Chapter XXI

Ned Combs Line, of Carroll County, Virginia

The Colonial and Revolutionary Records of North Carolina (Vol. 15-18) state that an Edward Combs served in the Revolution in that State; he may be identical with the Ned in question. The following data, with comments, were compiled by Mr. F.H. Combs, an attorney, of Grundy, Virginia, and are submitted herewith, verbatim.

The following is a diagram or outline of the Combs family, or that branch of the Combs family from which the writer (Frederick Harmon Combs) came, in Carroll County, Virginia. This diagram is absolutely correct, as it was taken in many instances from the oldest members of the families themselves.

1. Ned Combs. Nothing much is known of Ned Combs, and I have not been able to ascertain from where he came, or when he died; however, Joseph Foy Combs, now deceased, a great-grandson of Ned Combs, once told the writer that his father, Joseph Combs, once told him that Ned Combs and a brother were of Scotch-Irish descent, and came to America from Scotland; that these two brothers became separated, and that Ned Combs settled in North Carolina, on the Yadkin River. I do not know how many children Ned Combs had, but the same Joseph Foy Combs, the writer's uncle, stated that Zedekiah Combs, from whom the writer descends, was a son of Ned Combs. Therefore I am showing that Ned Combs as No. 1, or the first generation, and Zedekiah Combs as No. 2, etc. (1)

2. Zedekiah. He was the writer's great-grandfather. The under-


standing among the family is that he lived in North Carolina; that he served in the Revolution, and that when he returned from said war he was killed by the Tories when he had gotten within a mile of home; that his widow and children fled to Virginia, for they lived in a settlement where Tories were numerous. The report is also that when they fled to Virginia they soon separated, some of the older ones going to some of the western counties of Virginia (now West Virginia); it is possible that the Russell County, Virginia Combses descended from some of these same Combses, for the names are very similar. I do not know whom Zedekiah Combs married. His children, constituting the third generation, follow: (2)

3 Joseph, m. Caroline, dau. of Hiram Wills
3 John, m. Jane ---, went to Raleigh Co., W. Va. then to Hunter's Alumn Springs, and died there. He had: Mandover, John, William, Joseph, (3)
3 Jeremiah, m. Phoebe Leonard, moved to Raleigh Co., W. Va. (4)
3 William, went to Raleigh Co.(5)
3 Nancy, m. John Surratt, and last known of, lived at Coal River, Raleigh County. She had a son John, and the writer was recently informed that a John Surratt, a descendant of this party, is now (1930) an officer, probably sheriff, at Beckley, Raleigh Co.

(The writer is descended from Joseph Combs, above, and from here on is taking up only the descendants of said Joseph Combs; very little work has been done on the other branches of the family.)

3 Joseph and Caroline (6)
4 Polly, m. Henry Hawks
4 St. Clair, m. Sarah Turner. Lived and died in Carroll Co.[VA]
4 Nancy, lived and died in Carroll and Grayson [VA]
4 Martha (unmarried)
4 Hiram Wesley, m. Fannie, probably in Indiana, moved back to Carroll, and lived there most of his life; both died at or near Winston-Salem, [Forsyth Co] N.C.
4 Stephen Clark, m. Amanda Payne, lived in Carroll most of his life, but during the latter twenty or twenty-five years of his life, he lived in Washington Co., Va., and died there.
4 John Cannady, m. Christine Davis, lived and died in Carroll.
4 Sarah Ann, m. David Layne; lived many years near Dublin, [Pulaski] Va, moved to Grayson.


4 David Carroll, m. Rachel Payne; lived in Carroll; father and mother of the writer
4 Elizabeth Malinda, m. Orville Hawks
4 Joseph Foy, m. Lucy Stanley

4 Polly and Henry Hawks (7)
5 Friel, m. Frankie Jones
5 Alfred, m. a Payne
5 Elizabeth
5 Adeline, m. Benj. Ward
5 Louisa, m. Levi Blackburn
5 Lafayette, m. Grizildie Cox
5 Lucy
5 Richard (unmarried)

4 St. Clair and Sarah (8)
5 Houston
5 Monroe
5 Fielden, m. Lennie Jennings
5 Gilbert

4 Nancy (m. a Combs?) (9)
5 Floyd, m. Mattie Davis
5 Isaac, m. Malinda Lundy
4 Hiram Wesley and Fannie, had Lucinda (10)

4 Stephen Clark and Amanda (11)
5 Amanda
5 Floyd, m. a Schuyler
5 Cicero, m. Rose Hawks
5 Ellen
5 Caroline
5 Troy

4 John Cannady and Christine (12)
5 James, m. Louise Burton
5 Sallie
5 Ambrose, m. Ida Amburn
5 India, m. Austin Lyons

4 David Carroll and Rachel (13)
5 Frederick Harmon, m. Harriette L. Reynolds
5 Gustin Hilton


5 Claude Davis
5 Annie Ethel, m. George Foresman, of Penn.
5 Marjorie M., m. George 0. TcGuire [McGuire]

4 Elizabeth Malinda and Orville Hawks (14)
5 Charlie W., m. Laura Lyons
5 Alice, m. O.S. Ward
5 Lawrence, m. Violet Cox
5 Victoria (unmarried)
5 Nina (unmarried)
5 Emma, m. Norman Branscome
5 Nettie

5 Maggie, m. a Mitchell
6 Taylor

4 Joseph Foy and Lucy (15)
5 William, m. Cora Upchurch
5 Rose, m. an Isom

5 Friel Hawks and Frankie
6 Laura, m. W.F. Shaw
6 Lula, m. Rufus Leftrich
6 Nora, m. Frank Shaw
6 Dora
6 Mollie
6 Chester
6 Lawrence
5 Alfred Hawks
6 Carrie
6 Rosa, m. Cicero Combs
6 Sidney

5 Houston, son of St. Clair Combs, had: Wm., Cora, Sanders
5 Floyd and Mattie ad [had]: Nathan, Stephen
5 James (son of John Cannady Combs) and Louise, had: Panco, Pearley

5 Frederick Harmon Combs and Harriette
6 Helen Reynolds
6 Claude Horace