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This page contains instructions for connecting to the Internet Relay Chat Network using mIRC, and is for Windows users only.

First you'll have to download the program, if you don't have it already.

Click the logo mIRC Home Page

Remember where you saved the download (the folder aka sub-directory on your hard drive). Then run the set up. You can click through the set up with all "Okay," which will install your mIRC software in your C:\mirc folder.  After you run the setup, you should see this on your screen.

double-click the mIRC32

Double click the mIRC32 shortcut. This will open your mIRC and give you an "About mIRC" window. Click the window and this is what you will see.

mIRC Options

Fill out the lines marked Full Name: E-Mail Address: Nickname: and Alternative: It will not let you on a server without all these filled out. After that is done click the button Add to enter the rootsquest server in the list.

In place of the type in This will get you on the same server.
This is what you will fill into Description (It doesn't have to be CombsWeb just something for you to remember this is combs-families server) IRC Server: and Ports:

Click Add

Ready to connect to server

Now you are ready to connect; click Connect to IRC server!

This will popup.

enter #combs

type in #combs


Join the channel

Click on Add then Join

You are now in the Combs channel on the server. Congatulations and enjoy.You are there

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