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Parishes within 10 mi. of
Combs &c. Families
of Beenham, Berkshire, EN

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Beenham, Berkshire, England was the home to numerous Combs families. We are in the process of annotating the following parishes to indicate presence of specific Combs and Combs-Associated Families; i.e., this report under construction.

Angle (deg)
Woolhampton BRK1.38 63SouthWest
Stanford Dingley BRK1.96 71NorthWest
Aldermaston BRK1.96 71SouthEast
MidghamBRK 1.9618 SouthWest
BuckleburyBRK 2.2433 NorthWest
Monk Sherborne HAM2.24 56SouthEast
WasingBRK 2.5675 SouthWest
BradfieldBRK 2.7763 NorthEast
Padworth BRK2.77 26SouthEast
Sulhampstead Bannister BRK3.1 0East
BrimptonBRK 3.153 SouthWest
Ufton Nervet BRK3.16 11SouthEast
Englefield BRK3.51 45NorthEast
Sulhampstead Abbots BRK3.77 9SouthEast
Frilsham BRK3.97 51NorthWest
YattendonBRK 4.1663 NorthWest
ThatchamBRK 4.398 SouthWest
SilchesterHAM 4.4856 SouthEast
TadleyHAM 4.5274 SouthEast
TidmarshBRK 4.8550 NorthEast
BurghfieldBRK 4.970 East
BaughurstHAM 4.9790 South
Ashampstead BRK5.12 75NorthWest
SulhamBRK 5.2745 NorthEast
Stratfield Mortimer BRK5.55 26SouthEast
TilehurstBRK 5.8632 NorthEast
PangbourneBRK 5.8657 NorthEast
Hampstead Norris BRK6.15 45NorthWest
Shaw cum Donnington BRK6.21 0West
BasildonBRK 6.3378 NorthEast
Whitchurch OXF6.39 60NorthEast
PamberHAM 6.4873 SouthEast
GreenhamBRK 6.4816 SouthWest
WolvertonHAM 6.4873 SouthWest
PurleyBRK 6.641 NorthEast
NewburyBRK 6.865 SouthWest
EwhurstHAM 6.9479 SouthWest
AldworthBRK 7.0874 NorthWest
BramleyHAM 7.0852 SouthEast
KingsclereHAM 7.2459 SouthWest
SandlefordBRK 7.2719 SouthWest
Mapledurham OXF7.48 41NorthEast
StreatleyBRK 7.4885 NorthEast
EccinswellHAM 7.4848 SouthWest
ChieveleyBRK 7.524 NorthWest
NewtownHAM 7.524 SouthWest
Stratfield Saye HAM7.58 34SouthEast
SpeenBRK 8.14 SouthWest
BurghclereHAM 8.132 SouthWest
Goring OXF8.17 81NorthEast
ComptonBRK 8.3363 NorthWest
Winterbourne BRK8.45 17NorthWest
Sherborne St John HAM8.45 72SouthEast
HanningtonHAM 8.4572 SouthWest
Reading, St. Giles, St. Lawrence and St. Mary BRK8.65 21NorthEast
BeedonBRK 8.7845 NorthWest
Stratfield Turgiss HAM8.83 39SouthEast
Sherfield Upon Loddon HAM8.83 50SouthEast
WoodcoteOXF 8.8965 NorthEast
Swallowfield BRK9.04 15SouthEast
CavershamOXF 9.1728 NorthEast
Hartley Wespall HAM9.23 42SouthEast
SydmontonHAM 9.2347 SouthWest
ShinfieldBRK 9.320 East
MoulsfordBRK 9.3290 North
South Stoke OXF9.34 86NorthEast
Wootton St Lawrence HAM9.34 86SouthEast
EnborneBRK 9.511 SouthWest
PeasemoreBRK 9.8234 NorthWest
East Ilsley BRK9.82 55NorthWest

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This report prepared with by Terry Lawson, Gerry Lawson and Derek Boys.