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Rush County was formed in 1822 from Delaware County. The townships are: Anderson, Center, Jackson, Noble, Orange, Posey, Richland, Ripley, Rushville, Union, Walker and Washington.

10/20/1824 Samuel STOCKWELL of Boon Co.[sic], Ky., patented 80 acres, Rush Co., IN., Township 14-N, Cert. 5195 (Source: Original Image, BLM Land Patent Database).

5/25/1841 Samuel STOCKWELL of Boon Co. [sic], Ky. patented 80 acres, Clay Co., IN., Township 12-N, Cert. 28767 (Source: Original Image, BLM Land Patent Database)

SE Notes: Could this Samuel STOCKWELL be related to Samuel Stockwell Combs (b. KY) of Clay Co, IN and later Delaware Co, IA? Both Samuel STOCKWELL and Samuel Combs obtained patents in 1841 in Clay Co, IN, in the same township (12-N). Samuel STOCKWELL first patented land in Rush Co, IN, in 1824. Is this Samuel STOCKWELL related to the Joseph STOCKWELL of Boone Co, KY and later of Ripley Co, IN, and to Mary Ann STOCKWILL that married Job Combs (or Coons) in 1823 in Boone Co, KY. Rush Co, IN is close to Wayne Co, IN where Michael Combs married Polly EDWARDS on 1-1-1818.

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