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Ripley County was created ??.

Combs, Job married WILLIAMS, Henrietta on 01 Jul 1825 (Source: Indiana State Library (online) Marrriage Database)

Note: Job (b. c1802 KY) and Henrietta Combs of Montgomery Co, IN have a POA recorded in Montgomery Co, KY (Book 15, p. 323) to Jonathan YOCUM, dated 6 AUG 1831. The property is 1/5 of a parcel of land from the estate of Nathan WILLIAMS. Property was located on Green Brier Creek. In the 1850 Clay Co, IN census record for Job and Henrietta, there is a 6 year old male in the household named Nathan WILLIAMS. Some researchers believe this Job could be related (possible brother? or other relative) to Elder Michael Combs. See family report on Michael and Job Combs.

Ripley Co. BLM patents

9/25/1835 John Moor STOCKWELL of Ripley Co, IN., patented 40 acres, Ripley Co, IN., Township 8-N, Cert. 6296

8/15/1838 Joseph STOCKWELL of Boon Co, Ky., patented 40 acres, Ripley Co, IN., Township 8-N, Cert. 12675

9/11/1838 Joseph STOCKWELL of Boon Co, KY., 9/11/1838, 160 acres, Ripley Co, IN., Township 8-N, Cert. 8817

(Source for Stockwell BLM patents: Original Image BLM patent database)

SE Note: Joseph STOCKWELL's name is on the Boone Co, KY marriage record for one Mary Ann STOCKWILL and Job Combs (alias Coons). It is not known if this Job Combs could be the same who married Henrietta WILLIAMS in 1825 in Ripley. Joseph STOCKWELL was on the 1830 Boone Co, Ky. census. A John and Michael STOCKWELL were in Putnam Co, IN. by 1830. The interest in the STOCKWELL name comes from a Samuel Stockwell Combs (b. 1824 in KY, resided Clay Co, IN, and Delaware Co, IA) whose lineage is unknown at this time and who had a son named Job Combs.

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