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Edgar County was established in 1823 from Clark Co IL.

Two sources outside county records include mentions of Edgar County:

  1. The Revolutionary War Pension application file of William and Sarah Ann MILLION Combs, includes Sarah's deposition made in Jan 1843 that she was a resident of Paris, Edgar Co IL, and had been so for six years (Another deponent, Sarah (HANKS?) Varvell stated in 1843 that it was seven years), having lived previously in (ascending order) Stafford Co VA; South Carolina; Russell Co VA; and Montgomery Co KY
  2. In the 1885 Carlton Combs letter to his daughter, Carlton (s/o John & Jean JACKSON Combs and gs/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs) stated about two of his first cousins, children of Joseph and Nancy THOMPSON Combs:

"Jacob Peck married a stranger to me. Though I visited them on my return from Tenn. in 1875. Found her to be an intelligent, interesting woman. They have a large family of children but the precise number is not recollected. They resided then in Kansas in Edgar county Illinois

"Mary married William TEURY [TENNERY?] who died young, leaving an only daughter and a good farm. Your mother and me staid all night with them in Paris [Edgar Co] Ill. A few weeks after their marriage [See Clark Co IL], while on our moving trip to Illinois in 1835. They soon afterwards moved on a farm in Jasper County where they lived but a short time and died and when as I remember to have heard it, the mother and daughter live together on the farm left them by the husband and father, the daughter never marring at all and the mother never married again."

Also Note: (1) Unless otherwise stated, source for all marriages is Index to Combs &c. Illinois Marriages' (2) Unless otherwise stated, source for all Illinois land sales is Index to Combs Land of Illinois.

1830 Edgar Co, IL Census Index

P. 36

P. 39
Jacob Combs

Notes: According to Hanks-Varvell researchers (source?), Andrew VARVELL m Sarah HANKS who deposed on behalf of Sarah Ann MILLION Combs in Edgar Co, IL in 1843 (See Below). See also Andrew VARVELL and Sarah Combs of Floyd Co, KY in 1820 and 1850 below.

21 Nov 1833 (Edgar County, Illinois Marriage Records) COOMBS, Edward married NEWCOMB, Elizabeth (Marriage CD - Source Record still needed)

25 Nov 1833 (Edgar County, Illinois Marriage Records) COOMBS, Julia married NEWCOM, John (Marriage CD - Source Record still needed)

Notes: Not identified yet. Marriage records not yet found.

31 Oct 1838 COOMBES, Edward Federal Sale Clark Co, IL (Residence: Edgar)

31 Oct 1838 COOMBES, Jacob Oct. 31, 1838 Federal Sale Clark Co, IL (Residence: Edgar)

31 Oct 1838 COOMBES, William Federal Sale Clark Co, IL (Residence: Edgar)

1840 Edgar Co, IL Census Index

No Combs?

28 Nov 1840 Combs, Jacob P. married KERAN, Rebecca (Edgar County, Illinois Marriage Records, SA 51)

Notes: This is thought to be Jacob Peck Combs, s/o Joseph and Nancy THOMPSON Combs, and grandson of John and Sarah MABRY Combs. See also Clark Co IL (and see above)

Jan - Apr 1843 Affidavit of Sarah Ann MILLION Combs, resident of Edgar Co, IL "for last six years," declares she is widow of William Combs of Stafford Co, VA, and that she lived formerly in Montgomery Co, KY and bef that in Russell Co, VA and South Carolina. Affidavit of Sarah Ann VARVELL [neè HANKS?], aged "fifty years past," declares she has resided in Edgar past seven years, and has known Sarah Ann MILLION Combs since earliest recollection of her childhood, that she first became acquainted the said Sarah Ann Combs in Russell County Virginia [placing Sarah in Russell Co VA pre-1793].

24 Jun 1848 Combs, Jacob P. Federal Land Sale. Edgar*
23 Aug 1849 Combs, Jacob P. Federal Sale. Clark Co., IL (Residence: Edgar Co)

1850 Edgar Co, IL Census Index

Grandview & Embarrass

p. 244
Elizabeth COME

1850 Edgar Co, IL Census

District #19

Andrew VARVEL 55yrs born Woodford Co, KY Farmer $300 Real
Sarah VARVEL 50yrs born NC ---

(Researcher A. J. Brown who adds that both are reportedly buried in Ogden Cemetery, Symmes Township in Edgar Co)

Note: This census record needs to be checked as ages don't compute if Sarah was the same who (a) was already "fifty years past" in 1843, and (b) the d/o Abraham HANKS who d 1790-1795, Campbell Co, VA. Who was Elizabeth?

12-21-1859 Married: Combs, Caltha & GREEN, Henry E. (Edgar Co IL Marriage Records, B:32)

Notes: Probably a descendant of John & Sarah MABRY Combs (See Carlton Combs Letter re Caltha Constant Combs, b 1813, m a PEMBERTON)

04-25-1866 Married: Combs, Nancy J. & LEMASTERS, James (Edgar Co IL Marriage Records, B:65)

02-18-1877 Married: Combs, Sarah E. & YINGST, Vincent H. (Edgar Co IL Marriage Records, 1A:18)

19 Apr 1877 Combs, John & THOMPSON, Annie (Index to Combs &c. Illinois Marriages) (Edgar County, Illinois Marriage Records, 1A 19)

23 Dec 1884 Combs, Mary & TIFFIN, Charles B. (Index to Combs &c. Illinois Marriages) (Edgar County, Illinois Marriage Records, 1B 127)

10-20-1886 Married: Combs, Dwight N. & BONHAM, Annie A. (Edgar Co IL Marriage Records, 1B:161)

12-05-1895 Married: Combs, Carrie May & HICKEY, Carry Edward (Edgar Co IL Marriage Records, II:90)

12-19-1895 Married: Combs, Wm. Samuel & WHITEHEAD, Laura (Edgar Co IL Marriage Records, II:114)

08-12-1896 Married: Combs, Francis M. & BLINN, Sarah D. (Edgar Co IL Marriage Records, II:124)

02 Mar 1899 Combs, Job & COOK, Mary J. (Index to Combs &c. Illinois Marriages) (Edgar County, Illinois Marriage Records, 11 183)

25 Dec 1900 Combs, Katie and BRACKNEY, Marshall T. (Index to Combs &c. Illinois Marriages) (Edgar County, Illinois Marriage Records, 11 220)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives