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Delaware was first part of Maryland with the first colonization by the British in 1637 in Maryland's original St. Mary's County. In 1642, Delaware became part of Maryland's Kent County, and in 1662, part of Talbot County. In 1666, Somerset County was established from non-county area, then Durham from Somerset and non-county. In 1673, the Dutch established courts at Upland, New Amstel and Hoarkill, and in 1677, New Amstel's name was changed to New Castle. In 1678, New Castle gained from Upland, and in 1680, St. Jones (changed to Kent in 1682) was established from New Castle and Hoarkill. In 1681, Hoarkills' name was changed to [New] Deal (changed to Sussex in 1682), and Upland abolished as a result of the establishment of Penn's Colony (Pennsylvania) when Delaware was acquired by William PENN from the Duke of York. In 1685, a Royal Decision was issued dividing Maryland and Delaware. In 1687, Kent gained from Sussex, and in 1707, Delaware, as the "three lower counties," gained self-rule from Pennsylvania. In 1760, the Maryland-Delaware line was re-defined, and in 1775, Sussex gained from Kent, Delaware's three counties extended their lines west to the Maryland line. In 1841, Kent gained from New Castle.

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Combs &c. Delaware Counties of Record

Early Combs & c. of Delaware (Tax Lists to 1800)Records
Kent CountyRecords
New Castle CountyRecords
Sussex CountyRecords

Miscellaneous Additional Delaware Records

27 Oct 1787 Delaware Marriage Records: John LARY and Ann Combs (Irish Settlers in America, Volume 1, Delaware Marriages)

Note: No county named

1790 Delaware Census

Destroyed (See Early Delaware Combs & c. Tax Lists)

1810 Delaware Census Index

New Castle County

Red Lyon Hundred

P. 193

Combs, Thomas W.

Wilmington Borough

P. 147

COOMS, Jacob

1820 Delaware Census

Not Researched

1830 Delaware Census Index

New Castle County

Newcastle Hundred

P. 128

John W. COOM

Note: Additional census records may be extant for this county, and not yet extracted from census index

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