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Cook County was established from ???.

1860 Cook Co, IL Census

p. 316/12 4 June 1860

10th Ward, City of Chicago

119/116 Edward SANDERS, 60, m, Mason, b. ENG
Elizabeth SANDERS, 57, f, b. ENG
Mary Ann SANDERS, 25, f, b. ENG
Louisa SANDERS 33, b. ENG
Sarah SANDERS, 16, b. ENG

(Source: Extract from Heritage Quest Original Images, Sue Elfving)

SE Note: The above may be same as the Edward SAUNDERS and wife Elizabeth Coombe Lineage Snapshot of North Bovey, Devon, England. Based on a cursory check of the 1841 and 1851 English census (extraction needed), the family appears to be the same. Elizabeth was born Apr 9, 1804 in North Bovey, Devonshire, England. See Allen Co, IN records.

1870 Cook Co, IL Census

p. 434/520, 1 Aug. 1870

8th Ward, City of Chicago

2821/4326 KENIAN Henry, 30, m, b. Prussia, Box Maker, PP=$600, Deaf and Dumb
KENIAN Louisa, 43, f, b. ENG, Keeping House, Deaf and Dumb
KENIAN Alice, 1, f, b. IL
SANDERS, Edward, 67, m, b. ENG, Stone Mason

(Source: Extract from Heritage Quest Original Images, Sue Elfving)

SE Note: Appears that Edward SANDERS is now living with (or vice versa) daughter Louisa and her husband. Both are indicated to be deaf and dumb. Edward's wife Elizabeth may have already moved to Allen Co, IN.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives