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Vigo County was established in 1818 from Sullivan Co, IN, and is in central westernmost Indiana -- on the Clark & Edgar Co, IL state line. In 1825, Clay Co IN was established in 1825 from Owen, Putnam, Sullivan and Vigo Cos, and is due north of Greene and immediately between Vigo to the west and Owen to the east).

Unless otherwise noted, the source for all marriage records is the Combs of IN Marriage Index.

Unless otherwise noted, source for BLM Land is Combs BLM Land of Indiana.

See Also The Carlton Combs Letter in which he mentions that "Frances [Combs] like her mother, was a dwarf, married some one from Indiana and settled not very distant from Terre Haute." Frances COMBS was the d/o Joseph & Nancy THOMASON [THOMPSON?] Combs, the former s/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs of Guilford Co NC, Washington Co VA, and Jefferson Co, TN

1820 Vigo Co, IN Census Index

p. 192: William COMBS

1820 Vigo Co, IN Census

Submitted by Sue Elfving; Source: Heritage Quest original census images

Dec. 1820

no township

p. 279

1m <10 1m 16-26 1f 10-16 1 in agriculture

Note: John MANN married Lethina Combs in 1821. see extract below

p. 280

Joseph McCOMB
2m <10; 3m 10-16; 1m 16-18; 1m 16-26; 1m 45+; 1f >45; 4 in agriculture

p. 292

William COMBS
1m <10 1 male 26-45; 6f <10; 2f 10-16; 1f 26-45; 2 in agriculture

p. 293

William McCOMB
1m<10; 2m 26-45; 1f <16-26 2 in agriculture

23 May 1821 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) Lethina COMBS to John MANN (IN Marriages, Vision View CD, 1990-1 Ed.) Note: Marriage CD'S are "temporary placeholders" only until documented marriage record has been obtained. This record not located on on-line State of Indiana Index to pre-1850 marriages.

Notes: Not identified. One John MAN is on 1830 Clinton Co, IN Census, p. 70, same page as a William COMBS. See also 1830: Morgan Co, IL State Census, p. 35; Federal Census, p. 400; and Franklin and Montgomery, IN.

12 Dec 1823 (Vigo Co, IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Elizabeth & HELMS, James

Notes: Not identified; however, see James HELMS of 1830 Greene Co, IN census, on same page as John COMBS.

23 Jul 1829 (Vigo Co, IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Mahala & GRAYHAM, John L.

Notes: See COMBS-GRAHAMS of Montgomery Co KY & Madison Co MO. Not found in 1830 in Vigo. See 1830 Clinton Co, IN census, p. 85, where are listed both a John L. GRAHAM [sic] and an Elijah DEAN (see next).

7 May 1829 (Vigo Co, IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Malinda & DEAN, Elijah

1830 US Census, Vigo Co., IN

p. 61 (120)

1 m <5, 1 m 5-10, 1 m 20-30
1 f <5, 1 f 5-10, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 30-40

(Transcribed by Combs-Cody Researcher George Baumbach)

Page 61

COMBS, Byram 1100100000000-0010010000000
1 m <5, 1 m 5-10, 1 m 20-30
1 f 10-15, 1 f 30-40

(Transcribed By: Susan Bacon for the USGenWeb)

Note: This page includes (in order): George JORDAN, Elijah HALE, Jane WOOD, Enoch WOOD, Henry FIELD, Sarah TURNER, Rebecca HAYS, Hannah PUCKETT, Samuel PARKER, Moses PUCKETT, John COX, Mary GARRETT, Robert & William CLARK, Daniel HARPER, Byram COMBS, William GILCRESS [GILCHRIST?], Thomas C. and Joseph McCROSKY, Samuel M. YOUNG, John PICKARD, Benjamin COLE, Isaac ROLL, John FOXWORTHY, Moses EVANS, Zehariah McCLURE, William CURRY, John HODGE, Isaac LAFORGE, Athol LISTON, Joseph CASON, Edmund LISTON, Elijah CASON, Elijah STAGGS, Nicholas YAGER, Conrad FRAKES, George LISTON, Vincent YAGER, Daniel FRAKES, Joseph W. DENNY, William FRANKES, David CANADY, Eli BARBREY [BARBARY?], James D. PIETY, Elijah THOMAS, Phillip, Asa and Jonathan FRAKES, James FRENCH, Isaac W. DENMAN, Jabel WELCH, Austin PIETY, Armstrong McCABE, James LEE.

See also Green Co, IN re LISTON & PUCKETT with Biram COMBS

p. 70 (138)

COMBS, William 0000100100000-0320001000000
1m 20-30; 1m 50-60
3f 5-10; 2f 10-15; 1f 40-50

p. 80

McCOMBS, William 3200110000000-0000100000000
3m <5; 2m 5-10; 1m 20-30; 1m 30-40
1f 20-30

p. 95 (188)

COMBS, Elizabeth 0111000000000-0100001000000
1m 5-10; 1m 10-15; 1m 15-20
1f 5-10; 1f 40-50

(Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter)

Notes: In 1820, a Biram COMBS is found on the Harrison Co IN census whom we believe may have been Biram "8" Combs, Sr. of Surry Co NC, and Cumberland, Wayne and Clay Cos KY. In 1830, two Biram/Byram COMBS are found in Indiana, this Byram of Vigo, b 1800-1810, and one in Greene, who was b 1770-1780. It is possible that this Biram is somehow kin to the Biram of Greene, in which case other Combs in this county may also be connected somehow to the same line. The remainder of this census needs transcription, and this county definitely worth further research.

23 Dec 1830 Vigo Co, IN Marriage Records) John WILKES & Elizabeth FIELDS (State of Indiana on-line pre-1850 Marriage Index)

Notes: According to researcher Joy Kersteter, John WILKES was the s/o Samuel and Barbary Combs Wilkes of Greene Co, IN, sister of Biram Combs per a Greene County history.

24 Jan 1833 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Mahlon & Sally GODDARD

Notes: Not on 1840 Putnam. Possibly in Morgan Co, IL, p. 462?

25 Sep 1834 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, John & Lucinda POUND

03 Mar 1835 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Elizabeth & Albert PLEW

Notes: Not on 1840 Vigo. One Albert PLEW is on the 1830 Sullivan Co, IN Census (no Combs by surname on that census).

October 23, 1835 Vigo Co, IN BLM Land Patent. Combs William Y N Indiana 5960 Y Vincennes 1 NWSE 5/ 11 N 8 W N 2nd Principal 40 Vigo IN0120_.416

March 30, 1837 Vigo Co, IN BLM Land Patent. Combs William Y N Indiana 9181 Y Vincennes 1 SWSE 5/ 11 N 8 W N 2nd Principal 40 Vigo IN0190_.110

Other patents in Section 5:

CHRISTY, DAVID 10/23/1835 5578 IN0120__.035
CHRISTY, JOHN D 10/23/1835 5964 IN0120__.419
COMBS, WILLIAM 10/23/1835 5960 IN0120__.416
HATFIELD, HENRY 10/23/1835 5557 IN0120__.014
WALDEN, JOHN 03/20/1837 8903 IN0180__.338
WALDEN, JOHN 03/20/1837 8954 IN0180__.388
COMBS, WILLIAM 03/30/1837 9181 IN0190__.110
CHRISTY, THOMAS B 09/07/1838 13336 IN2090__.243
MULLEN, SAMUEL B 02/01/1839 14728 IN2120__.134
COMPTON, ALMERIN 03/18/1837 7988 IN0160__.425 

213 Jul 1836 Vigo Co IN Marriage Records. COMBS, Levina & William LOWS

August 1, 1837 Vigo Co, IN BLM Land Patent. COMBES John Y N Indiana 10099 Y Vincennes 1 NENW 25/ 10 N 10 W N 2nd Principal 40 Vigo IN2030_.031

Other Patents in Section 25:

COMBES, JOHN 08/01/1837 10099 IN2030__.031
FRAKES, PHILIP 02/01/1839 15557 IN2130__.461
LEFORGE, ISAAC 03/18/1837 7394 IN0150__.337
STANSIL, WILLIAM 10/01/1835 6746 IN0140__.187
TITCHENOR, BYRAM 05/10/1828 1297 IN0030__.282

Notes: Was Biram TICHENOR kin to Moses TICHENOR whose daughter, Elizabeth, m 1833, Carlton Wilbur Combs? Is this the source for the given name Biram in Vigo Co, IN?

8-10-1837 Vigo Co, IN Marriages. Sarah COMB & William HARRISON

Notes: Not found in Vigo in 1840. Possibly Morgan Co, IL, p 424, or Blue River, Harrison Co, IN, p. 316

18 Aug 1837 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Isaac & Mary L. LOVELESS

Notes: Possibly Fountain or Union in 1840/Sullivan in 1850. Unidentified; however, see also Combs & LOVELACE of Wilkes Co NC

13 Aug 1838 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, William & Caroline JIRLESS

Notes: Apparently the same as on 1850 Greene Co, IN Census.

1-10-1839 Vigo Co, IN Marriages. Matilda COMB & John ANDESON [ANDERSON?] (See 1850)

18 Jul 1839 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Lucinda & Joel FAGG (See 1850)

1840 Vigo Co. IN Census

Prairie Creek Twp

p. 351

Honey Creek Twp

p. 403

Riley Twp

p. 412
William COMBS

(1840 Indiana, Iowa & Illinois Census Index, CD 153, U.S. Census Index; Mid-West, Great Lakes, Automated Archives, Inc. c 1994)

Notes: Could the above be Henry "8" Combs who m (1) Rachel CLEMENTS and (2) Phoebe FRANCIS? (See Clay Co KY) Or is Henry "8" the same who was in Greene Co IN in 1840?

22 Oct 1844 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Lucinda & Woodford HENRY

29 Nov 1846 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) COMBS, Nathaniel & Jane PUCKETT

Notes: See Greene Co, IN re Combs-Puckett Families.

Apr 1850 Vigo Co IN Mortality Schedule. COMBS, John, Male, b IN, died age 37, Cause of death: Consumption; Occupation: Farmer

(Combs Researcher Pat Orton) See Lucinda (POUND?) Combs below.

1850 Vigo Co IN Census

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Vigo County online via, not known if all twps. listed, but no Prairie Twp. found (See 1840). Located at: h t t p : / / w w w . g e o c i t i e s . c o m / H e a r t l a n d / P l a i n s / 9 4 6 7 / h o n e y c r k . t x t ) These two websites are now offline, however this Census can be found online at the USGenWeb Census Project® where the whole county has been transcribed.

Honey Creek Township

p. 130a

1/1 McCombs Jesse 32 M Farmer IN
Ameann 23 F IN
William 5/12 M IN
Catharin 50 F OH
John 25 M Farmer IN
Curtis 22 M Labourer IN
Richard 20 M Labourer IN
Douglas 18 M Labourer IN sch.
Cammel 16 M Labourer IN sch.

p. 138b

130/136 GARRETT, T*am 53 M Farmer NC
Pheby 39 F NC
Nancy 14 F IN
Mary 8 F IN
Andrew 5 M IN
Joseph 1 F IN
JONES, Wm 9 M Unknown

Notes: No GARRETT marriage record located in Indiana Index.

p. 139b

148/155 COMBS, Nathaniel 25 M Ind
Mary Jane 22 M Ind
Shedrik 3 M Ind
Mashack 2 F Ind

Note: Nathaniel COMBS & Jane PUCKETT married 29 Nov 1846 Vigo Co., IN. The given names Nathaniel, Shadrach and Meshack (a.k.a. Mason? See STACY Families) suggest East KY origins (See Biram above). Also note that the Nancy Combs (widow?) of Honey Creek in 1840 is no longer found in this twp.

151/158 COMBS, Lucinda 39 F KY
Martha 15 F IN
Catharin 12 F IN
Jonathan 10 M IN

p. 140a

151/158 con't William 8 M IN
Elisabeth 5 F IN
Taylor 3 M IN
David 1/12 M IN

Note: Lucinda was probably Lucinda POUND who married John Combs 25 Sept 1834, Vigo Co., IN, possibly the John Combs, farmer, age 37, who d Apr 1850, of consumption. Also note that the 1850 Census Index lists a William Combs in Honeycreek Twp. on p. 140. Lucinda and Nathaniel above are listed on p. 139. The William is possibly the above who appears to have been first name on following page with surname listed.

153/100 Lucinda HENERY 34 F $1200 IN
James K. 6 M IN attended school within the year
Nancy 5 F IN
Newton 13 M IN attended school within the year
Frank 22 M farmer KY

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Note: 22 Oct 1844 (Vigo Co IN Marriage Records) Combs, Lucinda & Woodford HENRY

Riley Twp

p. 158b

156/160 DEAN Elizah 50 M Farmer 300 NC
Malinda 36 F KY R/W
William 18 M Labourer IN
Sarah 16 F IN sch.
Robert 13 M IN

p. 159a

156/160 con't Abner 10 M IN
Dalmicia 5 M IN
Mary 4/12 F IN

Notes: Elijah [sic] DEAN m Malinda Combs, 07 May 1829, Vigo Co IN.

167/171 LOWE William 34 M Farmer 500 KY R/W
Lavina 31 F IN R/W
Sarah 1 F IN

Notes: Levina COMBS m William LOWE Jul 1836, Vigo IN. No child for 14 years?

p. 160a

176/180 Sarah COMBS 70 F $1000 Ky cannot read or write

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser (GenWeb shows ----- COMPT))

177/181 FAGG Joel 35 M Labourer 500 KY
Lucinda 30 F IN
Sarah 8 F IN
John 4 M In

Notes: Joel FAGG m Lucinda Combs 18 Jul 1839, Vigo Co IN. Was Sarah in 176 the mother of Lucinda Combs Fagg, and possibly widow of William Combs of the 1840 Census? Was John ANDERSON son of John & Matilda Combs Anderson who m in 1839 in Vigo?

Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from INDEX TO DEATH RECORDS VIGO COUNTY 1882 - 1920 Volume I LETTERS A - G INCLUSIVE. Sources: County Health Office & City Health Office, Terre Haute, Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1940:

23 Feb 1885 Indianapolis Died: Amanda COMBS age 28
24/25 Dec 1886 Terre Haute Died: Isaac Combs age 69 [b ca 1817]
5 June 1888 Terre Haute Died: G. F. COMBS age 6 mos,
15 Nov 1892 Terre Haute Died: H. E. COMBS no age given,
25 July 1893 Terre Haute Jas T. COMBS age 13 Mo,
5 March 1897 Terre Haute (twin?) Died: ---- COMBS (f) age 6 wks,
5 March 1897 Terre Haute (twin?) Died: ---- COMBS (f) age 6 wks,
13 July 1904 Terre Haute Died: ----- COOMBS (f) no age given,
6 Sept 1905 Terre Haute Died: B. T. COMBS age 67 [b ca 1838]
28 Sep 1905 Terre Haute Died: Nada COMBS age 2 mos,
28 June 1908 Terre Haute Died: Angeline COONBES age 32,
25 Aug 1908 Terre Haute Died: Emma F. COOMBES age 48,
17 Jan 1909 Terre Haute Died: Anna H. COOMBS age 43,
16 May 1911 Terre Haute Died: Mary COMBS age 55,
11 Nov 1912 Terre Haute Died: Charity COMBS age 73 [b ca 1839]
17 Feb 1913 Terre Haute Died: Pearl COMBS no age given
10 Jan 1917 Terre Haute Died: James COMBS age 76 [b ca 1841]
10 Aug 1917 Terre Haute Died: Dillard P. COMBS age 69 [b ca 1848]

Obituaries from the Terre Haute Newspaper submitted by Beth Daly

March 5, 1924 James Combs

James Combs, 75 years old, died at 3 o'clock Monday evening. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Ella EARL, of North Terre Haute, three sons, William and Albert COMBS of Terre Haute, and Roy Combs of Illinois; two brothers, Littois and Reason COMBS of Illinois; one sister, Mrs. Mary GATES of Illinois and a grandchild Barbara TROUT. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Gillis funeral chapel.

George W. Coombs

BRAZIL, Ind. Aug 13, 1921 George W. Coombs, 69 years old, farmer, died at his home near Lena, following a short illness of complications. He is survived by the widow, two sons and six daughters as follows: Frank Combs, Perth; John Combs, at home; Mrs. Lilly PAYNE, Watseka, Ill.; Mrs Charlotte BLACKBURN, Bellmore, Ind.; Mrs. Nettie PIPER, Harlow, N.D.; Mrs. Ora POWELL, Brazil and Mrs. Bertha BARDEN, Lena. Funeral Services will be held at the residence at 10 o'clock Saturday morning with burial in the Calcutta cemetery.

Andrew J. Coombes

BRIDGETON, Ind. Feb 12, 1924 The body of Andrew J Coombes who died Saturday at St. Petersburg, Fla., arrived at the home of his son, J. Floyd Coombes, where funeral services will be held at 1:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Burial will be in Clear Run cemetery. He was 65 years old and besides the son is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Della HANSEL of Terre Haute, Mrs Leslie OGDEN of Los Angeles, Cal. and Mrs. Fred A. MITCHELL of Bridgeton, eleven grandchilddren, a sister, Mrs. D.V. POLLEY(?) of Catlin, Ind., and three brothers Joseph Coombes, Charles Coombes and Voorhees Coombes all of Robinson, Ill.

Leroy Combs August 12, 1924

Leroy Combs, 77 years old, died at the residence 418 North Fourteenth and One-half street, at 2:30 o'clock Monday afternoon. He is survived by the wife, Mary; five daughters, Mrs. Bertha WELLINGER of Detroit, Mich. and Mrs. Edna Hancock, Mrs. Margaret HUMPHREYS, Mrs. Ethel Sarton and Mrs. Frances COOPER of Terre Haute; one son, Albert, and one sister Bess Lou Combs. The body was taken to the home of his daughter Mrs. Humphreys 731 North Fourth street. The funeral will be held at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon from the residence of this daughter. Interment in Highland Lawn cemetery.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives