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Soldier NameRegiment & CompanyRank I/OAlternate NameComments
D. Combs12th Batt’n, VA Lt Art Co BPvt/"
D. McComb134th Reg’t, PA Inf Co F&S1Lt & QM/"McComb, David
D. A. McComb10th Reg’t, FL Inf Co GPvt/"
D. A. McCombCamp of Instr, Talladega, AL/McCombs, David A.
D. A. McCombe10th Reg’t, FL Inf Co GPvt/"McComb, D.A.
D. C. Comber21st Reg’t, SC Inf Co APvt/CplCumbie, D.C.
D. C. Combie21st Reg’t, SC Inf Co APvt/CplCumbie, D.C.
D. D. Comer14th Reg’t, PA Cav Co I (159th Vols)Pvt/"Comer, Dailey D.
D. D. Comes22nd Reg’t, NY Inf Nat’l Grd Co A (30 days, 1863)Pvt/"Comes, Daniel D
D. F. Comer45th Reg’t, VA Inf Co HPvt/"Carver, Daniel S.
D. Henry McComas8th Reg’t, MI Inf Co EPvt/SgtMcComas, David H.
D. J. McCombs10th/11th Cons’d Reg’t, TN Cav Co EPvt/"
D. M. Com20th Batt’n, GA Cav Co C, DCpl/PvtComer, D.M.
D. M. Comer59th Reg’t, VA InfPvt/"
D. M. Comer20th Batt’n, GA Cav Co C,DCpl/PvtCorner, D.M.
D. N. McCombsUnassigned US Vol Inf/
D. S. Cumber46th Reg’t, IN Inf Co IPvt/"
D. W. Combs20th Reg’t, TX Inf Co I (Elmore’s)Pvt/"
Daniel C. Comer33rd Reg’t, OH Inf Co KPvt/"Conner, Daniel C.
Daniel D. Combes22nd Reg’t, NY St Mil Co B (3mo 1862)Pvt/"
Daniel D. Macomber1st Reg’t, MA Inf Co DPvt/"
Daniel F. Colms23rd Reg’t, AR Inf Co BPvt/"Collins, Daniel F.
Daniel R. Macomber1st Ind Batt, MA Lt ArtPvt/"
Daniel S. Combes158th Reg’t, NY Inf Co CPvt/"Combes, Daniel
Daniel T. Comer20th Reg’t, TN CavPvt/"
Daniel Combs5th Reg’t, KY Mon’t Inf Co KPvt/"
Daniel Combs82nd Reg’t, NY InfPvt/
Daniel Comer2nd Reg’t, TN Mon’t Inf Co IPvt/"
Daniel Coombs21st Reg’t, MA Inf Co EPvt/"
Daniel Coomer1st Reg’t, IN Cav Co BPvt/"Conner, Daniel
Daniel McCombs1st Reg’t Creek Mon't Vols, CSA Co DPvt/"McComes, Daniel
Darius Combs28th Reg’t, IL Inf Co CPvt/"
Darius Comer42nd Reg’t, OH Inf Co IPvt/"
David A. McCombsCamp of Inst, Talladega, AL/
David J. McCombs18th Reg’t, TX Cav Co G (Darnell's)Pvt/"
David N. McCombs10th Reg’t, AL Inf Co BPvt/"
David A. Comer4th Reg’t, VT Inf Co DPvt/"
David A. McComb5th Reg’t, VA Inf Co APvt/"
David B. Comer3rd Reg’t, MO Inf Co CPvt/"
David D. Combs144th Reg’t, IN Inf Co BPvt/Prin Musn
David D. Coombes144th Reg’t, IN Inf Co BPvt/Prin MusnCombs, David D.
David D. Coombs144th Reg’t, IN Inf Co BPvt/Prin MusnCombs, David D
David E. Combs9th Reg’t, ME Inf Co B/Combs, David E.
David E. ComesBrackett’s Batt’n, MN Cav Co CPvt/"
David E. Coombs9th Reg’t, ME Inf Co BCpl/"
David H. CombsSlayback’s Reg’t, MO Cav Co IPvt/"
David H. Macomber1st Reg’t, RI Lt Art Co EPvt/"Macomber, David
David H. McComas8th Reg’t, MI Inf Co EPvt/Sgt
David J. Combs13th Reg’t, NY Heavy Art Co HPvt/Cpl
David J. Combs8th Reg’t, NY Heavy Art/Pvt
David J. Combs14th Reg’t, NY Heavy ArtPvt/"
David J. Comer42nd Reg’t, OH Inf Co IPvt/"
David N. McCombs1st Reg’t, US Vet Vol Inf Co KPvt/"
David P. McComb23rd Reg’t, OH Inf Co EPvt/"McCombs, David P.
David P. McCombs23rd Reg’t, OH Inf Co EPvt/"
David R. McColm39th Reg’t, OH Inf Co EFPvt/"
David R. McComas5th Reg’t, KS Cav Co APvt/"
David S. Combs8th Reg’t, TX Cav Co D (Terry’s) (1st & 8th Rangers)Pvt/"See Hays Co, TX and Brewster Co, TX
David V. Combs115th Reg’t, OH Inf Co FPvt/Sgt
David W. McComb4th Reg’t, PA Cav Co C (64th Vols)Pvt/"
David W. McComb2nd Batt’n, PA Inf Co D (6 mo, 1863-1864)Pvt/"
David W. McCombs155th Reg’t, PA Inf Co CPvt/"McCombs, D.W.
David W. McCombs4th Reg’t, PA Cav Co C (64th Vols)Pvt/"McComb, David W.
David Combes30th Reg’t, TN Inf Co ESgt/"
David Combs10th Reg’t, KY Cav Co B (Diamond’s)Pvt/"Combs, Peter
David CombsWood’s Reg’t, Conf Cav Co G (1st MS Cav) (Wirt Adams’ Reg’t)Pvt/"
David Combs5th Reg’t, KY Mon’t Inf Co IPvt/"
David Combs3rd Reg’t, MD Inf Co IPvt/"
David Combs56th Reg’t, IL Inf Co K (Mechanic Fusileers)Pvt/"
David Combs17th Reg’t, NC Inf Co L (2nd Org)Pvt/"
David Combs12th Reg’t, IL Cav Co CPvt/"Combs, D.
David Combs91st Reg’t, OH Inf Co FPvt/Sgt
David Combs30th Reg’t, TN Inf Co ESgt/"Combes, David
David Combs13th Reg’t, KY Cav Co GIPvt/"Combs, Peter
David Combs26th Reg’t, TN Inf Co K (3rd East TN Vols)Pvt/"
David Comer187th Reg’t, OH InfPvt/"
David Comer63rd Reg’t, USCT Inf Co APvt/"See also 69 USCT
D:Comer, David
David Comer192nd Reg’t, OH Inf Co F&SPvt/ComSgt
David Coombs30th Reg’t, TN Inf Co ESgt/"Combes, David
David Kombs209th Reg’t, PA Inf Co KPvt/"Koms, David
David Macomber9th Reg’t, ME Inf Co CPvt/"
David McColm129th Reg’t, OH Inf Co GPvt/"
David McComb5th Reg’t, KY Cav Co GPvt/"
David McComb50th Reg’t, NY Eng’rs Co CPvt/"
David McComb12th Reg’t, RI Inf Co HPvt/"
David McComb12th Reg’t, PA Cav Co D,A (113th Vols)Pvt/"
David McComb198th Reg’t, PA Inf Co BPvt/"
David McCombe12th Reg’t, PA Cav Co D,A (113th Vols)Pvt/"McComb, David
David McComber9th Reg’t, ME Inf Co CPvt/"Macomber, David
David McCombs12th Reg’t, PA Cav Co D,A (113th Vols)Pvt/"McComb, David
David McCombs134th Reg’t, PA Inf Co F & S1Lt & QM/"McComb, D.
David McCombs1st Reg’t, US Res Corps, MO Hm Grd Co IPvt/"
David McCombs4th Reg’t, MO St Mil Cav Co FPvt/Sgt
David McCombs5th Reg’t, PA Heavy Art Co A (204th Vols)Pvt/"
David McCombs62nd Reg’t, PA Inf Co GPvt/"
David McCombs6th Reg’t, US Cav Co M (Reg Army)/Pvt
Davis Combs5th Reg’t, KY Mon’t Inf Co CPvt/"Cops, Davis
Davis Comes5th Reg’t, KY Mon’t Inf Co CPvt/"Cops, Davis
Dempsey CombsBarry’s Co, TN Lt Art (Lookout Art)Pvt/"
Denman J. Coombes72nd Reg’t, IN Inf Co EPvt/"
Denman J. Coombs72nd Reg’t, IN Inf Co EPvt/"Coombes, Denman J.
Dennis Cam4th Reg’t, KY Cav Co CWagn’r/PvtConn, Henry
Dennis Comber2nd Reg’t, DE Inf Co FCpl/Cpl
Dennis Comber1st Reg’t, US Inf Co E (Reg Army)/
Dennis Comber3rd Reg’t, US Inf Co H (Reg Army)/Pvt
Dennis Coombs29th Reg’t, ME Inf Co KPvt/"
Dennis Cumber2nd Reg’t, DE Inf Co FCpl/CplComber, Dennis
Dennis Macomber1st Reg’t, Eng’rs & Mechs, MI Co KPvt/"McOmber, Dennis
Dewight Combs2nd Reg’t, NY Vet Cav Co CPvt/"
Dexter M. Macomber1st Reg’t, MI Cav Co C,HPvt/"Macomber, Dexter
Dick A. McComber13th Reg’t, IL Cav Co HLt/LtMcOmber, Dick A.
Dyer B. Comb21st Reg’t, OH Inf Co HPvt/"Combs, Dyer B.
Dyer B. Combs21st Reg’t, OH Inf Co HPvt/"Combs, Dyer