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Montgomery County was established from the Wabash New Purchase in 1823. In 1824, Parke Co IN gained some land from Montgomery Co.

Note: Source for all BLM Patents is Combs BLM Land of Indiana.

01 Sep 1826 Montgomery Co, IN BLM Patents. Combs Michael (of Montgomery Co, IN) Y N Indiana 4042 Y September 1, 1826 Crawfordsville 1 E1/2SW 15/ 18 N 5 W N 2nd Principal 80 Montgomery IN0940_.497

SE Note: See Family Report on Michael and Job Combs by Linda Berney Michael and Job were the sons of Job Combs Sr. and Abigail Coons. Job Sr. was of Scots descent and of the Presbyterian faith.

About 1826 - Michael Combs moved to Montgomery County, Indiana, (Bio Sketches… page 146: "About the year 1826 he removed to Montgomery County, Indiana, having entered 80 acres of land near Crawfordsville." From "History of Montgomery County" found on Ancestry, which said on Page 585 - “The first preaching in Franklin township, according to the principles and manner of teaching of Alexander Campbell was done by Michael Combs in the house of John Harland about 1827. He was afterward assisted by his brother, Job Combs, who also rode through the wilderness visiting the homes of the pioneers, and preaching in the cabins to the few that could be called together to hear the word.” Michael organized the Christian Church in Crawfordsville in 1826. Prior to Montgomery Co., IN, Michael Combs was in Preble Co., OH. His brother Job Combs had removed to Clay Co., IN by 1835 (BLM land patent) and Michael followed him to Clay Co. by 1839.

02 Apr 1829 Montgomery Co, IN BLM Patents. COOMBS Job (of Montgomery Co, IN) Y N Indiana 7684 Y April 2, 1829 Crawfordsville 1 W1/2SE 17/ 18 N 4 W N 2nd Principal 80 Montgomery IN1020_.120

Notes: Job Combs, b abt 1802, Kentucky, married Henrietta WILLIAMS, 1 Jul 1825 in Ripley County, Indiana. Their son, Job S. Combs, was b abt 1826 in Ohio according to the 1850 Clay Co IN census. They are not on any of the Montgomery Co KY, Montgomery Co IN or Ripley Co IN 1830 Census Enumerations, but by 1838 were in Clay County (See below). See also Nathaniel WILLIAMS of Stafford Co VA (More to be added shortly)

Montgomery Co., BLM patents

4/10/1829 Michael STOCKWELL of Putnam Co, IN, patented 80 acres, Montgomery Co., IN., Township 17-N, Cert. 6207

11/1/1830 Michael STOCKWELL of Putnam Co, IN patented 80 acres, Putnam Co., IN., Township 15-N, Cert. 8342

12/2/1830 Michael STOCKWELL of Putnam Co, IN patented 80 acres, Parke Co, IN, Township 15-N, Cert. 11151

SE Note: Michael STOCKWELL appears in the 1830 Putnam Co, IN census. The interest in STOCKWELL is due to one Samuel Stockwell Combs (b. 1824) of Clay Co, IN. and later Delaware Co., IA (who had a son named Job Combs) and to one Job Combs (aias Coons) who married Mary Ann STOCKWILL in 1823 in Boone Co, KY where the name Joseph STOCKWELL (possible father or relative) appears on the marriage record. Furthermore, there are two brothers Michael and Job Combs who lived in Montgomery Co., IN. Michael Combs obtained a land patent in Montgomery in 1826 and Job obtained one in 1829.

1830 US Census Index, Montgomery Co IN

No Combs

Note: No Michael Combs is found in the 1830 census index for Indiana. One Michael Combs is found in 1820 in Wayne Co, IN (over on the eastern side of the state). Not known if the same. Job Combs is not found on the 1830 Montgomery Co, IN census either.

03 Jan 1831 Montgomery Co, IN BLM Patents. Combs Michael Y N Indiana 11973 Y January 3, 1831 Crawfordsville 1 E1/2NW 23/ 18 N 5 W N 2nd Principal 80 Montgomery In1110_.190

06 Aug 1831 (Montgomery Co KY - BOOK 15, PAGE 323) POWER OF ATTORNEY BETWEEN JOB Combs AND JONATHAN YOCUM. State of Indiana, Montgomery County Know all men by these presents that we Job Combs and Henrietta, his wife, of the County and State aforesaid for various good considerations we hereunto name, do nominate, appoint and empower Jonathan YOCUM of the County and State aforesaid as our proper and lawful Attorney for us, and use our names on our behalf, to make, execute and deliver a good and sufficient Warranty Deed to John IVANS and James Mc______ their heirs and assignees, in fee single the following tract or parcel of land, situated and being in the County of Montgomery and State of Kentucky. To wit the undivided section of one fifth part of a tract of land formerly owned and possessed by Nathan WILLIAMS, deceased, situated on the waters of Green Brier Creek in the County and State of the aforesaid, and we the said Job Combs and Henrietta, his wife, do further empower and charge the said Jonathan YOCUM to receive all money due and payable in consideration of said land, and to do all other business pertaining to the sale and receipt of money for the same. And the said Job Combs, and Henrietta, do hereby confirm and ratify the same. In witness whereof the said Job Combs and Henrietta his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the 6th day of August 1831. s/Job Combs (seal) Henrietta Combs (seal). Witness: James WILSON, Lydia WILSON (Transcribed by Michael R. Wilson 10 Nov 1997)

