Cobb County, was established in 1832 from the original Cherokee County. Land from Cobb County was used to form part of Milton County in 1857. The county seat is Marietta.

1840 Cobb Co, GA Census

(transcribed by S. C. Hefner)

p. 246

Philip Combs
2 m < 5; 2 m 5-10; 1 m 15-20; 1 m 40-50
1 f 10-15; 3 f 15-20; 1 f 30-40

04 Mar 1850 - May 1, 1850. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Lynn Pierce Appling from Marriage & Obituaries from the Macon Messenger 1818-1865, p. 123)

"Another Revolutionary soldier gone. The Marietta Helicon on the 25th ult. announces the death in Cobb county, Georgia, near Powder Springs, on the 4th day of march 1850, age 106 years and 6 months of John Combs, a native of Virginia, but for the last fifty years, or more a citizen of Georgia. Was buried with the honors of War. Had lived a Pensioner, as a Revolutionary Soldier, since 4th March 1831.

Mar 1850 (US Mortality Schedule, 1850, Cobb Co, GA)
John C. COMBS, Male, born South Carolina, age 106, died Mar 1850. (US Mortality Schedule, 1850, Cobb Co, GA)

Notes: See Wilkes Co GA for additional data re RW John Combs, b in Amelia Co VA; and also resided in Fairfield, South Carolina. Also note that the above gives a birth location of South Carolina, not Virginia, and that his birth year according to this schedule would have been abt Sep 1743, not 1764 (a 20 year difference?). Definitely the same individual? 1840 RW Census records need to be checked. Also note discrepancies in pension application dates.

1850 Cobb Co, GA Census

(transcribed by Combs Researcher Billie Gordon)

Marietta District

p. 96

81 John H CLAY, 26 m/w stonemason N Carolina
Mary J [COMBS] Clay , 25 f/w Georgia
James B [looks like B but should be a T for Tolbert] 5, m/w Georgia
John W Clay 2 m/w Georgia
Elizabeth GILBERT 13 f/w Georgia (don't know who she is)
Joseph TOWNSEND 20 m/w/ labourer Georgia

BG Notes: On her son's death certificate (S. L. CLAY, Polk Co GA) maiden name of mother is Mary COMBE. I have letters from one of her g-daughter's stating that her name was Mary Lee Jane COOMBS Clay (letter dated 1963) and in a later letter this same g-daughter gives her name as Mary Jane COOMBS. The Lee has been dropped. Mary COOMBS d 24 Nov 1893 in Groesbeck, Limestone Co, Texas. During the Civil War, the Coombs/Clay family lived in Marietta, Cobb Co, GA where John CLAY ran a saloon. I believe James Tolbert CLAY took his mother, Mary, and younger siblings with him to Kentucky after John CLAY died as a result of injuries in a bar fight. The family settled in Texas in the early 1890's. This info came from the same g-daughter.

COOMBS, Mary Jane b Oct 1, 1825 Georgia d Nov 24, 1893 Groesbeck, Texas; m John Hampton CLAY b 1824 N Carolina, d 1880 GA.

  1. James Tolbert b 1845 GA;
  2. John (Jack) b 1848 GA;
  3. Bartow C b GA;
  4. Henry B b 1851 GA;
  5. William b 1852;
  6. Laura b 1858;
  7. Sonny Lewis b 1858 GA;
  8. Pink b 1865 GA.

The name Mary Jane Coombs, dob and location of birth came from a daughter of Henry B CLAY. Mary Jane is buried Faulkenburg Cemetery Groesbeck Co, Texas. I've also seen the cemetery listed as Faulkenberry Cemetery.

Death certificate for S.L. CLAY. Polk Co, Georgia. Date of death: April 3, 1922 - age: 65. Occupation: brickmason. Birth place: Fulton Co, GA. Name of father: Hamp CLAY. Birthplace of father: Kentucky [BG: This is wrong. He was born in N Carolina]. Maiden name of mother: Mary COMBE. Birthplace of mother: GA. Cause of death: unable to read. Informant: Will CLAY, Cedartown, GA. This is signed by registrar and undertaker. file # 10367.

Ed Note: See also Combs Research List Archives, 1998, re Combs-Ridge-Fielder families of Surry Co, NC; Walton Co, GA and Groesbeck, Limestone Co, TX (Search Query: Groesbeck)

p. 100, (transcribed by Combs Researcher S. C. Hefner)

??? Mildred WATERMAN 58 F 5000 GA
Thomas " 20 M GA
Francis H. Combs 19* F GA
Virginia Combs 16 F GA
Alla " 11 F GA
Mary C. " 9* F GA

Laura KELLY** 25 F SC
Alfred MANN 34 M GA Minister M.E.C.
Julia " 26 F GA
Julia MEALS 25 F GA

Note: *I'm not sure whether the "9" is really a "9" or a "4"; however, I decided on "9" since it fit between "20" and "17." I used "9" the second time because it is an exact match to the first number in question. **"Kelly" was hard to read. I'm not sure I got it exactly right. Note: The above is in exact order as enumerated by census taker. Virginia, Alla, and Mary C. are indexed as neither "Combs" nor "Waterman.

p. 172 (transcribed by Combs Researcher S. C. Hefner)

Powder Springs District

Phillip Combs 61 farmer 300 GA
Susannah 51 VA
Benjamin 18 VA
Mark 16 VA
John 14 VA
Eliza B. 12 VA
Thomas J. 10 VA
Nancy CLAY 23 VA
Mary CLAY 1 VA

Notes: Not yet known the relationship, if any, between the CLAY family in the HH of Phillip Combs and John and Mary J. Combs Clay in the above HH. Phillip and Susannah Combs are next found in Paulding Co, GA

1860 Cobb Co, GA Census

(transcribed by S. C. Hefner)

p. 259

287-275 M. J. WATERMAN 60 F GA
J. A. (oops, missed the rest)
G. M. 13 F GA
Wm. PHILLIPS 34 M Lawyer NC
M. W. ? 26 F NC
E. P. 7 F GA
W. W. 4 M GA
G. D. 3 M GA
M. J. 1 F GA

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