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The Septimus Scholl Letters - Extracted from "A Collection of Letters Written by the Scholl Familyand their Kin (1836-1897), Transcribed by Isabel Stebbins Giulvezan,9525 Radio Drive, Afton, Missouri 63123-5534 (Oct 1959). Locatedin the Jackson County Historical Society Research Library &Archives, Room 103, Independence Square Court House, Independence, Missouri 64050 [816-252-7454]; file # A2824F5 Scholl, Septimus.1789-1849 - Family Correspondence 1836-1897, by Combs ResearcherMichael R. Wilson who adds: All of the extractions from the SCHOLLletters were transcribed as they were found in the original. No errors were corrected. Additional comments are placed insideof [brackets] and were not part of the original documents.

Background: Septimus SCHOLL (s/o Joseph and Levina BOONEScholl and gs/o Daniel & Rachel BRYANT Boone), b 21 Nov 1789,KY; d 11 Aug 1849, Independence, Jackson Co, MO;m 11 Dec 1813, Clark Co, KY, Sarah MILLER. Their daughter, CatherineSCHOLL, m 20 May 1840, Clark Co, KY, Rodney M. HINDE ( Scholl Researcher Tom McNeill),s/o John Wood and Elizabeth Sydnor MARKS Hinde, and brother ofMary Sydnor HYNDE who m 17 Apr 1817, Clark Co, KY,Evan Ennis Combs (s/o Cuthbert & Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr.),b 1790-1800, KY; d 18 Jun 1849 of Cholera, (of) Lafayette Co, MO.See also the Edna F. Hightower Collection.

February 1844 Septimus SCHOLL to Nelson SCHOLL in Clarke County, Kentucky:

"... there are several places in Saline County [MO]in the neighborhood of Doc Combs [Dr. Evan Ennis Combs]and Marshall [Missouri] I would be glad to hear from by some person who had examined the premises, which I have enjoined on John HAGGARDand Silas Combs &c. I also want you to send me particularword what you think would be most prudent to bring with me andif you would send any furniture by water or bring more horsesthan we require on the road. What sort of oxen and wagons &c,and what part of the country you would prefer taking in considerationthe price of land the future prospects as to timber, stock raising, trade, hemp, wheat, tobacco, mules &c, the most proper timeto move and the probable chance for renting a year, provided Ishould not make a purchase immediately, and which would be themost advisable plan, to buy or rent" (p. 2).

MRW Notes: Silas Evans Combs was the s/o Evan Ennis Combs, Sr.

1 Dec 1844 Independence [Jackson Co] MO. Septimus SCHOLL Letter to ????

"I have purchased one hundred and eight acres of land, one-half of which is in a neat state of cultivation with a common log houseshingled and stone chimney with a good kitchen, smoke house, stable,corn crib, all new and well put up, an apple orchard of 75 bearingtrees of the best selected fruit,...a delightful spring houseand spring of never failing water in about 40 yards from the door,and a laid way to the place. The spring house is laid over withflat rock one-third of which is covered over by water as clear as crystal about three inches deep....(The) 108 acres is a gardenspot, well timbered what is not cleared, with large linn, hackberry,black walnut of a large size, with mulberry, pawpaws, and plums. The land is situated 3 ½ miles from Independence, a flourishinglittle town three miles of the Missouri River. It is about sixmiles from the nearest place from my place" (p. 6).

18 Aug 1845 Nelson SCHOLL letter to Rodney M. HINDE 18 Aug 1845:

"Cousin John's family is all well and in fact allthe connection is well. Doc Combs and family is well. Cud has gone to Saline and he and Daddy intendon his return from Howard [County, Missouri] to have ahunt" (p. 12)

MRW Notes: "Cousin John" was John Cuthbert "Cud"Combs, s/o "Doc Combs" (Dr. Evan Ennis Combs). NelsonSCHOLL'S "Daddy" Septimus SCHOLL.

8 Nov 1845 Eliza WALLACE to Rodney M. HINDE:

"I have seen Dolly once since she came out (to Independence, Missouri)" (p. 14).

MRW Notes: Dolly was Caroline, d/o Dr. Evan Ennis Combs,Sr.

"Susan was married the 25th of September, to a widowerby the name of MATTHEWS (p. 14).

MRW Notes: Susannah E., d/o Dr. Evan Ennis Combs, Sr.,m 25 Sep 1845, Independence Co, MO, Howard MATHEWS.

1847 Septimus SCHOLL Letterto ????

"Nelson, Marcus and Joseph have just returned from Saline[County, Missouri] on a hunting expedition packed with venisonwhere they met with Silas EVANS which has got home on hishazard plow and is finishing off a frame and log house and somuch engaged that he only took one drive with them. The doctor has also just returned and left all well. Silas C. hasanother heir, a daughter"* (p. 15)

MRW Notes: Silas EVANS m 14 May 1812, Clark Co, KY, Sarah Combs, sister of Dr. Evan Ennis Combs. "Silas C." wasSilas Evans Combs who m 30 Aug 1842, Martha PREWITT. Their newborndaughter would have been either Mary Sydnor, born 2 Nov 1845,or Sarah Elizabeth, born 28 Jun 1847 (depending on actual dateletter was written) according to the Combs-Prewitt Family Bible.

