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Layer Marney, a parish in the hundred of Winstree, Essex, 7 miles southwest of Colchester. (Lewis…, 1831, Vol. III, p 38)

4 Nov 1545 Sale by Charles TUKE of Laer Marney, esquire, to Robert CAMMOCK of the same, yeoman, of messuage, lands, etc., called Vin's in Messing, Wigborough, or Laer Marney, in occupation of Robert MARCH, and also lands called Dawbes and Patts, sometime called Widdowe Lands, parcel of Dewbes and Pratts, “in the occupation of the said CAMMOCK”.

(SEAX - Essex Archives Online, Essex Record Office, Essex Portion of Gorhambury Estate, Archives, Luckyn Family Of Messing, Manor of The Rectory, Messing, Ref: D/DH/VF128). Note: This site includes ordering information.

16 Mar 1560/1 (Essex Wills, (Arch. Colchester. Puckell, 8)) Will of John MOTTE of Layer Marney, Essex, Yeoman, 16 March, 1560. To wife Agnes my house and lands in Much Wigborough, Essex, called Hidde for her life she to pay to my executor 40/- a year and to discharge a bond between Robert BRODOCKE that married the wife of AUDLEY and me. After her decease the house and lands to go to John the son of William MOTTE in satisfaction of a legacy of £30 given to him by his father's last will, and he to pay to Mary MOTTE such residue of the £30 bequeathed her as has not been paid. To Anne HITHE a bedstead etc. To wife £40, residue of household stuff and cattle. She to have two thirds of the corn growing at Wigborough and my brother Richard the other third. To John HITHE a colt and a silver spoon. Silver spoons to Stephen Hithe, Elizabeth Hithe and John PIGNET. To Prissitt MOTTE an old ryall and a silver spoon. To my brother Richard MOTTE 3 kine and io boggs. To my brother John a tyke that I had of him being fifteen sticks in ye tike. I deliver the surrender of my said house and land into the hands of John ALLEYNE, Thomas HARVYE, and John GRAUNTE. Res. & Ex. brother John MOTTE. Wit: Robert CAMOEKE, John GRAUNTE, Cristopher AYLEWARD, Edward MUTTON, Thomas GAGE. Probate not mentioned.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin from English Origins of American Colonists, a Digest of Essex Wills with Particular Reference to Names of Importance in the American Colonies, William Gilbert, No. 192, page 250) (See Also MOTT Family)


Brothers George & John MOTT are found in early Old Rappahannock Co VA records, but their ancestry has not been traced. See also Combs-Harvey of later Staffordshire and also herein.

08 Feb 1562/3 - 09 Jan 1569/70 Essex EN Wills (696) William HARVYE of Langenhoe, 8 Feb. 1562/3. To Thomas, John and William my sons each £13 6s.8d. at 21. To John REYNER and Thomas REYNER my sons-in-law and Joan REYNER my daughter-in-law each a cow. The residue of my goods to Cecily my wife, on condition that she stand bound to Robert CAMMOCKE of Layer Marney yeoman in £60 to keep and honestly bring up my said three sons until they shall be of years able to be put unto masters to learn such sciences, crafts and occupations as shall be towards their commodities and profits thereafter, by the advice and consent of the said Robert CAMMOCKE. I ordain my executrix my wife Cecily and my supervisor Robert. Witnesses: James ROCHEWELL [recte ROTHEWELL] clerk [rector of Langenhoe], Robert PLATTFOOT, Thomas HARVYE tailor. Proved 9 Jan. 1569/70.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin from Wills of the County of Essex (England) Volume 2 1565-1571 by F.G. Emmison, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA, 1983)

The above Robert CAMMOCK was great-grandfather of Warwick CAMMOCK of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. See Also 1572 will of another Essex Wm. HARVEY whose will includes mention of servant Alice COMBS. See Also Robert PLATFOOT named in will of Nicholas WILBORE of Colchester who also names his “brother Edward COMBS”.

2 Mar 1570 Calendar of Essex Assize File [ASS 35/12/4] Assizes held at Chelmsford 2 March 1570. MEMORANDUM. Gaol Delivery of the Castle of Colchester held at Chelmsford on Thursday in the third week of lent. At the General Sessions of the peace held at Chelmsford on Thursday after the Feast of St. Michael, before Robert RICHE knt. Lord Riche. John Lord Darcis of Chiche, Thomas MYLDMAY knt., Leonard SANDELL, George NICOLLS, Edmund BOCKING, John PYNCHON, Edward RICHE and Matth. BRADBURY esquires, on the oaths of Peter GRENE, Ralph HOLLEROW, William THURGOOD, John POLLARD, John PARMYTER, rob. TYFFEN, Thomas BURGAN, John GRENE, Geo, PARKER, John CLERKE, Thomas MOTT, Michael TAME and Chris, GROVE, who say that Edward FENTOUNE of Ugley clerk, 2 February 11 Eliz., broke into the close of William MORE of Chickney husbandman, and stole two “ewes” belonging to Richard BRODE; Edward PENTON gave recognizances of £320 to appear at the next Assizes. On the oaths of John MEADE, Thomas RAYNER, John WAYLETT, Thomas LOVEDAY, Simon BARKER, Stephen COBBAN, Richard WESTWOOD, Barthol. PARTRICHE, John LEPINGWELL, William HEDGE, John DEANE, John SPARROW, Hugh BAKER, Robert ?CARLLYN, Jermayne ALEXANDER and John CURLING, who say that John GRENE of Colchester baker and John CASTELL of London butcher, 12 September 11 Eliz., broke into the close of Robert CAMMOCKS of “Layer Marvis” gentleman and stole twenty “ewes” worth £34, belonging to William REYNOLDES alias SMYTHE of Maldon baker, at “Howghefelde” at Layer Marney; John REYNOLDES alias SMYTHS of Maldon gave recognizance of £310 to appear at the next General Sessions to give evidence against CRANE and CASTELL.

At the General Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Thursday after the Feast of the Epiphany, 12 Eliz., before Thomas MYLDMAYE knt., Edward RICHE and John PYNCHON esqs., on the oaths of John WAYLETT, Thomas GODSALFE, Henry SYDAY, Thomas LOVEDAY, John SAVAGE, Robert WRIGHTS, Thomas MEADS, Stephen COLLEN, William PAYNE, Thomas PORTER, Reginald RUTTER, Edward LAURENES, William ?OWGHAM, John BASTWICE, John GOFFE, John PAGELL, John CHOPPYN, Thomas LAKE, Thomas HAVER, Robert CRESSELDE and wm. BYRDE, who say that Edward FENTON of Ugley, “clarke”, 1 March 11 Eliz., broke into the close of William PAYNE thre and stole a “ewe”, belonging to Henry MOTT there; John SMYTHE alias Salmon of Danbury “byerbruer” and Thomas [illegible] of … husbandman, gave recognizance, John in £310 to appear at the next Assizes; Zacarines FULLER yeoman, William Tressor, husbandman, Anthony CLAN ?)DELL and William GLASCOCK yeoman, all of Danbury, gave recognizances of £35 each to appear at the next General Sessions to give evidence againt John SMYTHE alias SALMON.

[ASS 35/12/4/50] (SEAX - Essex Archives Online, Essex Record Office, Calendar of Essex Assize Records, Ref: T/A 418/16/50).

25 Apr 1571 Essex Wills (558)) Will of Edward HEARD [abode not given], 25 Apr. 1571. To be buried in Layer Marney churchyard. To the poor people of Kelvedon 3s.4d. To Thomas COLLY[N]SON 20s. at 20; if he die without issue, to his brethren and sisters; if he doth not remain and dwell with my son till then, using him well and as a servant ought to be used, he shall have nothing. To Mary HEARDE if she live to 20 20s. and 2 sheep. To the poor of Layer Marney 20s. To John GILES' three children 12d. and the five children of George BARKER 20s. To Mary SPAROWE my goddaughter 12d. and to Harry SPARROWE's other six children 2s. To John SPARROWE's boy 4d. The rest of my goods to John my son, whom I make my executor, and Mr. CAM[M]OCKE my supervisor. Witnesses: Robert CAMMOCK, John GYLE [sic]. Proved 30 May 1571.

Wills of the County of Essex (England) Volume 3 1571-15?? by F.G. Emmison)

Search Words: Gill Collinson, Collyson

29 Jan 1582/3 - 05 Mar 1586/7 (Essex Wills 30/14) Will of Robert CAMOCKE of Layer Marney gentleman, 29 January 1582. To be buried honestly in Layer Marney church. To Mary my wife, in consideration that she claim no dower or third in my lands, my lease of How Field and Rockinghams for George TUKE esquire deceased and my lease of the manor and lands called Abbottes in Wigborough and Layer Marney as specified in the lease taken of the Abbot of St. Osyth or St Tosies to me; which leases I have delivered to my faithful friend and brother-in-law George EVERTON gentleman to the use of his sister Mary, my wife. To her my house in Layer Marney called Dukes with the grounds belonging, for life, and 40 loads of good wood (except timber and other woods not usually lopped) delivered for her necessary fuel yearly from Crammers to Kickes; and she may lop and shred so much wood meetest of such trees as heretofore have been lopped or shred. If she do not inhabit my house but put the same over clean out of her hands to be occupied with a farmer, such farmer to have yearly for his fuel but 20 loads. To my wife for life the four fields called Stampes with a little pightle next to COUPER'S house, Hockley abutting on Layer Breton Heath, and two other fields called Hockley; two fields called Syons between the lands of STAMPES and DUKES; land called the Harp (containing 9 acres) parcel of the messuage of Crammers between the causy leading to Colchester and lands of DUKES; a messuage called Moones and Belldammes in Langenhoe with the lands belonging; and lands called Beldammes now in three pieces, and my fields called Waddes (7 acres) in Langenhoe in the occupation of Ralph BAKER. To my wife a gown of mine furred with white, and all the hay and straw in the rooms and barns about Kukes; my new bible of the greatest volume for life and after to Mary daughter of my son Thomas CAMOCKE; and my household stuff, except my furniture of armour which I give to my son Thomas, except also my horsemill, the brass called the lead in the brewing house with the yeald vat, the cowl vat, the mash vat and troughs, and a press in my chamber, which are to remain in my house to my heirs. In consideration that I have given my household stuff to my wife, she shall pay Mary £10 at marriage. Thomas to have the pasturing of his cattle in Howe Field, Nightingales Queache, Howe Field Meadow, Barunden Hill and all Layer Fields in my occupation.

To my wife 6 seam of wheat; 5 silver pots parcel gilt, a tun pot double gilt which my son bought last at London for me, 12 silver spoons marked with her name and mine, my goblet of silver, a silver bowl, my silver salt parcel gilt, one of my stone pots with silver and gilt, and one pot of silver and gilt which her uncle EYRE gave her; my best and next best geldings; her own apparel and jewels; and 20 of my best milch neat at her choice. To her for life my lands and lease of them which John BARON holdeth in lease of me in Layer Breton, i.e. 6 crofts called Moones, 3 crofts called Thorn Crofts, 2 called Smith Crofts abutting against the lands of Henry BRETTON gentleman called Green Field on the south and against Layer Breton Heath [and] the highway from Garland towards Sialkot on the north; a croft with a meadow called Manes lying before the parsonage gate of Layer Breton; and a meadow with a grove called Nor Meadow between the lands called Scoters on the north and those of John MAKIN on the south. To her also £40.

To my daughter Dorothy wife of Richard WHITLOCKE £6 13s.4d. To my very friend Mistress Margaret TUKE widow 3 angels for a ring in remembrance of me. To my sister Mistress SPILMAN widow, my cousin Thomas ARMIGER and his wife, my brother-in -law George EVERTON and my sister, his wife, each a royal of gold for a ring. To my cousin SAMMES' wife of Aldham Hall an old angel for a ring. To my daughter-in-law Ursula CAMOCKE 2 old angels for a ring. To Elizabeth WESTBROWNE the eldest an angel for a ring. To Richard WHITLOCKE my son-in-law 2 old angels to make him a ring to wear for my sake, and my daughter, his wife, 2 old rials of gold of 20s. apiece likewise; to him 5 of my best cart horse and a shod cart. To Robert CAMOLE [sic], my son's child and my godson, and George, Mary, Elizabeth and Ursula his brother and sisters, and Jane and Francis, each £10 at 21. To Mary WHITLOCKE my goddaughter £8, Dorothy her sister £6 13s.4d, and John WHITLOCKE, their brother and my godson, £5. To Robert CAMMOCKE, my brother's son, £5, and Elizabeth his sister £6 13s.4d. To Jane wife of John BARINGTON £4.

To Robert TYE my late servant 20s.; Alice wife of Lewis BARNARD 10s.; my late servant Anne HOLMES now wife of William TOMPSON 20s.; Rose WESTWOOD my late servant 20s.; and to every of my other servants 20s. To Robert BRIDGMAN 40s. I bequeath 5 marks for 10 godly sermons to be preached in Layer Marney church for 2 years after my decease, every quarter a sermon, for every sermon 6s.8d. To the poor people of Layer Marney 40s., Layer Breton 20s., Langenhoe 20s., Messing 10s., Great Birch 10s., and Copford 10s. To the poor prisoners of the Gaol or Castle of Colchester 20s. To the repairing of Colyton Haven (Devon) 3s.4d., and the erecting of the town of Chard (Somerset) 3s.4d. To John WILTON, parson of Aldham, 40s. to preach my funeral sermon and 4 more sermons within a quarter after my decease in Layer Marney church. To the churchwardens of Layer Marney 40s. to the mending of the church. I ordain Thomas my sole executor. If he do not execute my will, he shall not have any goods of mine but my son-in-law Richard WHITLOCKE shall by my executor. I appoint George EVERTON supervisor, and £3 6s.8d. for his pains. The residue of my goods to Thomas. Witnesses: Thomas MORIS clerk [rector of Layer Marney], George TUKE, John MORRIS. Prove 5 March 1586.

(Essex Wills, Emmison)

25 Oct 1583 - 10 Feb 1584/5 (Essex Wills 27/28) Thomas ARMYGER of Jayer Marney gentleman, 25 October 1583. To be buried in the chancel of Layer Marney church. To my well-beloved wife Jane and our heirs the manor of Canewdon Hall; in Canewdon with the lands belonging, which by law is due to my wife; and the lease of the parsonage impropriate of Wickham [St Paul?] which I hold by indenture of the Earl of Oxford. To my son Thomas £20 yearly out of my manor of Canewdon towards his learning and bringing up. To Susan my eldest daughter and Elizabeth my daughter each £100 at 20 or marriage. To the poor of Layer Marney 20s. To Thomas a high salt and a goblet, both of silver double gilt, which goblet was my father's, at 21 or marriage. The rest of my plate, jewels, goods and household stuff to my wife, my children and Mary wife of Robert CAMMOCK to be equally divided and my wife to take her first choice. To my sister-in-law Mary wife of Thomas BADBY esquire 2 angels of gold for a remembrance of me. I ordain my wife my sole executrix. To the menservants of my cousin Robert CAMMOCK 10s. apiece. Witnesses: Robert CANNOCK [sic], and Henry CANNOCKE. Proved 10 February 1584.


23 July, 1598 Quarter Sessions records. Court in Session: Sessions Roll Michaelmas 1598. The Jury present that whereas on the above date being Frances, wife of Thomas CAMOCK of Layer Marney, gentleman, daughter of Sir Robert RICHE, knight, Lord Riche, deceased, came to the parish church of the same with her children, household and servants, to hear Divine Service, Elizabeth, wife of Peter TUKE of the same, esquire and Thomas STYSE of the same, carpentoer, to hinder the said Frances and prevent her and children, household and servants from hearing Divine service, did hang a lock upon the pew of the said Frances and did lock and fest the pew with the lock aforesaid; and the said Elizabeth and Nathaniel BERIDGE of the same. yeoman, servant of the said Peter TUKE, and other malefactors unkown and disturbers of the peace, by the order of the said Elizabeth, threataned the said Frances and her children and servants trying to enter her said pow, and assaulted the said Frances and Margtha CAMOCK her daughter, aged ten years, and Robert BERIDGE her servant; and the said Elizabeth and Nathaniel beat and ill-treated the said Frances, Martha and Robert, and tore a lawn apron which the said Frances wore, and violently withheld the said Frances from her said pow, so that the said Frances with her children, household and servants wer not able to hear Divine Service quietly and peacefully without peril of death.

(SEAX - Essex Archives Online, Essex Record Office, Ref: Q/SR 143/73)

20 November 1604. Court in Session: Sessions Roll Easter 1605. Presentment of Robert CAMOCK of Layer Marney, gent., Francis BULLOCK, William ALEXANDER and William CHAUNDLER of the same, yeoman, for assaulting John LUFKIN, constable of the same [see 170/52], John LUFKYN follows his bill, examined by Gifford LEAKE. Subscribed, each fined 2s.6d. signed by Sir William AYLOFF and Sir Renry MAXEY, knits., and Christophe CHIBORNE, esq.

(ibid. Ref: Q/SR 171/52)

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