Chapter XXII

General Table [Part 4]

Ed. Note: Due to the size of the General Table, it has been divided into four sections:

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General Table Part 2: Pages 134-144
General Table Part 3: Pages 145-154
General Table Part 4: Pages 155-168 (immediately below)


10 Granville [Combs] (son of Mason, son of John 8) and Margaret [Amburgey] (1)

11 Ambrose, m. Rosie Hunt

11 Enoch. (Moved to Idaho); m. Judy Stamper

11 John Riley, m. Ida Clark

11 Diana, m. Thomas O'Neal

11 Vina, m. S. P. Day

11 Robert. (Granville moved to Taney Co., Mo.) Robert m. Ettie Pierce.

10 William [Smith] and Martha. Already listed.

10 Matilda [Smith] and Jehu Cody. Already listed.

10 Elizabeth [Combs] (dau. of old Clint) and Jesse Wooton

11 Elijah Combs

11 Rufus

11 Chancellor ("Chance")

11 David

11 Lou Ann

11 Nancy

11 Corsie

11 Willie

Eleventh-generation. Some great-grandchildren of Henry (Harrison) Combs 8, one of the "eight". Grandchildren of Matthew.

10 Nicholas (son of Matthew) and Amanda.

11 Rev. William B. ("Billy Bunk"), m. Sarah, dau. of James Miller.

11 Christine

11 Thomas

11 Frank? Be[atrice ?] second wife. Others?

10 Aaron [Combs] (son of Matthew). Had a boy and a girl.

10 Alfred [Combs] and Peggie

11 Polly, m. Andy Allen; [and] William Noble

11 Nancy, m. a McIntosh

11 Henderson, m, Winnie Allen.

11 Shade, m. Nancy Davidson; Sarah Strong; Lucinda Day

11 Jeremiah

11 Racel [Rachel ?], m. Geo. Allen

11 Delilah, m. Ira Allen


11 Isaac B., m. Mollie Allen; [and] Armina Haynes

11 Mary Ann, m. Sam Allen; [and] Claiborne Fugate

11 Paulina, m. John Allen

11 Delania (Delane?), ("Dock"), m. Matilda Duff

11 Alfred ("Tea"), m. America Noble

10 Matthew [Combs], Jr. and Sallie [Williams?]. Had three daughters and a son.

10 Henry [Combs] and Tempie [Davis]

11 James W.

11 Dulcinea, m. Wm. Noble; [and] Robt. Rose

11 Stephen Sewell, m. Mary Rose; Lizzie Ann Swango; [and] Nancy Catherine Amyx.

11 Larkin

11 Jane, m. Green Taulbee

11 Alfred, m. Esther Horton; [and] Alice McClellan

11 Asbury

11 William

By Polly, second wife, dau. of Ben Grigsby

11 Isaac ("Shooting Ike")

11 Winnie, m. John Combs; later, John M. [married?] Evaline, Winnie's sister.

11 Benj. Matthew

11 Edward, m. Armina Barnett

11 Angeline, m. Reece Young.

11 Evaline. (Henry was married a third time, to Jeff Johnson's widow, dau. of Abe Swango).

10 Richard [Combs] and Polly [Bach]

11 Sarah, m. John Bach ("Glad John")

11 Aaron, m. Lydia Fugate

11 Parmelia, m. Hardin Smith

11 Nancy, m. George Sexton

11 Mary Ann, m. Clint, son of David Hagins

11 Rachel

11 Louisa, m. William Fields

11 Emily, m. William, son of Daniel Craft

11 Dicie, m. Thos. Patrick

10 William Mason [Combs] and Sarah Jane [Combs]

11 Elmira, m. Rev. James Henry Hager

11 Elvira, m. Jerry Little. Elmira and Elvira were twins.


11 Wm. Henry Breckinridge (Breck, "Wild Hog"), m. Susan, dau. of "Red Ned" Strong.

11 Leander Buchanan (Buck), m. America, dau. of Wylie Combs

11 Isaac Washington Morgan Beauregard, m. second time, a Miller. (This youth survived and prospered, in spite of his name. He was over six feet tall, and they called him "Ike", for short. He holds the blue ribbon prize for long given names among the Combses).

11 Nathan Lee, m., second time, a Hatton.

11 Margaret Evaline ("Sis"), m. Charles Cardwell

11 James Goodlow, m. Maggie, dau. of Thos. Strong.

11 Sarah Jane, m. Edwin Cardwell; Dr. H. L. Rader

11 Mary Miranda Eliz. m. Samp Smith.

10 Isaac B. [Combs] and Rebecca [Swango] (2)

11 Aaron Thrasher, m. Pocahontas, dau. of Henry Duff.

11 John Will, went to Texas.

11 Bob Lee, went to Texas

11 Rachel, m. D. D. Landsaw; moved to Chandler, Okla.

11 Lou, m. Brack Little.

By Kitty [Morton]: Greenberry, William, Sarah, Maggie, Lizzie, Ottie, Helen, Lula.

10 Josiah H. [Combs] (son of Jesse, son of "Gen" 'Lige) and Polly Ann [Mattingly]

11 William J. m. Nancy, dau. of Robt. Combs, son of "Danger's" Samuel.

11 Susan, (Sue) m. Joseph Eversole, son of Maj. Jno. Eversole

11 Sarah m. Elijah Combs Morgan

11 Martha, m. Ira J. Davidson

11 Mary Ellen, m. James, son of D. Y. Lyttle.

Twelfth generation. Some great-great-grandchildren of John 8, of the "eight".

11 "Blinkey Shade" [Combs] (son of John L. 10, son of "Long" Jerry) and Polly Ann [Cornett]

12 Joe

12 John Lorenzo, m. Lizzie, dau. of Hezekiah Cody

12 Orlena, m. Rob. Morgan

12 Katherine


12 George "Bear"

12 Goodloe

12 Lucille

11 Judy [Combs] (Jno. L's dau.) and "Tight Jerry" [Combs].

11 Jackson [Combs] (son of Jeremiah L.) and Polly Ann [Young]

12 Sarah

12 Oma

12 Reece

12 Armelda

12 Anderson

12 Isabel

12 Riley

12 Fielding. Others?

By Lucy [Combs]:

12 Spencer

12 Green

12 Mrs. J. S. Amburgey

11 Andrew [Combs] (Andy, son of Jeremiah L.) and Nancy [Francis]

12 Samuel

12 Watson

12 Cullen

12 Riley

12 Simeon

12 Andrew

12 Melvin

12 Madison

12 Alvin

11 Madison [Combs] (son of Jeremiah L.) and Susan [Combs]  (3)

12 Millie, m. Noah Jent

12 Riley, m. Sarah Hale

12 Jerry, m. Mary Ann Smith

12 John Harlan, m. Liza Moore

12 Martha, m. Lige Jent

12 Nancy, m. John Jent

12 Lucinda, m. a Blair

12 Pauline, m. William Stacey

By Mary Ann [Smith]:

12 Tilden


12 Arminta.

12 Julia

11 [William] Riley [Combs] and Sarah [Francis]

12 Rev. Watson, m. Dicie Pigmon

12 Sabrina, m. Joe Ritchie

12 William, m. Rusha Combs

12 Samuel

12 Shade

11 Sabrina [Combs] and Watson Caudill

12 Mrs. Benj. Holbrooks

12 Riley, m. a Gibson

12 Polly Ann, m. John Francis

11 Paulina (Perlina) [Combs] and John Combs

12 Flora, m. Frank Martin

Paulina and Shade Smith:

12 Ceann, m. Cullen Francis

12 John D., m. Betty, dau. of Wm. Smith

12 Jerry, m. Luna, dau. of John Maddin

12 Ida, m. John J. Amburgey

11 Geo. Washington [Combs] and Delphia [Johnson]

12 Carrie, m. Henry Combs

12 Thompson, m. dau. of Gabe Hudson

12 Simeon

12 Carlas

11 Mary [Combs] and Remines Combs

12 Riley

12 Pearl. Others?

11 "Big" Tilden [Combs]

12 Jack

12 'Lonzo

12 John. Others.

11 Geo. Washington [Combs] (son of William L.) and Sarah [Sumner]

12 Samuel J.

12 Brackson ("Dock")

12 John C.

12 Taylor C.


12 Sarah

12 Candesta (Desta)

12 Peggie

12 Nannie

12 Rankin C.

12 Bettie

12 Meredith (Merida, "Bud")

12 James C.

12 Chloe. Two more died in infancy.

11 Samuel [Combs] and Christine [Silas]

12 Margaret

12 Arminda

12 Rhoda

12 Bertha

12 Ella

12 Clerinda (by Diana Collins), m. Taylor [C.], son of Geo. Washington Combs.

11 Green A. [Combs] and Diana [Combs]

12 Fernando (Nando) R.

12 Dora

12 Dr. Spencer

12 Sarah

12 Margaret

12 Betty

12 William

12 George

12 Diana

11 Spencer P. [Combs] and Rhoda [Cornett]

12 Isabelle, m. A. J. Sturgill

12 Margaret, m. Gideon Ison

12 Nancy Adeline, m. Calloway Napier

12 Robert Fulton, m. Hattie Sturgill

12 Townsel, m. Octavia, dau. of "Bringe" Allen

12 Mallie, m. Andrew Hutson

12 Bertha (died at birth)

12 Stella, m. Wm. Mattingly

12 C. Rexford (died at age of 9 days)

12 Stanley Augustus, m. Jane Smith


12 Clifton Allen, m. Edith Collins

12 Loretta (died at age of four years)

11 Granville Pearl [Combs] and Sarah [Combs]

12 Ida

12 Mattie

12 Harlan. And Marion C., by Diana Collins

11 John W. [Combs] and Clementina [Cody]. Already listed.

11 William D. [Combs] and Jenny [Peck]. Had a son, Walter [by Betty Feltner?]. Had a dau. Golda, by Rebecca Brown.

11 Diana [Combs] and Wm. McIntyre

12 Richmond

12 Lucinda

12 Alexander

12 Melda

12 Arinda

12 Green

12 Susan

12 Benjamin

12 Peggie

12 Victoria

11 Martha Ann [Combs] and Robt. Sumner

12 Dr. Jason C.

12 Margaret ("Lady"), m. Buck Ashley

12 Dulcinea

12 June

12 Finley

12 William (Billie)

12 Sallie Ann

12 John White

12 Ella Jane

12 Jackson

12 Sisco

12 Ora (Sis)

11 Isabel [Combs] and William Hammons

12 Spencer

12 Dulcinea

12 Isabel


12 Lula, m. a Lake

12 John

12 Etta

12 Margaret

12 Millie

12 Enolie (Ennie Lee?)

12 Robin

11 Clerinda [Combs] and Squire Whitaker

12 Lucinda, m. Elijah Hicks

12 Harriet

12 Angeline

12 Leslie

12 Benton

12 James D.

12 Tina

12 Alamander

12 John P.

12 Mattie

12 Elijah

12 William

12 Peggie

11 Dulcinea [Combs] and A.J. Kelley

12 Rhoda, m. Dr. M.F. Kelley

12 Sarah Jane

12 Isabelle

12 Margaret

12 George

12 Thomas

12 Andrew J.

12 Ira J.

12 Lucinda

11 "Black" Shade [Combs] (son of Jno. Wesley, son of old Shade, son of John 8); and Elizabeth [Logan]  (4)

12 Blaine

12 Van Buren

12 Ella, m. John Fugate

12 Henry

12 Burn


12 Charlie

12 Ida, m. Martin Wexley

11 Silas [Combs] and Sylvia [Ison]

12 Mrs. Wm. Cornett

12 Mrs. Neal Cornett

12 Mrs. Bill Combs

12 Mrs. Ed. Jones

12 Mrs. Victor Smith

12 Elijah

11 Henry [Combs] and Carrie [Combs]

12 Dewey

12 Alphonso

12 Carrie, m. Ben Martin

12 Maude

12 Grace

11 Elizabeth [Combs] and John Breeding

12 Mrs. Babe Ison

12 Mrs. Jas. Collins

12 Mrs. W.R. Polly

12 Mrs. Harrison Banks

11 John Wesley [Combs]

12 James

12 Stephen

12 Bradley Others.

11 Mary [Combs] and Jordan Smith

12 Benton, m. Bethana, dau of Hilliard Smith

12 Matilda, m. Jno. W. Mullins

12 Barbara, m. Robert, son of Jack Combs

12 Thomas, m. Vina Belle Smith

12 Frank, m. Larcena Smith

12 Alex. And a daughter.

Continuing in twelfth generation, with the descendants of Henry Combs 8.

11 Elmira [Combs] (dau. of Wm. Mason Combs 10, son of Matthew 9) and Rev. Jas. Henry Hager

12 Rev. Samuel Eugene Hager, m. Georgie Anna Dashiell

12 Warren Stewart Hager


11 Stephen Sewell [Combs] (son of Henry, son of Matthew) and Mary [Rose] (5)

12 Sarah Alice, m. Henry F. Pieratt

12 Annabelle (unmarried)

12 Courtney F., m. Pauline Mauritz

12 Henry Harrison, m. Sallie Ann Tutt

12 Stephen Sewell (died young)

11 Alfred [Combs] (son of Matthew) and Esther [Horton]

12 Thomas A., m. Viola Downs, and had: Ethel; Maye, m. T. N. Duff, [and] W. W. Morrison. No children.

12 William H.

12 I. Newton, m. Mattie Smith, and had: I. N., Jr.; Wm A.

12 John F.

12 Stephen Sewell

12 Claude

12 James H., m. Edna Rubel, and had Nancy and Esther

11 Rev. William B. ("Billy Bunk") [Combs], son of Nicholas, son of George, son of Henry 8) and Sarah [Miller]

12 Henry, b. 1882

12 Thomas, b. 1883

12 Samuel, b. 1888

12 John, b. 1890

12 Nannie, b. 1892

12 Robert, b. 1896

12 Pearl Spencer, b. 1898

12 Asher

12 Mabel, b. 1902, m. a Smith

12 Ova, b. 1904

12 Hager, b. 1907

Some descendants of "Gen." Lige [Combs].

11 Mary Ellen [Combs] (dau. of Judge Josiah H.) and James Lyttle

12 Bertha, m. Hugh Bryant; [and] H. C. Jett

12 George W., m. Mahala, dau. of Drew Combs

12 Roscoe C., d. 1911

11 Susan [Combs] (dau. of Judge Josiah H.) and Joseph C. Eversole

12 William Cassius, m. Bessie, dau. of Jonah Ison.

12 John B., m. Ella, dau. of Jerry Walker

12 Dr. Chester A., m. Annie, dau. of George Combs


12 Harry C., m. Della, dau. of D.Y. Combs

12 Clara ("Pet"), m. Manon, son of Eli Cornett

11 William J. [Combs] (son of Judge Josiah H.) and Nancy [Combs]

12 Josiah H.

12 Martha ("Sis")

12 William Curtis

12 Mollie

Some members of the thirteenth generation, descending from the eight brothers.

12 Sarah Alice [Combs] and Henry F. Pieratt

13 Harold Combs, m. Mabel Tudor

13 Mary Ellen, m. Holmes S. Todd

13 Thomas Sewell, m. Mary Doty

13 Henry Bruce, m. Florine McCall

12 Ballard French [Combs] and Arminta [Perkins]

13 Ballard Feltcher, m. Mary, dau. of Leo Bernard Gaeke

13 John G. Leroy, m. Ilene, dau. of J.J. and Ziphora Fyffe.

13 Arthur Lamar (died young)

13 Paul Churchill, m. Mildred, dau. of Jesse P. and Nell Witt Turpin.

12 James Monroe [Combs] and Lula [Adkins]

13 Fay, m. Bartee, son of Wm. Estep

13 George Denny, m. Orbie, dau. of Roach Gayheart

13 Evelyn, m. Basil L. Click

13 Dora Madeline, m. Forest, son of James Gentry

13 John W., m. Blanche, dau. of Rube Bailey

13 Charles, m. Lovena, dau. of Marion Slone

12 Alafair [Combs] and Edwin Daniel

13 Zena Dare

13 Frank Edwin

13 John

13 Robert Lansing

13 Richard (died young)

12 Ira J. [Combs] and first wife, Octavia Whitaker

13 Alma


By Myrtle [Combs]

13 Norris Keith, m. Loretta, dau. of Michael Sheridan [Publisher of this book and Nephew of the author]

13 Peggy (died young)

12 Anthony Burnam [Combs] and Hazel [Gardner]

13 Cleon Kilmer

13 Gardner

13 Vyvyan

12 George Denny [Combs] and Iva [Daniel]

13 George Denny

13 Peggy

13 Margery

13 James

13 Colette

Grandchildren of Granville (son of Mason, son of John 8), in the twelfth generation.

