombesWife26F14 Apr 1871EnglandParaguay
Fanny R. CoombesChild, Youngster2F24 Apr 1871EnglandBatavia
Frances CoombesLaborer18M1 May 1882IrelandCity Of Paris
Geo. CoombesLaborer43M23 Feb 1882EnglandZeeland
George A. CoombesLaborer32M7 Sep 1883EnglandPersian Monarch
George CoombesCarpenter25M11 Dec 1856EnglandAshburton
George CoombesChild, Youngster14M14 Aug 1883EnglandWyoming
George CoombesChild, Youngster3M14 Apr 1871EnglandParaguay
George CoombesChild, Youngster8M1 Mar 1870EnglandCity Of Antwerp
George CoombesClerk29M10 Sep 1872EnglandDenmark
George CoombesFarmer20M14 Sep 1874EnglandWyoming
George CoombesGlazier25M24 Jul 1840EnglandNew York
George CoombesLaborer40M16 Feb 1871USACity Of Washington
George CoombesMechanic18M24 Apr 1871EnglandBatavia
George N. CoombesLawyer23M7 Jun 1870EnglandParana
Harry CoombesLaborer18M27 Apr 1882EnglandCity Of Richmond
Henry CoombesJoiner21M29 Nov 1852IrelandFidelia
Henry CoombesPlate Layer26M23 Jun 1879EnglandHelvetia
James CoombesLaborer46M3 May 1849Great BritainSilas Greenman
Jane CoombesChild, Youngster10F1 Mar 1870EnglandCity Of Antwerp
John CoombesFarmer18M11 Jun 1878IrelandWyoming
John CoombesMiner55M7 Aug 1882EnglandSchiedam
Louisa CoombesWife21F7 Jun 1870EnglandParana
Mabel CoombesInfant2 mM7 Jun 1870EnglandParana
Mary CoombesInfant11 mF14 Apr 1871EnglandParaguay
Mary CoombesNone45F3 May 1849Great BritainSilas Greenman
Moses CoombesFarmer40M21 Mar 1872USACity Of Paris
Mr.f. CoombesGentleman29M23 Jun 1884USAArizona
Richard S. CoombesMechanic28M24 Apr 1871EnglandBatavia
Saml. CoombesLaborer21M14 Mar 1866EnglandThe Queen
Samuel CoombesLaborer17M23 Jan 1866EnglandThe Queen
Sarah CoombesMatron35F21 Sep 1874EnglandCalabria
Thomas CoombesFarmer22M11 Jun 1878IrelandWyoming
Thomas CoombesLaborer24M3 Sep 1884IrelandWisconsin
William CoombesLaborer22M17 Apr 1880EnglandErin
William CoombesLaborer23M7 Jun 1870EnglandParana
William CoombesMechanic31M24 Apr 1871EnglandBatavia
Wm. CoombesLaborer30M12 Oct 1850IrelandCenturion
A. CombsMechanic25M8 May 1883USACircassia
Albert CombsUnknown15M11 Jan 1855EnglandLiverpool
Alfred CombsLaborer25M11 Aug 1880EnglandAlgeria
Benjamin CombsChild, Youngster6M29 Mar 1849Great BritainConstance
Caroline CombsChild, Youngster2F29 Mar 1849Great BritainConstance
Catherine CombsDaughter9F17 Oct 1859EnglandDaniel Webster
Catherine CombsInfant0 mF29 Mar 1849Great BritainConstance
Catherine CombsNurse, Sick Nurse50F17 Oct 1859EnglandDaniel Webster
Catherine CombsServant, Gentleman's Servant20F10 Jul 1852IrelandConstellation
Catherine CombsServant, Gentleman's Servant27F6 Aug 1852EnglandKossuth
Catherine CombsServant, Gentleman's Servant29F5 Jun 1883USAServia
Charles CombsCarpenter30M16 Apr 1857IrelandManhattan
David CombsChild, Youngster5M10 Oct 1860IrelandWebster
David CombsInfantUM27 Jul 1874EnglandRepublic
Eliza CombsSpinster34F5 May 1873EnglandEgypt
Eliza CombsWife28F29 Mar 1849Great BritainConstance
Elizabeth CombsFarmer20F12 Jun 1848IrelandMercy
Elizabeth CombsWife30F10 Oct 1860IrelandWebster
Emily CombsChild, Youngster8F13 Jun 1871IrelandFrance
Ernest CombsUnknown19M31 Dec 1887EnglandGermanic
Ethel CombsInfantUF11 Aug 1880EnglandAlgeria
Florence CombsChild, Youngster1F11 Aug 1880EnglandAlgeria
Frances CombsWife20F11 Aug 1880EnglandAlgeria
Fried. CombsNone29M25 Apr 1839Great BritainGladiator
Geo. CombsUnknown11M4 May 1850IrelandChina
George CombsSon5M17 Oct 1859EnglandDaniel Webster
Henry CombsLaborer30M11 Feb 1854IrelandWilliam Rathbone
Hiram CombsBaker18M13 May 1872EnglandJames Foster Jr.
