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Kent County; Originally the Horrekill District, established in 1664. St. Jones County formed from Horrekill District in 1680, renamed Kent County in 1682.

Also See Early Combs & c. of Delaware for Tax lists prior to 1800.

SUSSEX COUNTY, DE Film #'s 0006674, 0006675*, 0006676 (earliest date 1767 - 1818) Location: Southernmost Delaware County today bordering Maryland Counties of Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico and Worcester.

1790 May 31* Kent County Delinquents
John COOMBS Collector

DKM Note: This document appears as part of item #52 and appears to have been organized into the wrong county group by mistake.

Conclusion: No other COMBES mentioned in the three films mentioned above, meaning barring my human error in reading that there were NO COMBES in SUSSEX COUNTY DELAWARE in tax lists available from 1767-1818.

15 Dec 1796 COOMES, John Admin. of/to Benjamen COOMES and Samuel COOMES. (Kent Co DE Archives) (Extracted by Researcher Linda Manlove, 1997)

1800 Kent Co, DE Census

p. 123.

Combs, Caesar,
Age ranges in household : 00000-0000040
Additional individual information : Negro, Crossed out

(Provided by Researcher Patricia Osborn Orton)

1810 Kent Co, DE Census Index

(F. N. = Free Negro)


p. 050
COOMB, Nathaniel


p. 089
COOMB, Thomas

Murderkill Hundred

p. 011
COOMB, Peter F. N

p. 012
COOMB, Samuel
F. N.

p. 013
COOMB, Peter F. N.

Smyrnia In Duck Cr

P. 100

1820 US Census , State of Delaware

Not Researched

1830 US Census Index

Camden District

P. 295
Nathaniel COOMBE

Dover Hundred

P. 263
Samuel COMBE

Murderkill Hundred

P. 300

1830 US Census Index

Note: Additional census records may be extant for this county, and not yet extracted from census index

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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