11 Ambrose [Combs] and Rosie [Hunt]

12 Cleo, m. Tessie Henderson

12 Lola, m. Lewis Maggard. Ambrose m. a second time, to Allie Farr, and had

12 Granville

12 Lloyd

11 Enoch [Combs] and Judy

12 Lucinda, m. Allen Kenner

12 Cullen

12 Louisa, m. Thomas Strahan

12 Lydia, m. W.A. Burnett

12 Riley

12 Ira

12 Violet

12 Lillie

12 Mary, m. Jack Nelson

11 John Riley [Combs] and Ida [Clark]

12 Granville, m. Lattie Throps

12 Virgie, m. Joe Slone

12 Elzy, m. Minnie McVey

12 Ethyl, m. Susie Dennis

12 Shadrach (Shade), m. Laura Maggard


12 Clara, m. Albert Pierce

12 Rosie, m. Emery Parrell

12 Sylvia, m. Chester Kiethley

12 Goldie, m. James Maggard

12 Dovia, m. White Yeary

12 Garland, m. Blanche Pettit

12 Riley, m. Arkie Todd

12 Richard, m. Norma Garner

12 Ruby, m. Benj. McDaniel

11 Diana [Combs] and Thomas O'Neal

12 Adah, m. Alfred Maggard

12 Judah, m. Albert Maggard

12 Ambrose, m. Thelma Burkhart

12 Sarah, m. Troy Maggard

12 Lula, m. Cleo Walker

12 Henry, m. Rachel Spindle

12 Boyd, m. Anna May Boylin

12 Lenville, m. Goldie Holcomb

12 Lonnie, m. Farley Day

12 Murrill, m. Robert Day'

12 Mary, m. Paul Mourey

11 Vina [Combs] and S.P. Day

12 Roy, m. Allie Humphrey

12 Dorothy, m. Irvin Maggard

11 Robert [Combs] and Ettie [Pierce]

12 Thurman, m. Hazel Dennis

12 Lelah, m. Russell Todd

12 Vina, m. Troy Johnson

12 Fern, m. Lloyd Hodges

12 Eudell, m. Blanche Whittaker

12 Betty, m. Eugene Maggard

12 Robert (Bobby)

12 Isabelle [Combs], m. A.J. Sturgill

13 Bascom, m. Ruby

13 Jamae, m. J. D. Amburgy [Amburgey ?], m. Jack Butler

13 Chalmers, m. Evelyn

13 Jeannetta, m. Melvin Ritchie


12 Margaret [Combs], m. Gideon Ison

13 Claude Bernard, m. Stasha

13 Dana

13 Gideon

13 Hester, m. Virgil Marcum

13 William

13 Eugene

12 Nancy Adeline [Combs], m. Calloway Napier

13 Calloway, m. Mayne

13 Virginia, m. William Fuhr

13 Spencer, m. Jo

13 Patrick

12 Townsel [Combs], m. Octavia Allen

13 Townsel Allen, m. Duna Verich

13 Carl Lamar, m. Marie

13 Thomas Spencer, m. Aileen Hayes

13 Eugene, m. Bennie M. Caudill

12 Robert [Combs], m. Hattie Sturgill

13 Gena, m. Lance Hethcox

13 Marlitt, m. Lorna Thacker

13 Clyde Maurice

13 Charles

13 Erna, m. J. Henderson

13 Bobby Sue, m. T.E. Campbell

12 Stella [Combs], m. William Mattingly

13 Geraldine, m. A. T. Holsclaw

13 Billie Rhoda, m. Joseph Richards

12 Clifton [Combs], m. Edith Collins

13 Priscilla Jo

12 Mallie [Combs], m. Andrew Hutson

13 Charles, m. Hope

13 Sarah Rhoda, m. J. Reynolds