3 Jul 1846 Septimus SCHOLL letter to Rodney M. HINDE, 3 Jul 1846:

"Our country has been a place of rendezvous for the lastseveral months. There were several hundred Indians of the Sacksand Foxes passed up the country last winter to their place ofdestination 160 miles above this. There were from 300 to 500 wagonsleft this place for Oregon and California, about the same numberto Santa Fe, loaded with merchandise and they are still a goingnotwithstanding the war with Mexico is still a raging. Therewere 1,000 volunteers started from here a few days past for SantaFe. It looks like they intend to trade and fight at the sametime. Some of the wagons were loaded with arms and ammunition&c.... Your brother James is living near to where SilasEVANS and Combs live" (p. 18).

MRW Notes: James HINDE, brother of Rodney M. and Mary Sydnor, is referred to in the Edna F. Hightower Collection as "UncleJimmie HINDE."

1846 Septimus SCHOLL Letter to Rodney M. HINDE (outlines the traveling schedule from Clark County, Kentucky toIndependence, Jackson Co, Missouri):

"We were on the river 16 days and left the boat at the ArrowRock (Arrow Rock, Missouri) and got a carriage to take us outto Silas EVANS [living in Saline County at this time] wherewe sent for Nelson and Cyrus [in Jackson County] which broughtthe carriage and horses and conveyed us home where we found allas well as might be expected after so long an absence" (p.19)

6 December 1846 Septimus SCHOLL Letter to Rodney M. HINDE:

"I am of the opinion that we are located in one of the mostpromising points on the river and general thoroughfare on thewestern frontier, and if we have good health (which I flattermyself we will have) and can reconcile ourselves to the climate,we can hardly fail to do well...We are here in ten miles of theIndian Territory which is lined with their huts in their natural dress and costume. There are Delawares, Pottawatomies, Shawnees,Pawnees, Fox, Sioux, Haws, all within 100 miles of us. When Imeet them strolling over the country, it puts me in mind of theancient tales of Kentucky. I can hardly reconcile myself to treatthem with civility when I reflect how many of my near relationhave suffered by them....I have tried to reconcile my feelingsto every class and condition as I meet them or as they present themselves" (p. 20).

???? - Letter ????

"Our town of Independence is thronged at this time with soldiers, ten companies of mounted volunteers are rendezvousing there forMexico by way of Santa Fe. Oxen, wagons, beef cattle bring fineprices and will continue to do so until government gets supplied. A great many Santa Fe traders, Rocky Mountain hunters, Oregonemigrants keep up a continuous buzz in town (p 22) .... DanielBOONE has just returned from the plains with 27 (buffalo calves) - he took 30 milk cows and caught 35 young buffalo calves andthey suck the tame cows and in that way they bring them in fat"(p. 23).

19 Oct 1847 Septimus SCHOLL Letter to Rodney M. HINDE [Septimus had lost a son to measles]:

"Joseph was not here. He departed this life on the 27thof September of measles. Oh God, give me fortitude to bear upunder my loss. I cannot step out of doors nor even raise my headbut I see something Joe has had a hand in doing or making, forhe was a good obedient boy and an enterprising and industrious,and there was little done only what he had a full share in performing,in fact I see or hear but little but what places him full in my imagination. But - he is not here. The sound of clarinet, theelder fife, the wild geese, the brant (a small, black-necked wildgoose), the prairie hen has become almost death to me to hearthem, they being his favorite pursuits - laboring hard five daysand a half in the week to get an opportunity to spend a few hoursa Saturday evening in his favorite sports, for he was truly industrious. In losing of him I lost a staff and prop of my latter days. Oh God, give me fortitude to bear up under such an afflictionand forgive me if I should regret an occurrence which I have nocontrol over, for the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessedis the name of the Lord. They buried him in the garden about60 yards off the house, dressed in a suit of black with gloves&c. On - his coffin covered with black velvet and trimmed inside with white. The neighbors and friends attended and aidedin rendering the last services to a departed friend" (p.23).

12 Jan 1848 Septimus SCHOLL letter to Rodney M. HINDE [continuation of the subject of the death of his son, Joseph]:

"When I got home I found our family in a condition whichI leave you to judge, having buried Joseph and little Peter (avery young slave boy that was buried next to Joseph who died ofmeasles) three weeks. What was here was enjoying tolerable health,though most of them having had the measles. Joseph was sick threeweeks complaining as usual in cases of measles until a few daysbefore he died, being very little trouble only a few days, themeasles having fell on his bowels which Dr. Combs and CALDWELLcould not check, both tending on him, but terminated in deathin a few days - very unexpected to his friends and acquaintances"(p. 25).

12 Jan 1848 Septimus SCHOLL Letter to Rodney M. HINDE:

"Cyrus goes to school to Fielding Combs" (p.25).

MRW Notes: Fielding Alexander Combs, Jr., s/o Evan Ennis Combs,married 15 Aug 1848, Saline Co, MO, Elizabeth CARTHRAE. See also Combs School of Jackson Co, MO.

18 Jun 1849 Septimus SCHOLL Letter to Rodney M. HINDE:

"I will venture to inform you that Marcus [SCHOLL] startedto California on the 1st day of May in company with Cyrus R. SCHOLLof Callaway, Daniel MUIR, Sylvester MUIR, Boone HAYS, Amazon HAYS,Linville HAYS, Upton HAYS, Cud Combs, Fielding A. Combs, Sr.,*Dr. CALDWELL, together with a number of our acquaintances....Theywent in company with Boone HAYS which consisted of 19 wagons and60 men forming said company and do not expect to return beforefall 1851..." (p. 31).

MRW Notes: John Cuthbert "Cud" and Fielding A.Combs, Sr., sons of Dr. Evan Ennis & Mary Sydnor HINDE Combs,Sr.

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