Isaac CombsGardener, Grower21F10 Apr 1873EnglandCalifornia
James CombsUnknown11M4 May 1850IrelandChina
James CombsUnknown30M25 Apr 1850IrelandNew Hampshire
John CombsChild, Youngster4M29 Mar 1849Great BritainConstance
John CombsChild, Youngster4M6 Aug 1852EnglandKossuth
John CombsGentleman24M25 Sep 1848EnglandAcadia
John CombsInfantUM5 Jun 1878EnglandNevada
John CombsUnknown30M29 Mar 1849Great BritainConstance
John H. CombsCarpenter20M22 May 1882EnglandBritish King
Joseph CombsInfant6 mM10 Oct 1860IrelandWebster
Kate CombsSpinster16F8 Dec 1883IrelandCity Of Chicago
Lissie CombsServant, Gentleman's Servant21F27 Jul 1874EnglandRepublic
Mary-ann CombsChild, Youngster8F29 Mar 1849Great BritainConstance
Mary CombsChild, Youngster10F6 Aug 1852EnglandKossuth
Mary CombsMatron34F4 May 1850IrelandChina
Mary CombsUnknown25F10 Jul 1852EnglandOcean Queen
Mary CombsWife25F5 Jun 1878EnglandNevada
Mary J. CombsDomestic21F25 Sep 1872EnglandGreat Western
Mathew CombsChild, Youngster7M10 Oct 1860IrelandWebster
Mathew CombsLaborer31M10 Oct 1860IrelandWebster
Matilda CombsChild, Youngster1F29 Mar 1849Great BritainConstance
Paul CombsJournalist39M1 Jul 1895FranceLa Bourgogne
Richard CombsLaborer24M15 May 1868IrelandHelvetia
Samuel CombsChild, Youngster1M6 Aug 1852EnglandKossuth
Samuel CombsHatter24M3 Nov 1835IrelandCaroline Augusta
Samuel CombsLaborer26M5 Jun 1878EnglandNevada
Sara CombsServant, Gentleman's Servant21F2 Sep 1872EnglandOceanic
Thomas CombsChild, Youngster9M10 Oct 1860IrelandWebster
Thomas CombsMechanic25M18 Sep 1847EnglandOcean Monarch
Walter CombsSon7M17 Oct 1859EnglandDaniel Webster
William CombsFarmer24M12 Jun 1848IrelandMercy
Wm. CombsLaborer26M20 Apr 1850Great BritainAshland
Wm. CombsTailor29M10 Jul 1852EnglandOcean Queen
Adrien CombesChild, Youngster6M13 May 1850SwitzerlandZurich
Alfred CombesMason17M31 May 1871EnglandNemesis
Auguste CombesChild, Youngster1F13 May 1850SwitzerlandZurich
C.p.m. CombesChild, Youngster15M19 Jul 1880EnglandGermanic
Charles CombesEngineer40M22 Jul 1895FranceLa Champagne
E. CombesGentleman45M23 Apr 1879EnglandAlgeria
Eliza CombesWife26F18 Jan 1871EnglandCity Of Paris
Emil CombesFarmer13M13 May 1850SwitzerlandZurich
Ferdinand CombesLaborer17M2 Jan 1854FranceKenneber
Friderike CombesFarmer16F13 May 1850SwitzerlandZurich
George A. CombesChild, Youngster7M31 May 1883WalesAbyssinia
H. CombesGentleman30M26 Jan 1885USACity Of Chicago
J.adam CombesFarmer47M13 May 1850SwitzerlandZurich
Jean CombesMerchant28M9 Sep 1840FranceFrancois Honore
John CombesChild, Youngster1M18 Jan 1871EnglandCity Of Paris
John CombesChild, Youngster8M9 Jul 1851IrelandQueen Of The West
John CombesChild, Youngster8M9 Jul 1851IrelandQueen Of The West
John CombesJoiner30M18 Jan 1871EnglandCity Of Paris
John CombesJoiner30M18 Jan 1871EnglandCity Of Paris
John CombesLaborer31M24 Aug 1883USACanada
John CombesLaborer31M24 Aug 1883USACanada
Joseph CombesChild, Youngster1M18 Jan 1871EnglandCity Of Paris
Joseph CombesChild, Youngster1M18 Jan 1871EnglandCity Of Paris
Joseph CombesLaborer20M29 Sep 1852IrelandCape Cod
Joseph CombesLaborer20M29 Sep 1852IrelandCape Cod
Joseph CombesLaborer45M8 Nov 1869GermanyHannover
Kate CombesChild, Youngster6F9 Jul 1851IrelandQueen Of The West
Kate CombesChild, Youngster6F9 Jul 1851IrelandQueen Of The West
Leslie CombesFarmer27M9 Nov 1874USAEgypt
Leslie CombesFarmer27M9 Nov 1874USAEgypt
Louis CombesMerchant30M18 Mar 1875FranceAuguste Andre
Louise CombesFarmer44F13 May 1850SwitzerlandZurich
Magdalena CombesFarmer30F18 May 1848FranceJames Conner
Margaret CombesWife20F31 May 1883WalesAbyssinia
Margaret CombesWife20F31 May 1883WalesAbyssinia
Marie CombesWife26F18 Mar 1875FranceAuguste Andre
Marthe CombesChild, Youngster8F13 May 1850SwitzerlandZurich
Mary CombesUnknown28F1 Dec 1849IrelandMedomack
Mary CombesUnknown28F1 Dec 1849IrelandMedomack
Mary CombesWife42F18 Sep 1865EnglandCity Of Boston
Mary CombesWife42F18 Sep 1865EnglandCity Of Boston
William CombesChild, Youngster11M31 May 1883WalesAbyssinia
William CombesChild, Youngster4M9 Jul 1851IrelandQueen Of The West