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Clay County was established in 1825 from Owen, Putnam, Sullivan and Vigo Cos. No Descendant Counties.

Note: Except where otherwise noted, marriage source is (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Clay County, Indiana Index to Marriage Records A-C Volume 1 1860-1920, Author: Indiana Works Progress Administration) This book contains names of groom/bride, name of spouse, date of birth, color, date of marriage, book and page number. See also Index to Combs Indiana Marriages for other counties.

The BLM Land Patent source is Combs BLM Land of Indiana.

See Also Rocky Creek Baptist Church, Parke & Clay Cos, IN

The boundaries of Clay Co, IN, as defined by government surveys, were (according to below-noted History of Clay Co, IN):

Southern border: Southern line of Twp. 9 (adj. Greene Co).
Northern border: Northern line of Twp. 13 (Parke Co).
Eastern border: Eastern Line of Range 5 (Putnam and Owen).
Western border: Western Line of Range 7 (Vigo and Sullivan).

Excerpted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from “The History of Clay County" (Indiana)” in reference to earliest settlers (See Copyright Restrictions):

"In the extreme southwest part of the county, west side of Eel river, within what is now Lewis township, early settlements were made by Robert BABER (in 1822), George HOOKER, John J. LANNING. Nicholas CRIST, John STEWART, James BUCKALLEW, Daniel GOBLE, Sr., Henderson CURRY, J. W. McGREW, James MALOY, John SARVERCE, Joseph WHILES, Edward BRADEN, Samuel CHAMBERS, Joseph T. LISTON, the STARKS, the PUCKETTS, the STOUTS and others. The first of the pioneer weddings within this territory was a double one, at the home of Byrum Combs, later the Harry DALGARN place, Rev. Samuel BRILEY performing the ceremony. The couples married were Emery RODGERSON and Sallie Combs, Edward Combs and Barbara FRY."

Further identifying Lewis Twp. is the following from the same source:

"Lewis township, originally included within Harrison, became a separate organization about 1835, embracing the territory from the north line of Greene county to the Old Reservoir, about eleven miles in extent, and from Eel river to the Vigo and Sullivan. county line, an average width of four miles. The township was named for John LEWIS, who settled at a very early day and built the first cabin on the little creek just south of the site of Jasonville, which was supposed to stand on the Clay county side and within the borders of the new township, but on actual survey, found to lie within Greene county. 'Uncle John LEWIS,' as he was familiarly called, was the pioneer who could play 'Yankee Doodle' on a mowing scythe with a whetstone, which he frequently did in the time of hay harvest just to please 'the boys.'"

Apparently, it was not only Uncle John Lewis' Jasonville which was in Greene County, but also the home of Biram Combs, who appears on the 1830 Greene Co, IN census and in a History of Greene Co, IN which includes part of the above information (and more, including identifying correctly Emery as RODGERS, not RODGERSON).

1830 US Census Index, Clay Co, IN

P. 264
Matthew COMES

07 Oct 1835 Clay Co, IN BLM Land Patents.

Combs Job (of Montgomery Co, IN) Y N Indiana 4540 Y October 7, 1835 Vincennes 1 E1/2SW 36/ 13 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 80 Clay IN0100_.005

Combs Job Y N Indiana 4541 Y October 7, 1835 Vincennes 1 SWSW 36/ 13 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 40 Clay IN0100_.006

DK Notes: Job Combs married Henrietta WILLIAMS, 1 Jul 1825 in Ripley County, Indiana (Index to Combs Marriages of Indiana). See also Montgomery Co KY, 1831, where Job and Henrietta (WILLIAMS) Combs of Montgomery County, IN received a 1/5 interest in the estate of Nathan WILLIAMS.

Note: The above land was in the northwestern corner of Clay, near the boundaries of Vigo and Parke Cos, IN.

1 Sep 1838 Clay Co, IN BLM Land Patent.

Combs Job Y N Indiana 17561 Y September 1, 1838 Vincennes 1 NWSE 21/ 12 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 40 Clay IN2170_.458

Combs Job Y N Indiana 17562 Y September 1, 1838 Vincennes 1 SESW 21/ 12 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 40 Clay IN2170_.459

Combs Job Y N Indiana 17563 Y September 1, 1838 Vincennes 1 W1/2NE 21/ 12 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 80 Clay IN2170_.460

01 Aug 1839 Clay Co, IN BLM Land Patent.

Combs Job Y N Indiana 18455 Y August 1, 1839 Vincennes 1 SENE 29/ 12 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 40 Clay IN2190_.332

Combs Michael (of Clay Co, IN) Y N Indiana 22482 Y August 1, 1839 Vincennes 1 SWSE 28/ 12 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 40 Clay IN2270_.383

1840 Clay Co IN Census

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Images, extraction by Sue Elfving)

Posey Twp

p. 336

1 m 20-29
1 f < 5; 2 f 20-29

SE Note: Job Combs and wife Henrietta WILLIAMS were heirs of an earlier Nathan WILLIAMS per an 1831 Power of Attorney (see Montgomery Co, IN and Montgomery Co, KY records).

p. 337

Combs, Job 1101010000000 0110010000000
1 m < 5; 1 m 5-9; 1 m 15-19; 1 m 30-39
1 f 5-9; 1 f 10-14; 1 f 30-39

SE Note: Likely the Job Combs who married Henrietta WILLIAMS as they are found in Posey Township in the 1850 census.

Page 340

Combs, Michael 2021010000000 0010201000000
2 m < 5; 2 m 10-14; 1 m 15-19; 1 m 30-39
1 f 10-14; 2 f 20-29; 1 f 40-49

(next to Michael Combs)

2 m 5-9; 1 m 15-19; 1 m 30-39
2 f < 5; 1 f 5-9; 1 f 20-29

SE Note: One Mary Ann PINKLEY married a Samuel S. (perhaps S for Stockwell) Combs who later had a son named Job Combs. Ancestry of Samuel S. Combs as yet undetermined.

Note: Samuel S. Combs has been genetically linked through DNA Testing to Jonathan COMBS, Middlesex Co, NJ.

25 May 1841 Clay Co, IN BLM Land Patents.

Combs Job Y N Indiana 28571 Y May 25, 1841 Vincennes 1 NENW 27/ 12 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 40 Clay IN2400_.083

Combs Samuel Y N Indiana 28572 Y May 25, 1841 Vincennes 1 SWSE 22/ 12 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 40 Clay IN2400_.084

Combs Samuel Y N Indiana 28573 Y May 25, 1841 Vincennes 1 NWNE 27/ 12 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 40 Clay IN2400_.085

25 May 1841 Samuel STOCKWELL of Boon Co. [sic], Ky. patented 80 acres, Clay Co, IN., Township 12-N, Cert. 28767 (Source: Original Image, BLM Land Patent Database)

SE Notes: Could this Samuel STOCKWELL be related to Samuel Stockwell Combs (b. KY) of Clay Co, IN and later Delaware Co, IA? Both Samuel STOCKWELL and Samuel Combs obtained patents in 1841 in Clay Co, IN., in the same township (12-N). Samuel STOCKWELL first patented land in Rush Co, IN., in 1824. Is this Samuel STOCKWELL related to the Joseph STOCKWELL of Boone Co, Ky. and later of Ripley Co, IN., and to Mary Ann STOCKWILL that married Job Combs (or Coons) in 1823 in Boone Co, KY. Rush Co, IN is close to Wayne Co, IN. where Michael Combs married Polly EDWARDS on 1-1-1818.

May 25, 1841 Vermillion Co, IN. BLM Land. Combs, Job of Clay Co, IN. Y N Indiana 29225 Y Vincennes 1 W1/2NW 33/ 14 N 9 W N 2nd Principal 80 Vermillion IN2410_.234

14 Jan 1847. Clay Co, IN. Born: James Wilson Combs, s/o S. S. [Samuel Stockwell] and Mary PINKLEY Combs

(Combs Researcher Wesley Blank who adds that parents' names were from James Wilson Combs' wedding certificate)

WB Notes: James Wilson Combs d 20 Apr 1902 in Creighton, Knox Co, NE; married 27 Nov 1881, Greeley, Delaware Co, IA, Alma Virginia REDDEN, born 9/2/1858 in Berrien Co, MI, died 8/12/1899 in Stromsberg, Polk Co, NE. Neither he, nor his parents are on the 1850 Clay Co, IN census. Nor is Samuel of the 1841 land found in either this county, nor elsewhere in the state of Indiana.

Note: Obituary from Creighton Courier (Knox County, Nebraska) states birth year as 1848.

1850 Clay Co, IN Census

(1850 Clay Co, IN Census, US GenWeb Archives - See Notices)

Posey Twp

p. 247B, 19 August 1850, William H. Gifford

65/65 COMBS, Michael 50 M Minister 1,800 TN
Combs Mary 50 F NC
Combs Permelia 31 F IN
Combs William 22 M Labourer IN
Combs Alexander 20 M Labourer IN School
Combs Mary 21 F IN School
Combs James 15 M Labourer IN School
Combs Michael 13 M IN School
Combs Elizabeth 8 F IN School

Notes: Was Michael possibly the same who m Polly [Mary] EDWARDS in 1818 in Wayne Co, IN? See Combs &c. Families Michael & Job Combs

66/66 COMBS, Daniel J. 27 M Carpenter IN
Combs Leana 26 F OH
Combs Mary F. 7 F IN

Notes: No marriage record located yet for Daniel J. and Leana. Was he possibly son of Michael and Mary?

p. 250B, 27 August 1850

105/105 COMBS, Jobe S. 24 M Farmer 600 OH
Combs Louisa 18 F IN
Combs Lowna A. M. 7 F IN

Also transcribed by Researcher Meredith Thompson:

105-105 Jobe S. COMBS 24 m farmer $400 OH
-- Louisa 18 f IN
-- Lowra A. M. 1 f IN [handwriting hard to read for her first name]

DK Notes: Job S. COMBS married Louisa WICK Mar 23 1848 Hendricks Co, IN. See Combs &c. Families Michael & Job Combs Co, IN (Hendricks County, Indiana Index to Marriage Records M-Z Book 1 Vol 3, 1823-1920)

SE Notes: Job S. Combs died 16 Dec 1874, the son of Rev. Michael Combs per his 21 Jan 1785 1875 Danville Union obituary ((p.3, c7); Plainfield, Indiana Library Obituary Database).

p. 252A, Enumerated on 3 September 1850 by William H. Gifford

130/130 COMBS Job 48 M Farmer 1,300 Kentucky
Combs Henrietta 44 F Kentucky
Combs James M. 14 M Labourer IN
Combs Doctor E. 12 M IN School
Combs Rebecca 7 F IN School

Also transcribed by Researcher Meredith Thompson:


130-130 Job COMBS 48 m farmer $1300 KY
-- Henrietta 44 f KY
-- James M. 17 m laborer IN in school
-- Doctor E. 12 m IN in school
-- Rebecca 9 f IN in school

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Nathan WILLIAMS 6 m IN

“In 1852, Daniel DUNLAVY was elected to the lower house and Michael COMBS to the senate, to represent the county in the first general assembly under the new constitution, which met in session, January, 1853. At this session, on the 14th day of March, a bill was passed to relocate the seat of justice for Clay county, providing for the appointment of a committee of five disinterested citizens of adjoining counties to select the site.” (See Also Copyright Restrictions)

1860 Clay Co, IN Census

Not yet checked

Aug 27 1868 Clay Co, IN Marriage Records. COMBS, John W & Sarah C WOODWARD

1870 Clay Co IN Census


p. 3

COMBS, Albert G. 51 KY
COMBS Elisabeth 49 KY
COMBS Louisa J. 27 KY

(US GenWeb, Clay Co, IN Archives - See Copyright Restrictions and also note that above is re-constructed from alpha index)

Also on p. 3 of CYBR Twp. were (partial):

CLARK Chester W. 38 IN
CLARK Jane 36 IN
CLAYTON Carrie 10 MO
COOK Margeret 43 OH
COOK Scott 22 IN
CRISS Hannah M. 25 OH
CRISS John C. 25 OH
DAVIS George M 26 OH
DAVIS Mariana 25 TN

17 Aug 1876 Clay Co, IN. Died: John COMBS a.k.a. COOMBS. Enlisted in War of 1812 in Fayette Co, PA. Married 1823 Tuscarawas Co, OH, Susannah RAMMAGE (a.k.a. Ramage) although reported in his pension file as Holmes Co, OH (descendant county). Also resided in Marion Co, IN. His widow died 4 Feb 1884, Brazil, Clay Co, IN.

1880 Clay Co, IN Census.

(Not yet extracted)

More Clay Co IN Marriages

Feb 11 1872Combs Frances MSarah M HOLLEY
Sept 2 1875Combs Sarah AJoseph ROBERTS
Sept 8 1878COOMBS James AMahala J GIRTON
Jan 16 1889COOMBS RosaHarry KENNEY
Aug 14 1890Combs AliceElmer P COLLINS
Aug 29 1895COMBE Jane WCharles LIDDIL
Jan 1 1898COOMBES Charles MAnna A DAVIS
June 18 1905Combs Cassie E b May 23 1882Charles J VANCANNON
Sept 11 1907Combs Taylor W b Jan 3 1880Della BUNTON
Dec 11 1907COOMBES Frank b Oct 29 1876Emma WINDLEY
Apr 9 1912Combs Lillie B b Apr 9 1912Nemrod DERMAN
Mar 20 1915COOMBS Scott b Feb 4 1892Stella MARTIN
Oct 5 1916COOMBES Bertha b Mar 24 1898Clarence BRADEN
Aug 28 1918Combs Marie b 1874Alphonise PINNEDE
Aug 3 1918Combs Emma b May 21 1877John J RODENBAUGH
Dec 24 1919COOMBES Blanche L b May 27 1895Harry A TOELLE

1900 Clay Co, IN Census

(Clay Co, INGenWeb)
Supervisor's District No.: 5, Enumeration District: 3, State: Indiana, County: Clay, Township: Brazil, Enumeratedby: Chas Hudson

Page 13

279/289 TILLEY, Joseph S. Head W M Sept. 1872 27 M 4 IN IN IN Clay Worker
Lelia N. Wife W F July 1875 24 M 4 yrs 2-2 KS IN KY
Catherine Daughter W F Aug. 1896 3 S IN IN KS
COMBS, Katie Servant W F Sept. 1876 23 S IL OH IN Servant Reads, writes, speaks English

Supervisor's District No.: 5, Enumeration District No.: 7, State: Indiana, County: Clay, Township: Dick Johnson, Enumerated by: Almon W. Bard

Page 4

67/67 KESSLER, Samuel Head W M Mar. 1834 66 Wd IN Unk. Unk.
COMBS, Lillie B. Servant W F July 1871 28 S IL IN IN House Servant Reads, writes, speaks English
(and other servants, etc.)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives