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Jones County, created in 1837 from Wisconsin Territory. The county seat is Anamosa.

1856 Jones Co. IA State Census

(Source: Original image 1856 Jones Co Iowa State Census, Iowa State Census database, trans. by Sue Elfving)

Washinton Twp

p. 24

145/145 Samuel S Combs, 32, m, md, res: 0yrs, b. Ky, Farmer, native born, militia
Mary Combs, 34, f, md, res: 0yrs, b. Indiana
Andrew Combs, 10, m, res: 0yrs, b. ditto
James Combs, 8, m, res: 0yrs, b. ditto
Seragh Combs, 6, f, res: 0yrs, b. ditto
Job Combs, 4, m, res: 0yrs, b. Illinois
Alice R Combs, 1, f, res: 0yrs, b. Illinois
Benjamin Pinkley, 26, m, res: 0yrs, b. Indiana, Laborer, native born, militia

SE Notes: Samuel S "Stockwell" Combs and wife Mary Ann PINKLEY resided in Clay Co, IN where their son James Wilson Combs was born in 1847. The above census record indicates they stopped in Illinois prior to their arrival in Iowa which appears to have occurred within the year. Next found in Delaware Co, IA in 1860.

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