07 Oct 1835 Clay Co, IN BLM Land Patents.

Combs Job of Montgomery Co, IN Y N Indiana 4540 Y October 7, 1835 Vincennes 1 E1/2SW 36/ 13 N 7 W N 2nd Principal 80 Clay IN0100_.005

Notes: Job had removed to Clay Co, IN by 1838 when another Clay Co, IN land transaction termed him "Job Combs of Clay"

19 Jul 1836 (Montgomery Co IN Marriage Records) Combs, Permilia & SMITH, George (Combs Index of Indiana Marriages)

29 Sep 1836 (Montgomery Co IN Marriage Records) Combs, Abigal & ENSIMINGER, William (Combs Index of Indiana Marriages)

30 Mar 1837 Montgomery Co, IN BLM Patents.

Combs Michael Y N Indiana 26629 Y March 30, 1837 Crawfordsville 1 SESW 22/ 18 N 5 W N 2nd Principal 40 Montgomer IN1400_.305

Combs Michael Y N Indiana 27205 Y March 30, 1837 Crawfordsville 1 SWSW 22/ 18 N 5 W N 2nd Principal 40 Montgomery IN1410_.371

02 Jan 1840 (Montgomery Co IN Marriage Records) Combs, Isaac & SNYDER, Rebecca (Combs Index of Indiana Marriages)

1840 US Census Index, Montgomery Co IN

No Combs

19 Mar 1850 (Montgomery Co IN Marriage Records) Combs, Rebecca & BONWELL, John (Combs Index of Indiana Marriages)

Later Montgomery Co IN Marriages
(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "Montgomery County, Indiana Index to Marriages Records A-G 1860-1920" online at FTM's Genealogical Library)
(& year of birth if included)
Mar 7 1861Combs NancyFranklin McKINNEY
June 30 1863Combs LeviMary E CRAWFORD
Nov 10 1864COOMBS MargaretSolomon McKINNEY
Sept 28 1865COOMBS Denman JMary T SLAVENE
Feb 22 1874COOMBS Eli SElvertis HARWOOD
May 31 1877COOMBS Annie MFranklin CRAIG
Aug 19 1879COOMBS Charles GSarah JORDAN
Jan 21 1879COMES Melissa EGeorge LEGG
May 23 1880Combs Sarah ELarcus SWAFFORD
Nov 14 1880COOMBS Eliza HHenry R DAVIS
Aug 14 1885Combs Thomas WMary N WALTER
Aug 11 1888COOMBS SamuelMinnie OSBORN
Dec 25 1888COOMBS Fred ECeorgis COLLEY
Oct 8 1891COMS LuluNewton CAMPBELL
Nov 12 1891Combs William MAmanda JOHNSON
Jan 1 1892Combs Pleasent LLouiss OLIPHANT
Jan 21 1892COOMBS Jennie EGeorge McGRIGG
May 25 1892COOMBS RoseWilliam BARR
May 12 1900COOMBS Elde MCharles DISMORE
Jan 23 1901Combs EcleyAranneta EUNT
Nov 1 1906COOMBS Fred E
b 8 Jun 1864
Nov 28 1908CUNNINGHAM Emma A
b 8 Jul 1863
Nov 28 1908COOMBS Samuel K
b 1 Aug 1867
E A Cunningham
Nov 11 1908COOMBS Mi??
b b 24 Nov 1871
E B Sering
Jan 4 1910Combs Kendrick
b May 6 1874
Alice KNOX
Oct 15 1913Combs Mary B
b Aug 16 1894
Dec 24 1913Combs Ethel P
b Mar 25 1895
Nov 15 1914COOMBS Roy
b 24 Aug 1891
Ida Lawton
May 22 1916COOMBS Emma
b 8 July 1871
John Rankin
Sept 7 1916Combs Effie M
b Jun 28 1897
Aprl 6 1917COOMBS William
b 13 Oct 1896
Ruth Miller
Dec 29 1917Combs William
b Apr 5 1900
Nellie TONEY
July 28 1920Combs Amby
b Feb 28 1878
Della Combs
July 28 1920Combs Della
b Feb 3 1885
Amby Combs

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives