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Bishops Tawton, a parish in the north division, Hundred of South Molton, less than two miles south of Barnstaple, less than two miles southwest of Landkey, 3-3/4 miles northwest of Swimbridge and less than 10 miles northwest of South Molton, in the peculiar jurisdiction of the Bishop of Exeter. On the division of the see of Sherborne, about 905, Tawton was made the seat of the Devonshire diocese, by Eadulphus, or Werstan, its first bishop; but under the second (Putta) it was translated to Crediton, and, in 1550, Bishop VESEY conveyed the manor to the RUSSELL family. This parish contains the populous village of Newport... (Lewis)

1332 Bishops Tawton. Devonshire Lay Subsidy Rolls Thomas de COMB', 2s

26 Jun 1620 Bishops Tawton, Devonshire. Married: Grace COOMBE & George ANTHONY (IGI  (B: 18 Sep 1982 LOGAN Ba: E050341; E: 17 Nov 1982, LOGAN, So: 916815, Pr: 1037002, film not read)

2 Mar 1662 Bishops Tawton, Devonshire. Christened: John COMB, s/o Samuel & Catherine COMB (IGI Ba: C050341, So: 916815, Pr: 0933230, film not read)

1692 Tawton, Devonshire Episcopi t. Elioner COOMBE alias YOLLAND. (See Index to Devonshire Wills & Admins, p. 47)

Notes : There are also two other Devonshire Tawtons: North Tawton in the Hundred of North Tawton with Winkley and South Tawton in the Hundred of Wonford. Given the "alias YOLLAND," Bishop's Tawton seems more likely.

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