Paulding County was established in 1832 from Cherokee lands, Carroll and Cobb counties. The county seat is Dallas.

1860 Paulding Co, GA Census

(transcribed by Combs Researcher S. C. Hefner)


pp. 846-847

#938973/#7972 Philip COMES 70 M
Susan 60 F

#938973/#7972 Benjamin Combs 26 M Farmer GA [son of Philip]
Adaline [HUTSON] 31 F GA
Janey J. 5 F GA
Susan 4 F GA
Mary 2 F GA
Martha 2/12 F GA

SCH Notes: Phillip and Susannah Combs and their children are found in 1850 in Cobb Co, GA

Pumb Rowaine

p. 835

#893888 John Combs 21 M Cooper(?) GA [son of Philip]
Rebecah [C. BISHOP] 25 F GA

1861-1865 (Civil War Service

Extracted by Combs Researcher S. C. Hefner from Georgia Confederate 7,000 by Gary Ray Goodson, Sr., provided by Gretta Combs Reich)

p. 85: rosters were extracted and compiled by Lillian Henderson in Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia: 1861 to 1865. (Hapeville, 1959+), IV-V.

The Georgia 40th Infantry Regiment was raised in the counties of Bartow, Gordon, Haralson, Paulding, and Whitfield. They were mustered in at Camp McDonald (near Big Shanty, GA) from 10 March 1862 to 18 April, 1862. From 17 May 1862 to 24 May 1862 they were in Camp Van Dorn (Knoxville, TN). They were sent to Camp Henderson (Decatur, GA) 27 September 1862 for reorganization / training after their surrender at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

pp. 91-92 Company F from Paulding County

Capt. John Middlebrooks
1st Lt. William W. Busby
1st Lt. Jeremiah Mathews
2nd Lt. William J. Jones
2nd Lt. William Humphrey
1st Sgt. Benjamin H. Smith
2nd Sgt. John L. Humphrey
3rd Sgt. David A. Smith
4th Sgt. James A. Teal
1st Corp. James W. Busby
2nd Corp. John W. Baker
3rd Corp. Harvey C. White
4th Corp. George Luther Goodson

Levell Adcock, Willso [sic] Adcock, John E. Bagby, Isaac H. Baker, P.F. Baker, Sinkler B. Black, J.E./J.A. Boren, Joseph R. Brock, John M. Brown, William H. Brown, Chappell Browning, Wiley Browning, William Browning, William F. Carroll, George Wesley Cason, Henry P. Cason, R.M. Cason, Russell W. CLAY, A.B. Clonts, S.W. Clonts, Thomas H. Clonts, Franklin Cole, James Cole, John W. Cole, Benjamin N. Combs, J.E. Combs, Thomas J. Combs, James Davis, Wiley H. Davis, J.W. Dobbins, Elijah A. Driskell, N.B. Driskell, R.P. Driskell, A.K. Fuller, George Fuller, Henry C. Fuller, Milton F. Fuller, Wilkinson Fuller, Samuel Gore, William J. Golden, Marion W. Goodson, Richard D. HAMMOCK, John N. Hardin, William A. Hardin, J.W. Harris, Warren Head, James M. Henderson, C.H. Hendrick, J.P. Henley, L.B. Hightower, SCABORN [sic] HOUSE, Speedell I-. [sic] Jeffers, Asa B. Johnson, M.M. Johnson, William A. Johnson, W.L. Johnson, Henry E. Jones, John William Jones, Lewis W. Jones, Adani A. Kiker, J.D. Kiker, William J. Kirk, Henry H. Lanier, James Leathers, B. Malone, Abram M. Mann, W.T. Marlow, T.P. Martin, W.B. Mathews, John J. McCarty, A.G. McKenney, J.F. Meek, Robert A. Meek, William Middlebrooks, Jackson A. Mitchell, William B. Mitchell, J.M. Mobley, A. Mollard, Joseph V. Morgan, William M. Morris, T.T. Nalley, William C. Norton, W.A. Norton, John H. Ogle, William Ogle, Doctor I.A. Palmer, D.R. Palmer, James W. Palmer, William Palmer, Franklin D. Parsons, William J. Petty, George H. Phillips, E.F. Potts, John Frank Rhodes, Thomas Rice, R.G. Seal, J.H. Sewell, James Shed, John Shed, Phillip Shed, Charles A. Simmons, Jasper S. Smith, John F. Smith, W.S. Smith, C.J. Stewart, F.M. Stewart, George W. Stewart, J.L. Stewart, Hugh C. Taylor, George W. Teal, Sr., Martin Teal...end of page

SCH Notes: Benjamin, J. E. (John) and Thomas are all sons of Phillip Combs. "Scaborn HOUSE" should read "Seaborn." He would eventually become the father-in-law of Thomas J. Combs (Thomas married Mary Francis HOUSE). I had no idea they had served together until now, but that does help explain the close relationship they seemed to have had; when Phillip moved to Texas in the 1890's, Seaborn and his wife Betty came too (according to oral family history via Gretta). Supposedly, the HOUSES didn't like Texas and returned to Georgia where Mrs. HOUSE died (c. 1900) and was buried. Seaborn then returned to Texas and died c. 1902. He is buried near Thomas and Mary in the Greenwood Baptist Church Cemetery in Hopkins County, TX. His grave is marked only with the symbol of the Masons.

1870 Paulding Co, GA Census

(extracted by S. C. Hefner)

Urnfhries & Wedngton's District (handwriting difficult to read) Post Office: Roxana

#23 Thomas COMES 25
Mary 17
COMES Phillip 70 [sic]
Susan 70

SCH: There is a small "2nd" written over "Thomas" and a small "1st" written over "Comes." Thomas married Mary HOUSE, and they moved on after Paulding to Alabama, thence to Hopkins Co, TX by 1895.

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