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Civil War Pension of Confederate Soldier T. J. Combs

Background: Thomas Jackson Combs (s/o Phillip & Susannah Combs), b 1840-1845, GA; appears in 1850 Cobb Co, GA census household of his parents; served in Confederate Army in GA; married bef 1870, Mary HOUSER, and in 1870 is on the Paulding Co, GA census with his parents in his household. Later removed to Alabama, thence to Hopkins Co, TX. Married 2nd on 20 Jan 1910 in Hopkins Co, TX to Sarah E. Smith Penn; died 7 May 1927, Hopkins Co, TX.

Claimant: Thomas Jackson TX Pension Number: 26504 County: Hopkins & Claimant: (Wife) Mrs. S. E.. Pension Number: 45417. County: Franklin. Pension Number: 26504

Transcribed from xerox copy provided by Researcher Gretta Combs Reich by Combs Researcher Susan Combs Hefner who adds that she has omitted "legalese" that was part of the form.

Outside of file

Handwritten at top- "Williem Palmore/ Dallas Georgia/ 26504/ ? Smith/ ? T. Henderson"
Typed- "Soldier's Application for a Pension"
Handwritten- "Dead 5-7-27"
Name of Applicant - T. J. Combs
Hopkins County
Postoffice: Como, Texas / Route #3
Filed: Feb. 12, 1914
Approved: Dec. 1, 1913
Rejected: blank

First Page

"Form A / For Use of Soldiers Who Are In Indigent Circumstances"

...That I was honorably discharged or surrendered 1865. I was Captured 16th day of May 1863 Recaptured 1864 May 16th.

  1. What is your age? 70 years
  2. Where were you born? In Georgia
  3. How long have you resided in Texas? 18 years
  4. In what county do you reside? blank
  5. How long have you resided in said county, and what is your postoffice address? 18 years Como, Texas, Route #3
  6. Have you ever applied for a pension under the Confederate pension law and been rejected? No
  7. What is your occupation, if able to engage in one? farming What is your physical condition? Very good
  8. In what State was the command in which you served organized? Georgia
  9. How long did you serve? Give, if possible, the date of enlistment and discharge. 1862-1865
  10. What was the letter of your company, number of battalion, regiment or battery? Company "F" 40th Georgia Infantry
  11. If transferred...? No transfer
  12. What branch of service did you enlist in...? Infantry
  13. If commissioned...? No commission
  14. If detailed...? No detail
  15. What is the assessed value of your home, if you own a home? Eight hundred Dollars
  16. What is the assessed value of your other property? Seven hundred and Thirty Dollars
  17. Have you transferred to others any property...? None

dated 10 Feb. 1914
signed by Hopkins County, TX Judge, Dan R. JUNELL

Affidavits of two witnesses, S. W. HAGAN & J. C. PLEMMONS, who "personally know that the said T. J. Combs has been a bona fide resident citizen of the State of Texas prior to January 1, A. D. 1900..."

Certificate of State and County Assessor, signed by J. D. MELTON

"Ex Parte" [Examination of Witness] SCH Note: I condensed the questions in the interest of time.

  1. name? age? residence? Wm. PALMER & T. C. HOWELL, age 78 years, Dallas Paulding Co. GA Postoffice Dallas USA
  2. Do you personally know T. J. Combs? yes
  3. How long have you known him? cence Child Hood in Paulding Co Ga
  4. Do you personally know T. J. Combs served in the Confederacy? yes
  5. In what regiment did he serve, etc.? 40 Ga Regment Co. F May 1861 in Paulding Co Ga Served from May 1861 untill close of the war
  6. Was he commisssioned as an officer, etc.? No. Privet
  7. Do you know if he served in any special services? Was not


  1. How do you know to be true what you have stated? served in same compny and regment did not know any other T. J. Combs
  2. Are you positive this is the same person? Yes
  3. Was he honorably discharged? yes
  4. Do you know whether he deserted, etc.? he did not

These witnesses were sworn on 7 Feb. 1914 and certified by D. F. Wills
Ordinary, Paulding Co. Ga

War Department
The Adjutant General's Office
2128231 Washington February 19, 1914

Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions, State of Texas, Austin.

The records show that T. J. Combs (name also borne as Thos. J. Combs), private, Company F, 40th Georgia Infantry, C. S. A., enlisted March 4, 1863, at Dallas, Georgia. He was captured May 17, 1863, at Edwards Depot, and paroled July 3, 1863, at Fort Delaware, Delaware. The muster roll for November and December, 1863, only roll on file, shows him absent without leave. The records show that he was again captured May 16, 1864, at Resaca, Georgia, and released at Rock Island Barracks, Illinois, May 21, 1865, under order of May 9, 1865.
Geo Andrews(?)
The Adjutant General

Handwritten letter [SCH Note: I've added punctuation in brackets to make it easier to read.

Como Tex Rt. 3 March 25, 1918
Mr. J. C. Jones[,] after some delay[,] i will send in my check[,] if the hy price cotten ? equaly ? me[.] that is all rite[.] the hy prise is what has don it[.] i dont want enny thing but what is rite[.] i hear of some that has deaded off thar land in order to git the penshone[.] those partys is ?[.] i no of one man that is a money loner[,] and has bin for years[,] that gits a penshon[.] that is all rite[.] he is a preacher[.] your truly[,]
T. J. Combs

Typed letter

March 29, 1918
Mr. T. J. Combs, Como Texas

Dear Sir:
I hereby acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 25th inst., enclosing your pension warrant of Eighteen dollars, same being returned for cancellation since you now own more property than the pensioner is allowed.

Whenever you come under the purview of the pension law I shall be pleased to reinstate your name on the roll.

Assuring you it is my pleasure to serve you, I am
Yours truly,
Commissioner of Pensions

Typed letter

September 9, 1921

Mr. Ed Minter,
Como, Texas
Dear Sir:
I am in receipt of your letter of the 6th inst., in which you state that Mr. Combs, Confederate pensioner, desires to be reinstated on the pension rolls.

If Mr. Combs's income does not exceed $300.00 per year and his other property is not more than $1000 in value. [sic] he will be reinstated on the roll. Kindly have Mr. Combs furnish this department with a certificate form his tax assessor showing the valuation of his property.
Yours truly,

Handwritten at the bottom

This is to certify that T. J. Combs reudition? of property for 1921 is 960 as shown by Tax Rolls, S. S. BULLOON
Tax Collector
Hopkins Co, TX


  The said pensioner died on the 3 day of May, 1927, in the town of R.F.D. Como, County of his own home...
Sworn on the 10 day of May by P. T. Combs, the pensioner's son


I, L T. WALLER,...I attended T. J. Combs...his ailments were inquiry ? family ? ? ? no 4/ Traumatis Pneumonia

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