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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
for Combs-Coombs &c. Researchers
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Combs IRC is un-operative again!
New: Password is usgnChat (Click Options, then Edit).

Special Message from the Coordinator: Although our Combs Mailing List provides a great forum for nearly instant discussion, there are times when we need or want to meet in real time, and now we have that option, via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) at, provided by the folks at USGenNet.Org (the nonprofit Web Hosting Service for our domain), especially for Combs &c. Meetings and Research Discussions. Combs Researcher, Web Editor and IRC Specialist Steve Gilley has created this special site for us, including How to Download, Install and Set-Up mIRC for Combs,* as well as Tips, Guidelines and Suggestions specifically for Combs &c. Researchers. Our Special Thanks to Steve for providing us with this Great Site!
NEW 7 May 2000 How to Download, Install and Set-Up PIRCH for Combs
*mIRC is IRC shareware software for Windows Users. Other software is available for Mac, OS2 and users of other systems, and further instructions will be available for those shortly, too (If you already know the locations, please email

IRCLE IRC software for the MAC.

On this page you will learn a little about IRC. Internet Relay Chat (IRC), one of the most popular and most interactive services on the Internet. Sure, the Web is nice for finding info and E-mail beats snailmail hands down, but when you've been wondering 'where the others are?', then IRC is what you're looking for (For a more thorough explanation, see What is IRC?)

For Combs &c. Researchers, IRC will permit Real Time Meetings in Channels (aka Chat Rooms) such as #combs (a channel for all Combs &c. Researchers), #comb-en for English Researchers,  #comb-ky (for KY Researchers), or if that channel becomes too crowded, #comb-kye (for East KY Researchers), etc. And, any time you need, a special channel for a specific discussion, you can create your own, such as a #combs-arch channel to discuss Combs-Archdale assocations, etc.

Some Suggested "Generic" Channels for Our Combs-Families IRC Server

When you set up your IRC account, you are required to provide your Real Name and your Email Address, but conduct discussions with a nickname. Please use a nickname that will be readily identifiable. We're all family here - no need to hide. We've all seen your email address so perhaps that would be the easiest way to log onto the Combs-Coombs-Families IRC Network. The server limits nicks to 9 characters.

Now for some simple commands to use once you are on the server:

All commands are pre-fixed with / (A more detailed listing can be seen in the help file of your mIRC program).


Click Here to Auto Start your mirc to join the #combs ChatRoom.

Steven H. Gilley,
Descendant of Zedekiah COMBS of Grayson Co, VA.

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