Hopkins County was created 25 March 1846 by taking land from the south end of Lamar County and the north end of Nacogdoches County. In 1870 and 1871 portions of the county became Rains County and Delta County and an isolated corner was added to Lamar County.

Note: All entries, unless otherwise noted, were by Combs Researcher and Texas/Georgia Web Editor S.C. Hefner, to whom credit is also due for all annotations. Also Note: Except where otherwise noted, all information came from abstracts by the Hopkins County Genealogical Society, extracted by Combs Researcher S.C. Hefner.

The John GREGG family seems to have lived in the county briefly, but the first permanent Anglo settlement came in December of 1842 when the families of two brothers, Robert and Hezekia HARGRAVE, arrived near present-day Sulphur Bluff. Within fifteen years the following settlements were established: "Veals Store, later Lollars Store near Weaver, Black Jack Grove, now Cumby, settled in 1845, Carroll's Prairie, now Como, Cold Hill, now Bonanza, Twin Groceries, now Saltillo, Bucksnort, now extinct, Cornersville," and Tarrant, the first county seat. The county seat was moved to Sulphur Springs during Reconstruction.

Today Hopkins County is bounded by Delta County on the north (the south fork of the Sulphur River being the dividing line), Franklin County on the east, Wood and Rains Counties on the south, and Hunt County on the west.

(Source: A History of Hopkins County, Texas by Gladys St. Clair. WaCounty, Texas: Texian Press, 1965.)

Earliest Combs

The earliest Combs family seems to have been that of Eliga T. [Elijah?] COMBS, his wife Lucinda, and his daughters, Nancy, Julia, Amanda, Mary, and Martha.

14-17 Oct 1859 (from Hopkins County Heritage Vol. 1, p. 12, by June England Tuck for the Hopkins County Historical Society)

The minutes of the Rehoboth Association meeting at Pittsburg 14-17 Oct 1859 mention First Baptist (now Sulphur Springs) and the Revs. Wm. ASKEW and E. T. COMBS, ordained ministers receiving mail at Bright Star Post Office (now Sulphur Springs)

1860 Hopkins Co, TX Census


Beat #8 P.O.

855-848 COMBS, Eliga 38 farmer 150 785 GA
Loucinda 36 SC
Nancy 10 AL
Julia 8 AL
Amanda 5 AR
Mary 3 TX
Martha 1 TX

1860 Hopkins County, Texas Agriculture Census

imp unp hor mcow oxen cat sheep sw
Combs, Eligah 20 140 4 7 2 10 35 16

Notes: imp=improved, unp=unimproved, hor=horses, mcow=milkcows, cat=cattle, sw=swine

20 July 1861 Muster Roll for Precinct 5


Note: Almost certainly Eliga T. Combs.

5 Dec 1869 Julia Ann COMBS married Ambrose L. MAYNARD in Hunt Co., TX

(Source: Abstract by Hunt County Genealogical Society)

Note: This is the daughter of Eliga and Lucinda COMBS.

1870 Hopkins Co, TX Census

Miller Grove

230 COMBS, Lucinda 41 Keeping House 150 300 SC
Nancy 21 At Home AL
Amanda 14 AR
Mary 13 TX
Martha 14 TX

Note: This family appears to have moved to Hunt County between 1870 and 1880. In the 1880 Census, Lucinda is living with her married daughter Julie MAYNARD. In the same county, Amanda E. COMBS married William RILEY 17 Oct 1872, and a M. S. (Mary or Martha?) COMBS married an A. J. HART 13 Sep 1874. (Source: Abstract by Hunt County Genealogical Society.)

1870 Agriculture Census

imp wdl. unp. hor cow cat sw
Combs, Lucinda 5 10 15 3 3 5 15

Note: wdl=woodland

1880 Hopkins Co, TX Census

No Combs

22 Aug 1888 (from Abstracts of Early Records: Hopkins County, Texas, Will Book I. Compiled by Margaret Irvin and Kay Ashcroft. 1986)

#176. Will of Jas H. STARR deceased…certified copy…Jas H. STARR citizen of Marshall, Harrison County, Texas to daughter Pamela O. CLAPP, widow of Emory CLAPP deceased, walnut writing desk and case and all engravings which formerly belonged to her…to son Jas F. STARR, cane which was presented to me by father Geo L. CLAPP deceased; all other property not bequeathed, including private papers, letters, letter books and credits…to son Amory STARR, gold watch #63.11 and club house chair he presented to me…to daughter Harret [sic] J. POPE, wife of Jno N. POPE, painted portrait of her mother which was presented to me by my daughter Pamela O. CLAPP…to each of my grandchildren, viz: Emmie P. COOMBS, wife of Rich H. COOMBS, Chas F. STEWART and Mary BRYAN COOPER, wife of Oscar H. COOPER being children of my deceased daughter Theodosia, wife of Jas J. STEWART, $500…to son Jas F. STARR and wife Clara C. STARR and children, entire homestead property situated in Marshall, Harrison County, Texas; household and kitchen furniture…Residue of estate to all my children living and children of deceased daughter Theodosia…daughter Harriet J. POPE's part of estate not to be passed directly to her but to brother Jas F. STARR to set up trust…Exor: son Jas F. STARR (if he cannot qualify, then son Amory R. STARR in his stead)…Exor. to receive just compensation for his services…Wit: Ej? FRY, Chas M. RAQUET, W. L. THOMAS, Chas F. CHEVALLIER…

Notes: According to Gretta COMBS REICH, Thomas Jackson COMBS and Mary Francis HOUSE COMBS moved from Georgia in the late 1880s. [See Paulding Co, GA] They moved slowly across Alabama during the late 1880s and early 1890s before coming on to Texas. They arrived in Hopkins County in the latter part of 1895. Their three oldest sons, James Henry COMBS, Benjamin Britton COMBS, and Willis Seborn COMBS (see Franklin Co., TX), had come to Hopkins county ahead of the rest of the family to find farms to rent. Thomas Jackson COMBS and Mary Francis HOUSE COMBS, the rest of their children, as well as James Henry COMBS's wife and two children, came on a train from Alabama.

They rented a farm near Cornersville for a year and another farm near Greenwood for a year. On 9 Feb 1898 they bought a farm between Greenwood and Pine Forest. They built a house in 1905 using an existing structure for the kitchen.

Mary Francis HOUSE Combs'parents were Seborn and Elizabeth (Betty) HOUSE. They followed their only child to Texas but became dissatisfied and returned to Georgia. Elizabeth HOUSE died in Georgia around 1900. Seborn HOUSE returned to Texas and died around 1902. He is buried in the cemetery at Greenwood Baptist Church, where Thomas and Mary were members.

Mary Francis HOUSE COMBS died 26 Dec 1906. She is buried at Greenwood. On 20 Jan 1910 Thomas Jackson COMBS married Sarah (Sallie) E. SMITH PENN. Thomas Jackson COMBS died 3 May 1927 and is buried beside Mary at Greenwood. After his death, his son John Chester COMBS bought the farm from the various heirs as he could afford it and as the heirs became willing to sell it.

(abstracted from Hopkins County Genealogical Society First/Pioneer Families of Hopkins County Texas Certificate Application)

13 Sep 1897 B.B. COMBS (Benjamin Britton Combs) purchased 86 17/100 acres from J.M. McGLATHERY et. al.

(from copy of original courthouse deed; transcribed by S. C. Hefner)

Note: According to his grandson, Benjamin Britton COMBS eventually suffered a complete loss of his cotton crop which forced him to reutrn to Alabama to work in a coal mine.

1900 Hopkins Co, TX Census

Note: The 1900 Census asked not only the state of birth for the respondent (first column) but also for the respondent's mother and father (second and third columns respectively). The names in parentheses are additional notes by S. C. Hefner.

116 COMBS B.B. (Benjamin Britton) head 8-1873 26 GA (s/o Thomas Jackson)
F.E. (Selinda Ellen) wife 8-1876 23 AL
Irvin (John Irving - Jack) son 10-1898 1 TX

Notes: Benjamin Britton COMBS was born 30 Aug 1873 in Paulding Co., Georgia. He married Selinda Ellen PENN 7 Jan 1897 in Winston Co., Alabama. She was born 15 Aug 1876 in Winston Co., AL. She died 10 Aug 1927. Benjamin COMBS died 24 Oct 1959. They are both buried in Birmingham, AL. (Source: Gretta Combs Reich)

118 COMBS T.O. (Thomas Jackson) head 2-1843 57 GA NC VA
M.F. (Mary Francis) wife 11-1853 46 GA GA GA
Bradley (Thomas Bradley) son 4-1878 22 GA GA GA
Mart (Mark Franklin) son 9-1882 17 GA GA GA
Parker (Phillip Parker) son 3-1884 16 GA GA GA
Ida (Ida Elizabeth) dau. 2-1886 14 GA GA GA
Ollie (Richard Olliver) son 2-1888 12 AL AL AL
Pearley (Tolbert Purley) son 3-1891 9 AL AL AL
Anna (Suseanna) dau. 4-1892 8 AL AL AL
Chester (John Chester) son 2-1894 6 AL AL AL

Notes: Mark Franklin COMBS married Dora Lee DAVIS in 1907 in Miller County, Arkansas. She was born 6 Apr 1875 in Miller Co. He was born 13 Sep 1881 in Georgia. She died 5 Sep 1936 in Clouterville, Lousiana. He died 1 Apr 1957. They are both buried in Ravanna, Miller Co, Arkansas. (Source: family Bible, obituary clipping from unnamed newspaper)

Phillip Parker COMBS was born 21 Mar 1884 in Georgia. He married Leila Nellie FRANKS 10 Sep 1911 in Greenwood, TX. He died 7 Jan 1964 and is buried in Jourdanton, Texas. (Source: Gretta Combs Reich)

Ida Elizabeth Combs was born 10 Feb 1886 in Georgia. She married Sidney Franklin SHARP on 8 Mar 1903. He was born 31 Dec 1882 in Hopkins Co., TX. He died 10 May 1968. Ida COMBS SHARP died 17 Sep 1975. They are both buried in Redwater, TX. (Source: Gretta Combs Reich)

119 COMBS J.H. (James Henry) head 5-1871 29 GA GA GA (s/o Thomas Jackson)
S.A. (Sarah Addilin) wife 11-1872 27 AL AL AL
William (William Thomas) son 9-1891 8 GA GA AL
Henry (Henry Harvey) son 1-1900 4m TX GA AL
Harrison (Benjamin Harrison) son 7-1895 4 GA GA AL

24 Jul 1901 John D. HOLLAND, Jr. married Mattie COMBS

Note: Mattie was the daughter of John Combs of Franklin Co, TX.

20 Oct 1902 T. B. COMBS married L. B. TURNER

Note: Thomas Bradley COMBS and Lula B. TURNER. He was born 27 Apr 1878 near Dallas, Georgia to Thomas Jackson and Mary Francis HOUSE Combs. After his marriage, he moved to Oklahoma. They had one child. Lula B. TURNER Combs died 2 Dec 1943. He married Donnie MORROW 19 Dec 1952 in Blanchard, McClain Co, Oklahoma. He died 19 Dec 1970 at the age of 92. He was a deacon at First Baptist Church in Blanchard, Oklahoma, and is buried there. (Sources: obituary from The Blanchard News, Thursday, 24 Dec 1970, and marriage license to Donnie MORROW-copies provided by Gretta Combs Reich)

1910 Hopkins Co, TX Census

70-71 COMBS, Willie S. (Willis Seborn) 34 GA GA GA
Claudie (Claudia Ellen) 31 TX AL AL
Mary (Mary Murry) 8 TX GA TX
Iviah?? (Ivy Minnie) 6 TX GA TX
Elatha (Eletha Ann) 4 TX GA TX
Thos (Thomas James) 2 TX GA TX

114-118 SCROGGINS, Isac G head 36 TN TN TN
, _____ wife 28 KY KY KY
COMBS, Jewell sdau 3 TX KY KY

170-171 COMBS, Thos J (Thomas Jackson) 65 GA US US
Sallie (Sarah E. Smith Penn) 54 US US US (Thomas's second wife)
Ollie (Richard Olliver) 22 AL GA GA
Pearl (Tolbert Purley) 20 AL GA GA
Anna (Suseanna) 18 AL GA GA
Chester (John Chester) 16 Al GA GA

169-170 COMBS, Jas H (James Henry) 37 GA GA GA
Sarah (Sarah Addilin) 36 AL AL AL
Wm T (William Thomas) 18 AL GA AL
Harrison B (Benjamin Harrison) 14 AL GA AL
Henry H (Henry Harvey) 9 TX GA AL
Eddie E (Eddie Ester) 7 TX GA AL
Girta M (Gracie Mae) 3 TX GA AL
Lucy (Lucy Etner - Peggy) 3m TX GA AL

Notes: James Henry COMBS was born 17 May 1871 in Georgia. He married Sarah Addilin WILLIAMSON circa 1891 in Alabama. She died 28 Oct 1918 in the influenza epidemic. He committed suicide 13 Nov 1918. They are both buried at Greenwood, TX. (Source: Gretta Combs Reich)

297 COMBS, Wm head 45 IN IN IN
Mary E. wife 40 AR TN TN
Lovonia dau 20 AR IN AR
Stella dau 15 AR IN AR
Amo B son 13 AR IN AR
Lilly dau 11 AR IN AR
Louis son 2 OK IN AR

Notes: Nothing is known about the child, Jewell Combs, who appears in the household of Isaac Scroggins. William COMBS apparently went by "Henry" (perhaps his middle name). His wife went by "Emily. According to Amos Barm COMBS, his father was born in Arkansas.

20 Jan 1910 T. J. COMBS married Sarah E. SMITH PENN

Note: Thomas Jackson COMBS'S 2nd marriage

16 Oct 1910 R. O. COMBS married Leona BRADFORD

Note: Richard Olliver Combs

1911 W. T. COMBS married Kate GREENWOOD on 12 Apr

Note: William Thomas Combs was the oldest child of James Henry Combs and Sarah Williamson Combs. He was born 15 Sep 1891 in Alabama. He died 24 Jan 1949. He is buried in Forest Park, Hunt Co., TX. (Source: Gretta Combs Reich)

J. H. HUTCHINS married Lavona COMBS on 15 Apr

Note: This is "Lovonia" from the household of William COMBS (See 1910 Census.) In 1951, this couple was living in Edom, Texas (Tapp Funeral Home records).

P. P. COMBS married Leila FRANKS on 7 Sep

Note: Phillip Parker Combs. See Bexar County, Texas.

13 Apr 1912 J. M. HATHCOAT married Stella COMBS

Note: This is the daughter of William COMBS in the 1910 Census. In 1951, this couple was living in Saltillo, Texas (Tapp Funeral Home records).

1913 (Hopkins County Remembered. Compiled and published by the Hopkins County Genealogical Society. 1992.) p. 68, The Antioch Church of Christ moved to Pine Forest in 1913. Early preachers included an unidentified COMBS.

10 Feb 1914 Thomas Jackson COMBS applied for Civil War Pension based on service in Company F, 40th Georgia Infantry, C.S.A. He enlisted as a private on 4 Mar 1862 at Dallas, Georgia (Paulding County). He was captured 17 May 1863 at Edwards Depot (near Vicksburg, MS) and paroled 3 Jul 1863 at Fort Delaware, Delaware. He was again captured 16 May at Resaca, Georgia, and released at Rock Island Barracks, Illinois, 21 May 1865. He was granted a pension, #26504.

(Sources: Henderson's Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of America, Texas Civil War Pension Records, and Georgia Confederate 7,000 by Gary Ray Goodson) See Pension Files.

1914 Listing of Hopkins Co. Residents

Como - COMBS, W. T. [William Thomas]
Como RFD 3 - COMBS, P. P. [Phillip Parker]
COMBS, R. O. [Richard Olliver]
COMBS, W. S. [Willis Seborn]
Dike RFD 3 - COMBS, W. H. [William Henry Combs from Indiana]
Pickton - COMBS, J. H. [James Henry]
Yantis - COMBS, T. J. [Thomas Jackson]

29 Nov 1916 C. L. SCOTT married Purney COMBS

26 Aug 1917 Chester COMBS married Ruth BRADFORD

Note: John Chester COMBS was born 5 Feb 1894 in Winston Co., Alabama.

26 Dec 1917 (Gretta Combs Reich and Wallace Monument Company) Ruth Bradford COMBS died. Ruthy Mae BRADFORD was born 9 Nov 1899 in Grant Co., Arkansas. She is buried at Pine Forest. Her headstone gives the following information: Ruth M. COMBS 9 Nov 1899 - 26 Dec 1917 "Asleep in Jesus." John Chester COMBS next married Annie Laura HOLLOWAY 6 Jan 1938 in Purcell, Oklahoma. She died 11 Sep 1983. He died 9 Sep 1984. They are both buried at Pine Forest. (Source: Gretta Combs Reich)

12 May 1920 T. B. MILAM married Mrs. Katherine COMBS

17 May 1922 Suseanna COMBS married Lonie Leroy BREWER (Source: obituary for Suseanna COMBS Brewer)

Note: Suseanna COMBS Brewer died 18 Sep 1988 at the age of 96. She was born 24 Apr 1892 in Culman, Alabama, to Thomas Jackson COMBS and Mary Francis HOUSE Combs. Lonie Leroy BREWER died in 1962. They had no children. (Source: obituary for Suseanna COMBS Brewer from the The Sulphur Springs News-Telegram.)

1930-1934 (Wallace Monument Company records)

Elizabeth 24 Sep 1856 - 16 Jul 1932
John H. 25 Sep 1855 - 28 May 1930

Nevel's Chapel Cemetery

19 Feb 1883 - 19 Jun 1934
"At Rest"
"Nevel's Chapel Cemetery"

World War II (The Men and Women in World War II from Hopkins County Dallas: Universal Publishing.)

Jim T. COMBS is the son of Mr. & Mrs. R. O. COMBS, husband of the former Emma Jane ASHLEY. Entered the Army Air Corps in 1941, trained at Jefferson Barracks, MO. Served in Australia, New Guinea, Good Enough Island, Bick. Pacific Ribbon with Battle Stars, two citations.

Sgt. Orval F. COMBS, the son of Mr. & Mrs. R. O. COMBS, husband of the former Miss Faye Nell CRUMP, entered Army Infantry in Sept, 1942. Trained at Oregon, Ft. Lewis, Wash. Served on Leyte, Okinawa. Has Purple Heart, Pacific Ribbon with Battle Stars and other decorations. Killed in action April, 1945 on Okinawa.

S 2/c Monroe A. COMBS, the son of Mr. & Mrs. R. O. COMBS, husband of the former Miss Doris Jean SPARKS, entered Navy in March, 1943. Trained at San Diego and other California Camp[s]. Served in Hawaii, Japan, and other Pacific points. Has Pacific Ribbon and other honors.

[See Rains County]

6 Jan 1954 (Tapp Funeral Home records)

Eddie COMBS died in the Confederate State Home for Men in Austin, TX, where he had lived for seven years. He was born 2 Nov 1902 in Hopkins County to Jim [James Henry] and Sarah WILLIAMSON COMBS. He was buried in the Greenwood Cemetery. He was survived by one brother: H. H. [Henry Harvey] COMBS of San Antonio, TX; three sisters: Mrs. Gracie [Girta] McCORD of Cumby, TX; Mrs. Peggy [Lucy] STICE of Denison, TX; Mrs. Artie CRAWFORD of San Antonio, TX; and several neices and nephews.

Sep 1954 (Wallace Monument Company records)
M. Oscar COMBS was buried in "Nevel Chapel" Cemetery.

Note: The headstone records the following dates:
   Tommie B. COMBS 7 Sep 1882 "Mama"
    M. Oscar COMBS 28 Oct 1878 - 19 Sep 1954 "Papa"

3 Jun 1967 Richard Olliver (Ollie) COMBS died. He is buried at Pine Forest.

1 Mar 1970 (Tapp Funeral Home records)

James Orval COMBS died

He was born 8 Nov 1947 in Commerce, Texas [Hunt Co.], to Jim and Emma Jane ASHLEY COMBS. He was killed in a car accident in Albuquerque, NM. At the time, he was a student at New Mexico Tech. The funeral was 5 March at Pine Forest Methodist Church; he was buried in the cemetery there. He was survived by his parents, one brother, one sister, his grandfather Otto ASHLEY, and his grandmother Mrs. R. O. COMBS [Eva Leona BRADFORD].

11 Sep 1983 (Texas Death Records and Gretta Combs Reich)

Annie Laura COMBS died. John Chester COMBS married Annie Laura HOLLOWAY 6 Jan 1938 in Purcell, Oklahoma. She is buried at Pine Forest.

7 Jan 1984 (Tapp Funeral Home records)

Eva Leona BRADFORD COMBS died. She was born 1 Jun 1895 in Grant County, Arkansas to Jim and Nennie CULPEPPER BRADFORD. She married R. O. "Ollie" COMBS 16 Oct 1910 in Hopkins County. The funeral was 8 Jan at Tapp Funeral Chapel. She is buried in Pine Forest Cemetery. She was survived by two brothers: Guy BRADFORD of Pine Forest and Aubrey BRADFORD of Sulphur Springs; four sisters: Frankie GIBBS of Garland, Robbie WRIGHT of Detroit (TX), Mattie YOUNG of Oklahoma City, and Argent GIBBS of Detroit (TX); three sons: Jim T. COMBS of Gallup (NM), M. A. COMBS of Emory (TX), and Joe B. COMBS of Rockwall (TX); one daughter: Lurene WOOD of Emory (TX); 9 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren; and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

9 Sep 1984 (Texas Death Records: 1964-1998 and Gretta Combs Reich)

John Chester COMBS died. John Chester COMBS was born 5 Feb 1894 in Winston Co., Alabama to Thomas Jackson COMBS and Mary Francis HOUSE Combs. He is buried in Pine Forest.

31 May 1999 (The News-Telegram, Sulphur Springs)

Jim Tom Combs

Funeral services for Jim Tom COMBS, 81, of Sulphur Springs will be held Thursday, June 3, at 2 p.m. in Murray-Orwosky Funeral Chapel with Dr. David Hardage and the Rev. Fred Lewis officiating.

Visitation will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Murray-Orwosky Funeral Home.

Interment will follow services in Pine Forest Cemetery with John WILLIS, Bailey PROCK, Don BRUMLEY, Kenneth BRUMLEY, Danny CLAYCOMB, Howell GIBBS, Jimmy ROSS, Delma GIBBS and Robert Rex YOUNG serving as pallbearers. Honorary pallbearers will be members of the Stephen BONNER Sunday School Class of First Baptist Church.

Mr. COMBS died at 3:30 p.m. Monday, May 31, in Carriage House Manor.

He was born Jan. 19, 1918, in Pine Forest Community, the son of R. O. and Leona BRADFORD COMBS. He married Emma Jane ASHLEY on Jan. 25, 1945, in Sulphur Springs. She survives.

Mr. COMBS was a retired school teacher. He served in the Air Force during World War II. He was a member of First Baptist Church.

Other survivors include one son,___; one daughter, ___; two brothers, Monroe COMBS of Sulphur Springs and Joe Ben COMBS of Rockwall; six grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.

Mr. COMBS was preceeded in death by one son, James Orval COMBS; one brother, Orval COMBS; and one sister, Lorene WOOD.

13 Dec 1999 (The News-Telegram of Sulphur Springs, p. 10)

Lois Ruth QUINN

Funeral services for Lois Ruth QUINN, 67, of Como will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14, in Beaty Funeral Home Chapel in Winnsboro with the Rev. Michael TOM officiating.

Interment will follow at Harmony Cemetery with Derek QUINN, Shane QUINN, Jeremy QUINN, Shannon QUINN, Lincoln BANKS and Cody BANKS serving as pallbearers.

Visitation will be held Monday from 6 p.m. too 8 p.m. at Beaty Funeral Home.

Mrs. QUINN died Sunday, Dec. 12, at her home following an extended illness.

She was born Oct. 7, 1932, in Linden, to Elijah Abraham and Addie Mae DUKE COMBS.

Mrs. QUINN was a member of Harmony Assembly of God. She served as Women's Missionary Council secretary and as a Sunday school teacher for more than 30 years. She was a retail seamstress for H.D. Lee Company.

She is survived by her husband, Arthur Merrell QUINN of Como; two sons, _____ of Rowlett and _____ of Como; two daughters, _____ and _____, both of Winnsboro; two brothers, Orval COMBS of Hawkins and John COMBS of Waco; and eight grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents and one brother, Tommy COMBS. Memorials may be made to Cypress Basin Hospice.

unknown date (from Wallace Monument Company records)

"White marble vase to replace one on mkr type mon with vase in middle for Albert f. [sic] & Janie COMBS"
"Nevills Chapel Cemetery"

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