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St Matthew Friday St,
(1.24 mi. north of city centre), London

Note: The primary sources for information given in regard to parish records are GenDoc's Victorian City of London Churches (Church of England a.k.a. Anglican) and FamilySearch.Org
St Matthew Friday Street (1.24 mi. due north of City Centre)was destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666, rebuilt, sold 1881, demolished in 1885. It was united to St Vedast Foster Lane in 1882. Parish records are in the Guildhall Library: marriages 1814-36, burials 1813-46. Registers for baptisms, marriages and burials 1538-1812 (marriages with St Peter Westcheap from circa 1699) were destroyed and and baptisms for 1813-82 partially destroyed in 1940. A partial index to baptisms and marriages 1538-1875 is in the IGI. Only one IGI record has been found in this parish (1998):
28 Sep 1578 Christened: Mary COMBES, d/o Robert COMBES (IGI, Ba: P001501, So: 845244, Pr: 0453495, source not yet viewed)

30 Nov 1578 Christened: Nathaniel WADE, s/o Thomas WADE. (FamilySearch.Org)

02-13 Jun 1620 (SOAME, FOL. 58; 691; pg 229) Will of Nathaniel WADE, citizen and draper (of St. Mathew, Friday St.*), Lond. (Dated 2 June 1620.) Extx: wife Marie; tent. called "the Beare" in psh. of St. Mathew, Friday St., Lond., part thereof wh. John SHIPTON, grocer, dwells, leased to my fath.-in-law Mr. John FARMER, part wch. Mr. Roger DEACON holds: bro. Timothy WADE; bro. Andrewe WADE: sist. Marie DIKE and her chn.; 1ds. in Market Stainton, co. Linc., bot. of Thos. CONYERS, gent.; Margt., dau. of Wm. PEARTE; Mary ,dau of sist. Marie KIKE [sic]; frd. Mr. Rd. STOCKE, par. of Allhallow's, Bread St.; Mr. WIGHT of Daintree, minister; Johane and Mary, form. WADE, but now marr., dwelling about Southfleete, co. Kent; George ALCHIN; Eliz. Isham; Rebecca, wife of Raphe HAYES; uncle Jonas HILL; uncle Joseph; frds. Thos. SALSBURY, Jeffrey ELDER, John SHIPTON, Rd. COMBES and Josephe STACYE; wife of my fath. FARMER; Kath. ELDER; Anne RANDOLL, the eld.; Margt. DRAKE; sist. BENSON; sist. SHIPTON; godson Nathl. BAYLEY; Walter BAYLEY; my servts. Raphe EVE, Thos. LONGE and John STANTON; bro. DIKE; Roger DRAKE; my wife's sists. and bros.; my sist. and bro. PALMER and my godson, their son, John PALMER; poor chn. in Christ's Hosp.; Overs: frds. Wolstone RANDOLL and Nichs. BENSON; bro. Nich. SUGAR, minister. [Nathaniell WADE] Wits: Richard STOCKE, Thos. HANLEY, scr. Cod. (Undated); frds. Rowland HERLEN and Rd. STOCKE to be Overs: as well as thos named. [Nathaniell WADE] Wits: Richard STOCKE, Raphe EVE. (Pr. 13 June 1620.) (Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House, London, England; Register SOAME 1620 by J. Henry Lea, 1904)
Who were the above Richard COMBS and Joseph STACY? See also the pre-1605 marriage of Anna COMBS, d/o Edward of Stratford, Warwickshire, to Rob'tus DECONS (DEACON?). Given the inclusion of the PALMERS (Which were the above?) and of Richard STOCKE (See York County, Virginia), further knowledge of the WADE and Associated family could be of great importance - to either the Archdale-Combs-Palmer Families who, like Nathaniel WADE, were Drapers, or to the Warwickshire Combs-Deacon-Palmer Families (or were they the same?)

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