Hunt County was established 11 Apr 1846 fromFannin andNacogdoches Counties. The first Anglo settlers arrived circa 1840, mostly from the deep South. The county seat is Greenville.

Note: All marriages, unless otherwise stated, are from Hunt County Marriages 1847-1911. Compiled by the Hunt County Genealogical Society. 1987. Also, unless otherwise stated, all information was extracted by S. C. Hefner.

Civil War

Hunt and Fannin County Muster Roll, from the Hunt County GenWeb site


5 Dec 1869 Julia Ann COMBS married Ambrose L. MAYNARD.

Note: This is the daughter of Eliga T. & Lucinda COMBS. See Hopkins County and the 1880 Census below.

Archives and Pioneers of Hunt County, Texas, Vol. 1 p. 82, compiled and edited by Mrs. Francis Terry Ingmire, 1975.

1870 Members of Fred Ende Lodge #87, International Order of Odd Fellows:
M. C. COMBS - 12 Feb 1870

17 Oct 1872 Amanda E. COMBS married William RILEY.

13 Sep 1874 M. S. COMBS (bride) married A. J. HART.

1880 Hunt Co, TX Census

transcribed by S. C. Hefner

p. 439

347-347 ? J. H. W M ? Farmer NC NC GA
KENNIDY, F. C. W M 33(?) son-in-law TX blank blank
S. C. W F 30 daughter AL SC SC
H. O. W F 8 granddaughter TX TX AL
N. F. W F 7 granddaughter TX TX AL
W. H. H. W M 5 grandson TX TX AL
COMB, E. M. W F 19 Servant TX AL AL

Note: See the marriage of Ellen M. COMBS and W. C. GAINES in 1888 (below).

p. 555

20-20 MAYNARD, Julie W F 28 widow AL GA SC
Cunise(?) W M 9 son TX TX AL
Ellie (or Ella) W M [sic] 8 son TX TX AL
Nettie W F 5 daughter TX TX AL
Elbert W M 2 son TX TX AL
LOYD, Fanny W F 8 daughter [sic] TX TX AL
COMBS, Lucinda W F 48 mother widow "lives with daughter" SC SC SC

11 Jan 1888 Ellen M. COMBS married W. C. GAINES.
Note: William GAINES was the seventh child of Elisha P. GAINES and Susanna GOWIN. He was born 24 Oct 1859. He died 24 Aug 1943 and is buried in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Honorable Mention: Early Families of Hunt County, Texas, Vol. 2, p. 118; compiled by June Jackson Applen and Hattie Kimball Pompa, 1982

27 Sep 1888 Lee COMBS married Della YOUNG.

9 Dec 1889 Della COMER married W. B. INGRAM.

16 Aug 1891 R. E. COMER (groom) married A. E. HALEY.

23 Apr 1893 Ola COMER married David HALEY.

14 May 1893 Eunice L. COMER married Jas. A. BAKER.

19 Dec 1893 T. J. COMER married Mrs. C. F. EUBANKS.

Archives and Pioneers of Hunt County, Texas, Vol. 1, compiled and edited by Mrs. Francis Terry Ingmire, 1975 p. 392

1894 Officers Elected for Masonic Lodge #557: E. D. MITCHELL- W. M.; J. F. PUCKETT- S.W.; J. F. ROACH- J.W.; M. K. HARRELL- Treasurer; Jim COMBS- Secretary; J. F. HARRELL- S.D.; J. J. GUEST- J.D.; T. W. FIELDS- S. Steward; H. L. MICKLER- J. Steward; E. A. MOORE- Tiler.

7 Aug 1894 T. J. COMBEST married Mary E. STEPHENS.

25 Nov 1894 C. S. COMER/CONNER/CONNOR married Mary REEVES.

23 Feb 1896 Mattie J. COMBS married W. T. JARRELL.

2 Jul 1896 Carrie COMER married A. B. FANNING.

19 Dec 1897 T. J. COMBEST married Mrs. Lizzie OWENS.

1900 Hunt Co, TX Census

Source: Original census images, Heritage Quest


Celeste Town

p. 140B, Sheet 2, June 1, 1900

33/33 ADAMS, Edward Head WM 46, Nov 1853, M17 WVA WVA WVA, G(?)inner
Luella WIfe WF 35 March 1865, M17 7/7 TX TN Indian Territory
Felix M Son WM 16 Jan 1864, Single TX WVA TX
Louis B Son WM 13 July 1886, Single TX WVA TX
George Son WM 11 Aug 1888, Single TX WVA TX
Fannie Dau WF 9 Nov 1890, Single TX WVA TX
Floyd Son WM 8 Jan 1892, Single TX WVA TX
Almeda Dau WF 3 Jan 1897, Single TX WVA TX
William S Father WM 76 Apr 1824, M50 WVA WVA WVA
Barpheusa Mother WF 71 Aug 1828, M50 5/3 WVA
Combs James G Boarder WM 47 June 1852 Single TN TN TN, G(?)inner

p. 143B, Sheet #5, no date

Combs, Braxton L, Head WM 36 March 1864, M11y TN VA TN, Carpenter
Della, Wife WF 27 Feb 1873, M11 3ch/3 liv TX MO MO
James M, Son WM 10 Mar 1890, Single TX TN TX
Flora L, Dau WF 8 Nov 1891, Single TX TN TX
Braxton L Jr, Son WM 6 Jun 1893, Single TX TN TX

Note: Possible the same as Lee Combs who married 27 Sep 1888 Della YOUNG. Couple found next in 1910 Pottawatomie Co, OK

p. 148A, Sheet #10, June 9, 1900

194/194 WILSON George, Head WM 46 Feb 1854, M19 TN NC TN
Mary, Wife WF 40 June 1859, M19 4/3 liv TN VA TN
Virginia C, Dau WF 18 Sept 1881, Single TN TN TN, At School
Levina, Dau WF 9 June 1890, Single TN TN TN
James B, Son WM 6 Aug 1893, Single TN TN TN
Virginia FREELING, Sister-in-law WF 57 Dec 1842, Wd, 0ch/0 liv TN VA TN
Combs, James F, Nephew WM 21 May 1879, Single TN VA VA

ED 125

p. 173A, Sheet #9, June 12, 1900

154/154 Combs D???d, Head WM 37 May 1863, M14 VA VA TN, Farmer
Jennie, Wife WF 33 June 1865, M14 6ch/6liv TN TN TN
William, Son WM 13 Oct 1886, Single VA VA TN, Farm labor
John, Son WM 12 Oct 1887, Single VA VA TN, Farm labor
Charlie, Son WM 11 March 1889, Single VA VA TN, Farm labor
James, Son WM 8 May 1892, Single VA VA TN
George, Son WM 6 Jan 1894, Single VA VA TN
Wylie, Son WM 3 ??? 1897, Single VA VA TN

Note: Although hard to decipher, the above is Dudley Ewing Combs, eldest son of Solomon Combs and his wife Melvina HERD. See Dudley's death record below. Dudley was the great-grandson of William Combs Jr. and his wife Ann THOMPSON of Russell Co, VA. Dudley's son John H Combs died 5 May 1948 in Dallas Co, TX.

155/155 Combs Wylie, Head WM 25 Aug 1875, M1 VA VA TN, Farm labor
Hanna, Wife WF 19 Feb 1881, M1 1/1 TN TN TN
Nora, Dau WF 2/12 Mar 1900, Single TX TN VA
Melvina, Mother WF 58 Jan 1852, Wd 14 10ch [c/r # ch liv] TN TN TN
James, Brother WM 32 c/r mo 1868, Single VA VA TN, Farmer
Martha, Sister WM 23 Oct 1876, Single VA VA TN
Maggie, Sister WF 19 Mar 1881, Single VA VA TN
Amanda, Sister WF 17 Sept 1882, Single VA VA TN
Hary (sp?), Brother WM 13 June 1886, Single VA VA TN

Note: Wylie, his family, and his siblings with their mother Melvina HERD COmbs, widow of Solomon Combs. See the 1880 Lee Co, VA census. Apparently Solomon died in VA about 14 years previous which coincides with the birth of his and Melvina's last child who may have been the C H Combs who died 3 Jan 1928 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co, TX per his DC which states he was the s/o of Solomon Combs and M HERD.


ED 127

p. 206B, June 1, 1900

17/20 Combs Henry P, Head WM 30 Feb 1870, M6 VA VA TN
Liddie F, Wife WF 22 Sept 1877, M6 4/4 VA TN VA
Louis E, Son WM 5 Feb 1895, Single VA VA VA
Ray E, Son WM 3 Aug 1896, Single TX VA VA
Maude E, Dau WF 2 Dec 1897, Single TX VA VA
Bruce W, Son WM 4/12mo Jan 1900, Single TX VA VA

Note: Henry Peter Combs, s/o Solomon Combs and Melvina ROBINSON of Lee Co, Va. See below 12 Dec 1960 DC. The census would indicate that Henry and Liddie were married before they arrived in Texas.


West Division, ED 13

p. 41B, Sheet #9, June 15 1900

163/165 TILSON H C Head WM 66 June 1833, M34y VA VA VA
E J Wife WF 56 Feb 1843, M34 0/0 TN VA VA
Combs Fannie, Boarder WF 26 Sept 1873, Single TX Unk Unk

Note: Shown as Hugh C and Elizabeth TILSON in 1910. In 1920, Fannie is listed as an adopted daughter of Betty TELSON.


Commerce Corp, ED 135

p. 104B, Sheet # 2, June 1, 1900

27/28 LAWRANCE L??? A, Head WF 42 May 1858, Wd, 2/2 TX VA AL, Boarding House
Combs Henry J, Son-in-law WM 30 Aug 1869, Md, 6y TX KY TX, RR Conductor
Effie E, Daughter WF 23 May 1877, Md, 6 0/0 TX NC TX
LAWRANCE Dixie, Daughter WF 18 May 1882, Single TX NC TX
DODSON Frank M, Boarder WM 25 Feb 1875, Single TX TN TN, Locomotive Fireman

29 Jul 1900 Martha COMBS married J. G. BRYANT.

29 Dec 1901 Maggie COMBS married A. E. GRIFFIN.

15 Nov 1903 C. W. COMBS married Maudie PIPPINS.

Note: See East Mount Cemetery and the 1920 Census below.

26 Nov 1905 J. L. COMBS married Mrs. Mary JONES.

24 Nov 1907 J. H. COMBS (groom) married Eddie BROWN.

Note: See Clinton Cemetery below. Eddie died in 1910.

12 Aug 1908 L. B. COMER married Mattie SHEPPERD.

29 Oct 1910 C. C. COMBS married Minnie DENLEY.

23 Nov 1910 M. W. COMBER married Jettie Mae COZBY.

25 Jun 1911 C. H. COMBS married Cannie COLEMAN.

1920 Hunt Co, TX Census

Federal Census Soundex TEXAS M1589-62 C500 - C512 Sue. transcribed by Birdie Totty McNutt

Clinton Road

V-98, ED-132, Sheet 8, Line 61

COMBS, Dudley L w m 57 Virginia
Virginia 56 TN
Millard 17 TX


2312 East Picker

V97, ED122, Sheet 20, Line 73

COMBS, Charles w m 40 North Carolina
Maud wife 37 TX
Leon son 15 TX
Gladys dau 12 TX

Note: Charles (1879-1941) married Maudie PIPPINS (1882-1927) in 1903.

V97, ED136, Sheet10, Line 60

COMBS, Fannie w 48 TX
Listed as adopted dau of Betty Telson

V98, ED132, S9, L52

COMBS, John H. w m 31 Virginia
Bertha wife 28 Texas
Hazel dau 12 Texas
Willie son 10 Texas
Frankie dau 9 Texas
Byron son 6 Texas
Louis B. son 4 1/12 Texas

Note: Is this the same J. H. COMBS who married Eddie BROWN in 1907? She died in 1910.


COMBS, Josie w 62 Tennessee
living alone

V98, ED133, S6, L4

COMBS, Mary J. w 42 Tennessee
Hubert son 13 Texas
Alva son 11 Texas
Bonnie dau 10 Texas

09 July 1920 Dudley Ewing Combs, son of Solomon Combs and Melvina HERD was born in Lee Co., Va 30 Oct 1860 and died 09 Jul 1920 in Greenville, Hunt, Texas. A Farmer. Buried in Clinton, TX. Married, wife's name not given.]

Source: Death records of Texas from FamilySearch - Record Search - Pilot Site, Contributed by Barbara Stacy Mathews

1924 (Sulphur Springs News-Telegram, 16 Jan 1924)

PEDIGO, Mary, Mrs.- Mrs Pedigo and infant babe were buried in Commerce. [later report] She was twenty-two years of age in September; born in Como, and partly reared there. She moved with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. COMBS, to Quitman community when she was approaching womanhood. For three years she was a student at East Texas State Teacher's College. She later taught at Forest Academy and later at New Hope. She married Metz PEDIGO and made their home in Commerce.

Note: Mary PEDIGO was Mary Murry Combs b. 2 Sep 1901 d. 13 Jan 1924. W. S. COMBS is Willis Seborn Combs, the son of Thomas Jackson Combs. Metz PEDIGO subsequently married Mary's younger sister, Ivy Minnie Combs. He died 1 Sep 1954. See Hopkins Co., TX

1928-1929 Honorable Mention: Early Families of Hunt County, Texas, compiled by June Jackson Applen and Hattie Kimball Pompa, 1982 p. 11

The Rev. Charles P. COMBS came to Quinlan about 1928/9. He was a very fine minister and a good Christian gentleman. His good wife and two daughters made a great family. One daughter married Garnett WADE, and they reside in Quinlan. My mother was very ill for many months, and passed away in 1931. Rev. COMBS and his good wife were guardian angels in time of need. They both have a special place in my heart." -Hallie Weems Neighbors

circa 1920s-1930s Honorable Mention: Early Families of Hunt County, Texas, Volume II. compiled by June Jackson Applen & Hattie Kimball Pompa. 1982

Alma Lee GRAHAM married George W. COMBS. Alma was born in 1911 to William Pierce "Bill" GRAHAM and Maggie STAPLETON. "Bill" was born 9 Sep 1875 to Daniel B. and Elizabeth Hale NORRIS GRAHAM.

Note: It appears that Alma died in 1980. George seems to have lived 1893-1971. (See Van Sickle Cemetery below.)

31 July 1941 Milvina [Melvina] Virginia Combs, died 31 July 1940, Caddo Mills, Hunt Co, TX, married, female, white, age 77y, 4m, 3d; born 28 Mar 1863 Tree [Lee] Co, Va.; father: John HERD; mother: Melvina ROBINSON, buried: Clinton, Tx, 1 Aug. 1940

Source: Death records of Texas from FamilySearch - Record Search - Pilot Site, Abstracted by Sue Elfving

Note: Wife of Dudley Ewing Combs

24 Jan 1949 William Thomas COMBS died in Phillips Hospital at age 57. He was born in Cullman County, Alabama, to James and Sarah WILLIAMS COMBS on 15 Sep 1891. They moved to Hopkins County, Texas in 1896. He married Kate Irene GREENWOOD in 1910 in Como, Texas. He worked as a traveling salesman for Remington Rand Corp. for 25 years. He lived in Greenville the last three years of his life. He was buried in Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville. He was survived by two sons; 2 brothers: Henry COMBS of San Antonio; Edward COMBS of Temple, Texas; 3 sisters: Mrs. B. D. CRAWFORD of San Antonio; Mrs. Grace McCORD of Cumby, Texas; Mrs. A. J. STICE of Phoenix, Arizona; and one grandson.

Tapp Funeral Home records, Sulphur Springs

12 Dec 1960 Henry Peter Combs, died 12 Dec 1960, Rt 5, Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas, age 90y; married, resided Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas; buried 12 Dec 1960, Rt 4, Wellend Cemetery, Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas; Informant: Mrs Henry P Combs; Father: Isaac Combs; Mother: Melveta HEARD

Source: Death records of Texas from FamilySearch - Record Search - Pilot Site, Abstracted by Sue Elfving

Note: Henry Peter Combs was the son of Solomon Combs, not Isaac Combs, unless Solomon's name was Solomon Isaac Combs for which we have no documentation. He is listed with his parents in their 1880 Lee Co, VA census record.

Texas Death Records: 1964-1998

4 Jan 1969 Stanley Byron COMBS died.

Note: Could this be "Byron," age 6, found in the household of John H. COMBS in the 1920 Census? See above. See below -- Mt. Carmel Cemetery

7 Dec 1969 Alice COMBS died. She was widowed.

13 Apr 1975 James T. COMBS died.

19 Sep 1980 (Texas Death Records: 1964-1998) Alma L. COMBS died.

Note: This could be Alma Lee GRAHAM who married George W. COMBS. See above.

14 Jul 1981 Lois Dudley COMBS died.

21 Aug 1988 Thelma J. COMBS died.

20 Oct 1990 Mittie W. COMBS died.

Hunt County Cemeteries

Cemetery Inscriptions of Hunt County, Texas. Volumes I and II. Compiled by John J. Armstrong. 1988. and Hunt County, Texas, Cemeteries. Compiled by Francis Terry Ingmire and Robert Lee Thompson. Mountain Press. 1977

Brigham Cemetery

Fannie COMBS 1873 - 1930

Note: This could be the same Fannie COMBS found on the 1920 Census. See above.

Clinton Cemetery

Eddie COMBS w/o J. H. COMBS 3 Feb 1884 - 6 Jul 1910

Note: Eddie BROWN married J. H. COMBS in 1907. See above.

Dulaney Cemetery

Maudie COMBS d/o G. F. & S. A. COMBS 1 Sep 1889 - 22 Dec 1893

East Mount Cemetery

Maudie J. COMBS 10 Feb 1882 - 13 Dec 1927

C. W. COMBS (IOOF) 12 Feb 1879 - 22 Apr 1941

Note: Charles married Maudie PIPPINS in 1903. See also the 1920 Census above.

Forest Park Cemetery
(Babyland Section)

Gary Dan COMBS born & died 1958

(Section B)

Millard L. COMBS 4 Apr 1902 - 20 Jun 1955

Note: Could this be "Millard," age 17, in the household of Dudley L. COMBS in the 1920 Census? See above.

(Section E)

William Thomas COMBS 15 Sep 1891 - 24 Jan 1949

Mount Carmel Cemetery

Stanley B. COMBS 1915 - 1969

Billy B. COMBS 1940 - 1958

Van Sickle Cemetery

George W. COMBS 11 Apr 1893 - 21 Mar 1971

Note: (Texas Death Records: 1964-1998) He died in Fannin County. (See above.) He married Alma Lee GRAHAM. She died in 1980.

Weiland Cemetery

Lydia F. COMBS 1876 - 1963

Henry P. COMBS 1870 - 1966

William Bruce COMBS 1900 - 1945

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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