General Table [Part 1]

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Chapter XXII

General Table

1. John Combe, London [EN], m. Margaret, dau. of Thomas Archdale, 1535. (This John is hypothetical for the first generation). (1)

1 Richard Combe (also hypothetical, but more probable), lord of Combe Manor, Devonshire [EN]; died April 7, 1619. He had:

2 Richard

2 John

2 Joseph

2 William

2 Austen

2 John Comb(es), merchant, of London, b. cir. 1568, d. cir. 1640. Married Margaret, dau. of Thomas Archdale, citizen and draper, of London, Dec. 11, 1587, Margaret was born in 1569.

2 John [Combe] and Margaret [Archdale]

3 John Comes (Combes), planter, b. in London (?) To Jamestown, 1619, m. Margaret (Archdale)(?), 1625-30.

3 Archdale, b. in London, 1606. Possibly others.

3 John [Combe] and Margaret [(Archdale)(?)]

4 Archdale, m. Eliz. Butler Underwood, widow of Maj. Wm. Underwood, of York [EN? VA?] and Old Rappahannock [Co VA]; d. by 1692.

4 John (?), Isle of Wight Co. [VA]

4 William (?) Possibly others.

4 Archdale [Combs] and Elizabeth [Butler Underwood]. Lived in Caroline and King George [Cos, then Old Rappa Co, VA]

5 John, m. Ann (Mason?):Hannah (Tutt?); John d. in 1716-17.

5 William, m. Mary ---; d. 1717.

5 John [Combs] and Ann [(Mason?)]. Lived in King George [Co, then Richmond Co, VA]

6 Joseph, lived in Stafford [Co VA]; d. cir. 1756.


6 Elizabeth, m. William Kendall, Apr. 5, 1694; lived in Stafford [Co VA].

6 John (?)

6 Archdale, lived in King George and Westmoreland [Cos VA].

By Hannah [(Tutt?)]

6 Judith

6 Mary

6 Sarah

6 Aymee

6 Mason, m. Sarah (Mason?); b. 1714, d. 1785.

6 Elizabeth [Combs] and William Kendall

7 Samuel, b. 5-19-1695

7 Thomas, 8-1-1697

7 John, 10-21-1698

7 Richard, 12-25-1699

7 William, 3-4-1701

7 Robert, 6-23-1703

7 Elizabeth, 9-30-1704

6 Mason [Combs] and Sarah [(Mason?)]. Lived in Stafford, Warren, Pittsylvania [Cos VA], and Surry Co., N.C. (2)

7 John, m. Nancy -; b. cir. 1735

7 Josiah, lived in old Frederick (Warren?) [Co VA]

7 Nicholas ("Danger Nick"), m. Nancy, dau. of Thos. Grigsby

7 William, b. 1740

7 Anne

7 Sarah

7 Mason

7 Winny

7 Wilmot (girl)

7 John [Combs] (father of the "eight brothers") and Nancy [-]; lived in Warren [then-Shenandoah Co VA], Surry Co, N. C. Sullivan Co, Tenn., and Perry Co, Ky.

8 Mason, m. Jenny Richardson; d. 1822

8 John, m. (2d time) Margaret --- ; d. cir. 1840.

8 Nicholas, lived in Breathitt [Co KY]

8 Henry (Harrison), m. Rachel, dau. of Benj. Clements; [and] Phoebe Francis

8 George, m. Lydia Herald; d. 1822-23


8 Elijah (Gen. 'Lige), m. Sarah, dau. of Michael Roark, d. 1855.

8 A daughter, killed at age of 12, cir. 1784.

8 Biram (Barm), lived in Perry, [and] Wayne, [Cos KY, and] Johnson Co, Ind.

8 William ("Old Buckery"), lived in Perry, Breathitt, old Lincoln, Bath and Madison [Cos KY]. Married Nell Cloud, (61 years old in 1820), probably in old Shenandoah [Co, VA]. William 63 in Sept., 1820. Died in Madison Co. [KY], 1840.

8 John [Combs], lived in Sullivan [Co TN] and Perry [Co KY] [by 1st wife]. (3)

9 Jeremiah ("Long Jerry"), and following three [children were] by first wife. b. cir. 1781-3.

9 Shadrach (Shade) b. 1784-85. Lived in Letcher Co. [KY]

9 Mason, m. Matilda Watts; b. 1795-96. Lived in Breathitt Co. [KY]

9 Millie, m. William, son of Rev. Richard Smith.

By Margaret [---]:

9 Sallie, m. a Hundley?

9 Margaret, m. Nicholas, son of "Chunky" Jerry Combs

9 John, m. Rebecca, dau. of Mason Combs.

9 Jeremiah [Combs], m. Nancy Combs. [and] Sallie Whitley, Lived in Perry and Knott [Cos KY].

10 John Lorenzo, m. Polly Ann, dau. of old Shade Combs

10 Polly Ann, m. Elijah, son of "Gen." Elijah Combs; [and] Nicholas Combs

10 William Lorenzo, m. Margaret, dau. of Thomas Kelley.

10 Wesley, m. Nancy, dau. of "Bird-Eye" Nicholas Combs.

10 Elizabeth(Betts), m. Mart, son of Mason Combs.

10 Sarah, m. "One-Eye" Shade, son of old Simon Stacey.

10 Margaret, m. Nicholas Combs, son of "Chunky".

10 Willie, m. John Smith.

10 Millie, m. Preston Johnson; [and] Felix Combs, [and] Had a son by "Chunky" Jerry's Andrew [Combs]: [named] John Wesley, who had [sons] Judge Wiley A., John S. and Jeremiah ("Ram Jerry"). John Wesley m. Polly Patton, and Wiley A., m. Jane, dau. of Sylvester Gayheart.

10 Paulina (Perlina), m. Zachariah Campbell.

10 Celia, m. John S., son of "Chunky" Jerry Combs.

10 Nancy, m. Nevel Young; moved to Missouri.


By Sallie [Whitley]:

10 Nicholas ("Shanghai Nick"), m. Eliza, dau. of Nicholas Williams.

10 Elijah, m. Katie Noble.

10 Susan

10 Jenny, m. Vit Fuller; [and] Wilburn Patton.

10 William Lorenzo [Combs]and Margaret [Kelley]

11 [George] Washington, m. Sarah, dau. of James Sumner.

11 Thomas (died about 1888).

11 Diana, m. Wm. McIntyre.

11 Martha, m. Robt. Sumner.

11 Samuel, m. Christine Silas.

11 Meredith, dead by 1860.

11 Isabelle, m. William Hammons; moved to Arkansas, 1883.

11 Green A., m. Diana, dau. of Shade Combs.

11 Spencer P., m. Rhoda, dau. of Robt. Cornett.

11 Dulcinea, m. A.J. (General) Kelley.

11 Clerinda, m. Squire Whitaker; [and] Wesley Combs.

11 Granville Pearl ("Judge"), m. Sarah, dau. of Shade Combs.

11 John W., m. Clementina, dau. of Jehu Cody.

11 William D., m. Betty, dau. of John Feltner, and had Walter; Jenny Peck was his second wife. Had [natural daughter] Golda, by Rebecca Brown.

11 Sen. John W. [Combs] and Clementina [Cody]

12 Ballard French, m. Arminta, dau. of Emery and Lucinda Perkins. B.F. died 5-30-1948; buried in Prestonsburg [Floyd Co], Ky.

12 James (William) Monroe, m. first Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Waddle; no issue. [m.] Second, Lula, dau. of Ison Adkins.

12 Alafare (Allie), m. Edwin Daniel.

12 Ira J., m. first a Whitaker; [m.] second, Myrtle, dau. of Robert Combs, Ira J. died in St. Louis, 2-18-1919; buried in Oak Hill Cem. [St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO]

12 Josiah Henry, m. Charlotte Bénard, dau. of Paul Amédée Bernard Bénard and Louise-Marie Mimard Bénard, of Migennes (Yonne), France. No issue. [author of this manuscript]

12 Anthony Burnam, m. Hazel Gardner, A.B. d. 9-14-1954, buried in Prestonsburg [Floyd Co], Ky.


12 George Denny, m. Iva, dau. of Edwin Daniel. G.D. died in Ft. Worth, [Tarrant Co.] Texas, 1-13-1950. Buried there.

12 Dora Marguerite, m. Jack Holcomb. No issue.


6 Joseph [Combs]

7 Joseph, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Burr Harrison. Lived in Loudon [Loudoun Co VA].

7 John, m. Seth, dau. of Capt. Benj. Bullitt. Lived in Fauquier and Stafford [Cos VA]. Died 1785.

7 Jane, m. Capt. John Ashby.

7 Joseph [Combs] and Elizabeth [Harrison]

8 Joseph, m. Mary ---

8 Stephen, m. Barbara Allen. Born 1750. Lived in Loudon [Loudoun Co VA], then moved to North Carolina, and to Lincoln Co., Ky. 1794.

8 Robert Ashby, alias Combs (natural son). Others?

8 Stephen [Combs] and Barbara [Allen]

9 Sarah (Sally), b. 1775; m. Jacob Harlan.

9 Nancy, m. Aaron Harlan.

9 William,

9 Elizabeth, m. James Reed

9 Alethia

9 Jane, m. a Welcher.

9 John

9 Hetty

9 Margaret

9 Mary Ann

9 Stephen A., b. 1-28-1794; m. Susan Barber, Mary Ally, Cynthia ---. Moved to Illinois.

9 Claytor (according to J.L. Kendall), m. Jael, dau. of Wm. Ransdell. One of their children, Joseph Allen, who married Nancy Ransdell, Mahala Hewlett, Lucy Townsend Barnett.

10 Joseph Allen [Combs] and Nancy [Ransdell]

11 Eliza, m. Jacob McClain

11 Emma S., m. Landon Robards

11 Judith (Judy), m. George List


11 Nancy Susan

11 Benjamin, m. Mary Barnett

11 Zachariah, R., m. Catherine Kilbourne.

11 Stephen, m. Paulina Lowe

11 Joseph (d. in Civil War)

11 William (d. in Union Army, Civil War)

11 Isaac Gray, m. Eliz. Garner

11 Martha, m. Stephen Gilmore

11 Sarah Catherine, m. John Musgrave.

11 Isaac Gray [Combs] and Elizabeth [Garner]

12 Maud Gray, m. E. E. Carroll

12 Bertha, m. Lester Winter

12 Flora May, m. J. L. Kendall

12 Flora May [Combs] and J.L. Kendall

13 James Lane, m. Gertrude Haynes

13 Eliz. Garner, m. Dr. Henry Ulmer Resch

13 Robert Combs, m. Anne Homan Morrison

13 Helen Virginia, m. Kenneth K. Deibel

7 John [Combs] (son of Joseph 6) and Seth [Bullitt] (5)

8 John, m. Sarah Ashby; lived in Fauquier [Co VA]; d. 1780.

8 Cuthbert, m. Sallie --- ; lived in Stafford Co. Va. and Clark Co, Ky. d. 1815.

8 Benjamin, m. Sarah Richardson; lived in old Frederick Co., Va. and Clark Co., Ky.

8 Joseph, m. Mary Rousseau

8 Ennis, m. Margaret Rousseau

8 Fielding

8 Elizabeth (Bettie) m. Marquis Calmes

8 Sarah, m. Richard Blanton

8 John [Combs] and Sarah [Ashby]

9 John, lived in Fauquier Co. Va.

9 Nimrod, lived in Fauquier [Co. VA]

9 Hetherland. (Thus in his will; for Behethland?)

9 Betty

9 Helena

9 Sarah


8 Cuthbert [Combs and Sallie], son of John (7) and Seth

9 Elizabeth, m. William Edwards

9 Joseph, m. Susanna Clark, dau. of Robt. Clark.

9 Benjamin, m. Betsy, dau. of W. Payne.

9 Polly, m. first John Baker; second Peter Evans, Jr.

9 John

9 Seth, m. William H. Payne.

9 Susan, m. Richard Hickman.

9 Cuthbert C., m. Sallie, dau. of Mary Daniel.

9 Sally, m. Silas Evans.

9 Nany [Nancy?], m. Dennis Payne

9 Fielding Alexander

9 Ennis

9 Elizabeth [Combs] and William Edwards

10 Cuthbert

10 Sarah W., m. Spencer, son of Gen. Marquis Calmes.

10 Thomas

10 Vastiti, m. Chas. Bohannon.

10 Lucy Ann, m. Argolon Price.

10 Leanna, m. Willis Roland.

10 Theresa, m. John Garrett

9 Joseph [Combs] and Susannah [Clark]

10 Rodney W.

10 Fielding A.

10 William B., m. Nancy Pigg.

10 Joseph, m. Caroline, dau. of Sophia B. Combs  (6)

10 James H.

10 Francis

10 Mary B., [m.?] Hickman L. Evans.

10 John H., m. Marinda Vivion.

10 Robert

10 Elizabeth, m. Thos. Price.

10 Nancy, m. Thos. Edwards

10 Maria, m. William Caldwell

10 Sally, m. William Ewing.

9 Benjamin [Combs] and Betsy. [Payne]

10 Polly, m. Paul J. Evans.

10 Sarah, m. William Dozer.


10 Benjamin

10 Cuthbert, m. Rebecca Allen; [and] Lydia Davis

10 Nancy, m. Jackson Adams.

10 Cuthbert [Combs], by Rebecca [Allen]:

11 Elizabeth

11 Benjamin

11 Nancy, m. Jackson Adams [sic]

11 Mary

11 Paul I.

11 Joseph, m. Elizabeth Nichols

By Lydia [Davis]:

11 Sylvester

11 Norton Davis

11 Gideo [Gideon?]

11 Eugene Clay

11 Sara Arabell

11 Henrietta

11 Joseph [Combs] and Elizabeth [Nichols]

12 Alpheus

12 Leslie

12 Joseph Elmer

12 Charles

12 John

12 Joseph Elmer [Combs]

13 Carl E. Lives in Middletown, [Butler Co.] Ohio.

13 Harry C.

13 Clyde F.

13 Charles C.

13 Leslie Joseph

9 Polly [Combs] and John Baker

10 Isaac Shelby

10 Sythia C. m., William Ewell.

10 Nancy C., m. Jonathan Taylor

10 Cuthbert Bullitt, m. Sallie McCartey.

By Peter Evans, Jr.:

10 John Sidnor, m. Sally Baxter.

10 Marquis C., m. Nancy Christie.


10 Dr. Peter, m. Letitia Quisenberry.

10 Susan A., m. Rev. B.W. Kavanaugh.

10 Silas, m. Susan Christie.

10 Fielding A., m. Sinda H. Long.

10 Narcissa B.

10 Oliver Perry, m. first, Nancy Thompson; second Eliz. Fletcher.

10 Sarah B.

9 Cuthbert C. [Combs] and Sallie [Daniel]

10 Matilda

10 Marquis A.

10 Archadial, m. Thos. Allen.

10 Ennis Alexander

10 Dr. John

10 Mary Ann

10 William B., m. Frances Hardin.

10 Sallie Ann

10 Nancy Maria

10 William B. [Combs] and Frances [Hardin]

11 Sarah Frances

11 James E., m. Sarah Chrisman.

11 Julia Frances, m. Wm. H. Chrisman.

11 Milton Cuthbert, m. Maggie Fielder.

11 William W.E.A., m. Mildred E. Fielder.

11 Mary Alice

11 John, M.D.

8 Benjamin [Combs] , son of John (7) and Seth; m. Sarah Richardson.

9 William Richardson, m. Elizabeth, Dau. of Richard Blanton.

9 Marquis C.

9 Capt. Samuel Richardson, m. Theodosia Holder, 1797.

9 Gen. Leslie, m. first, Margaret Trotter; second, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Bishop Thos. Church Brownell.

9 John Harrison, m. Sophia Bullock.

9 Fielding A.,

9 Elizabeth, m. A [a ?] Bostick

9 Marion, m. A [a ?] Price.


9 John Harrison [Combs] and Sophia [Bullock]   (6)

10 Marcus (Marquis), m. Polly Barnes?

10 Wm. Leslie, m. Sarah Ann, dau. of Wm. R. Combs

10 Samuel J.

10 James P.

10 Darius

10 Glenmore, m. Mary Jane, dau. of Elijah Harris.

10 Mary, m. Fielding A. Combs

10 Caroline, m. Jas. B. Combs

10 James P. [Combs]

11 James

11 Thomas

11 William

11 Vinetta

11 Fannie

11 Mabel

10 Glenmore [Combs] and Mary Jane [Harris]

11 Leslie

11 E. Waller

11 Thos. S.

11 Dr. Glenmore, m. Fannie Reid

11 Dr. Glenmore [Combs] and Fannie [Reid]

12 Dr. Waller Glenmore

12 Florence, m. Taylor Ecton.

12 Ethel, m. John Bayless

12 Belle, m. T. Strother Scott

9 Gen. Leslie [Combs] and Margaret [Trotter]  (7)

10 Franklin, b. 1824; killed in Louisiana, 1844.

10 Mary, m. Col. Alexander Mitchell.

10 Georgia, m. Col. Wm. A. Warren.

10 Isabella Leslie, m. Col. Sanders D. Bruce

10 Margaret, m. Richard Downing.

10 Howard, m. Mary Lond

By Mary Elizabeth [Brownell]:

10 Elizabeth

10 Leslie, m. Mary C., dau. of Daniel Swigert.

10 Frank Herbert


9 Capt. Samuel Richardson [Combs] and Theodosia [Holder]

10 Samuel Richardson, Jr., m. Margaret Van Antwerp (1840). (There may have been other children).

10 Samuel Richardson [Combs] and Margaret [Van Antwerp]

11 Aaron Burr, b. 1842, m. Laura Anderson

11 Frances Heath, b. 1843, m. Dr. Southerland

11 James Lawrence, b. 1846, m. Hannah O'Neil.

11 Marcus Elliott, b. 1849, m. Marietta Dawson

11 Samuel Richardson, m. Katie Alexander

11 Holder Leslie, b. 1855, m. (2d time) Carrie Scobey

11 Mary Salisbury, b. 1857, m. Sylvester York

11 Edwin Scott, b. 1861, m. Luella Worrell

8 Joseph [Combs and Mary], son of John 7 and Seth. (From a Clark Co. Ky. deed)

9 Syth (Cythia, Seth), m. Geo. H. Tolson

9 Polly, m. Nathaniel Williams.

9 Benjamin, m. Margaret Edrington.

9 Harrison, m. Fanny ---- .

9 John M. (Was wife a Fanny?)

9 William [Rousseau Combs] and Sally [Wickliffe] (8)

10 Kendrick

10 Seth Rousseau, m. Eliz. Edrington.

10 David Wickliffe, m. Margaret E. dau. of Richard Luckett

10 Bolivar

10 Virginia

10 Seth Rousseau [Combs] and Elizabeth [Edrington]

11 William, m. A [a ?] Botts

11 Laurence Rousseau, m. Mary Rice Jacobs

11 Ella, m. Stark George.

11 Laurence Rousseau [Combs] and Mary [Rice Jacobs]

12 Eliz. Edrington, m. Dr. Chichester T. Peirce.

12 Sadie Muir, m. Dr. M.C. Oldham.

12 Lila Somerfield, m. Oscar B. Chilton.

12 Helen Wickliffe, m. Leland Robinson.

12 Margaret Rousseau, m. T.L. Brown.

11 Ella [Combs] and Stark George

12 Elizabeth


12 Ella, m. Charles Colvin.

12 Catesby

12 Elizabeth Edrington [Combs] and Dr. Peirce

13 Elizabeth E.

13 Chichester T.

13 Katherine Moore

8 Ennis [Combs], son of John (7) and Seth [and Margaret Rousseau Combs]  (9)

9 Nancy Luckett

9 Maj. Seth

9 William Rousseau, m. Sallie Wickliffe (See above, William 9 for his family.)

We return to the seventh generation from the beginning, to list the descendants of Nicholas 7 ("Danger Nick"), son of Mason 6.

7 Nicholas [Combs] and Nancy [Grigsby]  (10)

8 Nancy (Alicia, Lissie, etc.) m. Rev. Richard Smith.

8 Jeremiah C. ("Chunky Jerry"), m. first, Nancy Sumner; second, Sallie Grigsby. Jeremiah b. 1780-81.

8 Nicholas ("Squire", "Bird-Eye") b. 1792-93) m. Elizabeth ("Betts"), dau. of John Combs.

8 Rebecca, b. 1795-96, m. John Williams 1809.

8 Samuel, m. Nancy, dau. of William Cornett; b.1799-1800(?).

8 Nancy [Combs] and Rev. Richard Smith

9 William, m. Millie, dau. of John Combs.

9 Thomas, m. a Clemons.

9 Nicholas, m. Arta Johnson, sister of Wash.

9 James, m. Rhoda, dau. of Reece Owens.

9 Samuel, m. a Jones

9 Lorenzo Dow ("Anse"), m. a Combs, then a Stacey.

9 Joshua, m. a Holliday.

9 Isaac, m. a Stacey.

9 Kizzie, m. Thos. Ritchie.

9 Patsy (Dinah), m. Hno. C. Campbell.

9 Polly (Mary), m. Zachariah Fugate.

9 Elizabeth, m. Martin Fugate