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In 1086, twenty years after his Conquest, William, King of England and Duke of Normandy, primarily for tax purposes, commissioned the Domesday surveys, a detailed record of all lands held by the king and his tenants, including livestock, plows, mills, etc. The surveys also detail which manors belonged to whom, identifying the tenants in chief (land received from the Crown), and the tenants and undertenants of the tenants-in chief (manorial lords). The Domesday surveys also include hundreds of individuals listed by given names only. When an individual's (apparent) surname is prefaced by "de," it may represent a surname, a location, or an allegiance. Some of the following, which is only a sampling, were Combes, some were not. Some had more than one surname and some never had a surname, or had descendants or siblings with different surnames, thus the following entries are meaningless without substantial added information. The first location(s) given on each line is the present-day location/spelling according to The Domesday Book, in conjunction with the Devonshire Gazeteer:
Ashleigh/Ashley (modern), Tiverton "Aisselie/Assileia: Ralph from Iudhael [Judahel] of Totnes."

Berry Pomeroy (modern) "Ralph [de Pomeroy] himself holds Berie. Alric held it before 1066. It paid tax for 2 hides. Land for 25 ploughs. 16 slaves. R[alph] has 1 hide and 4 ploughs in lordship. 45 villagers and 17 smallholders with 17 ploughs and 1 hide. Meadow, 10 acres; woodland, 100 acres; pasture, 40 acres. 8 cattle; 17 pigs; 560 sheep. Formerly 16; value now £12."

Bolberry (modern) "Boltesberie/beria/Boteberie/Botestesberia: Hugh and Richard from Count of Mortain."

Bowcombe (modern) "Cume/Coma: Reginald from Count of Mortain."

Brendon (modern) "Brendon/Brandone. Ralph [de Pomeroy] himself holds Brandone. Alward son of Toki held it before 1066. it paid tax for 1 hide. Land for 8 ploughs. In lordship 2 ploughs; 5 slaves; 1/2 hide. 7 villagers and 6 smallholders with 6 ploughs and 1/2 hide. Woodland, 30 acres; pasture, 2 leagues. 1 cob; 104 unbroken mares; 25 cattle; 8 pigs; 100 sheep; 30 goats. Formerly 30s; value now 100s. 'Lank Combe' has been added to this manor. Edwin held it before 1066. It paid tax for 1 furlong. land for 1 plough. 1 villager who pays 3s. This Edwin could go where he would."

Bridewater (modern) "Bidestou: Ralph de Pomeroy from Baldwin the Sheriff. 135 sheep." (Bridestowe per The Domesday Book)

Buckland (modern) in Thurlestone "Bocheland/landa: Hugh from Count of Mortain."

Combe (modern), South Pool Parish "Cumbe/Conba: William from Iudhael [Judahel] of Totnes."

Combe Fishacre (modern) (House), Ippelpen Parish "Cumbe/Comba: Ralph de Pomeroy from Iudhael of Totnes."

Combeinteignhead (Modern, Village and Parish) "Cumbe/Comba: William Cheever."

Combe Martin (Modern, Parish) "Cumbe/Comba: William de Falaise. 21 cattle, 140 sheep."

Combe Raleigh (Modern, Manor, Village and Parish) "Otri: Hubert from Walter de Douai. 38 cattle, 28 pigs, 200 sheep, 50 goats, 4 wild mares."

Combe Royal (Modern, House), West Alvington "Cumbe: Osbern from Robert Bastard."

Combe Sackville (Modern, farm), Silverton "Colun/Colum /Colunp"

Combpyne (modern) "Come/Coma: Odo from Baldwin the Sheriff."

Coombe (Modern, Farm), Cheriton Fitzpaine "Cumbe/Comba: Jagelin from Theobald FitzBerner."

Coombe (modern), Cruwys Morchard "Cumbe/Conba: Haimeric."

Coombe (modern), Drewsteignton "Cume/Cuma: Godwin from the king."

Coombe (modern) in Templeton, North Combe and South Combe (Hamlets) "Come/Coma: Bishop of Coutances. 20 cattle."

Coombe (Modern, House) in Uplowman "Come/Coma/Conma: Walter the Wild from Walter de Claville; Gotshelm. Mill."

Culm Davy (Modern, House, Manor, Hamlet, Chapelry) "Cumbe/Comba: Oliver from Theobald FitzBerner. Mill. 20 cattle."

Culm Pyne (Modern), Culm Pyne Barton "Colun: Otelin from Baldwin the Sheriff. Mill. 20 goats.

Holcombe Rogus (Modern, House and Parish) "Holecome/coma: Rogo from Baldwin the Sheriff. 2 mills. 22 pigs."

Hollacombe (Modern) in Kentisbury "Holecome/coma: Walter de Douai."

Ivedon (Modern, Farm) Awliscombe "Otri: WARIN and Ralph FITZPAYNE from William CHEEVER; Ralph de POMEROY and Rozelin from him."

Lank Combe (modern) "Lacome/Lancoma: Ralph de Pomeroy."

Higher Spriddlescombe (modern), Spriddlescombe "Combe/Comba: Dunn from Count of Mortain.

Langstone (modern) "Langestan/Langhestan: Hugh from Baldwin the Sheriff."

Melhuish (modern, manor), Melhuish Barton, Tedburn St. Mary. "Melewis: Hughes de Rennes from Baldwin the Sheriff. 24 goats."

Thrushelton (modern) "Tresetone: Iudhael of Totnes. 17 cattle."

Uffculme (modern) "Offecome/coma: Walter de Douai. 2 mills. 14 cattle, 220 sheep.

Waringstone (modern), now Weston "Otri/Otrie/Oteri/Otria: WARIN from William Cheever. 10 cattle, 20 pigs."

The above Ralph de Pomeroy may have been Rafe de COMBE of Bridestowe, Devonshire, father of a William and Nicholas de COMBE - according to the Bidlake Visitation of Bridestowe, which includes John de BIDLAKE, son of William de COMBE (to provide just one example of the difficulties of medieval research. Also note that Iudhael (Judahel) of Totnes was the father of Aanor, wife of William de BRAOSE, Lord of the Rape of Bramber, Sussex, and closely associated with Hugh de COMBE of Coombes Manor, Sussex.
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