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Morton County, in Kansas' SW corner, was established on 20 Feb 1886 from Seward Co. Morton County was fully organized on 18 Nov 1886.

See Also Cuthbert & Sally EVANS Combs, Sr. and Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas' Combs Family Tree, and Combs Counties: Clark & Madison KY, Calloway MO & Stafford VA

13 Jan 1894. Morton Co KS: MONITER Republican newspaper. Obituary of W. B.Combs. On Saturday night, Jan 6th., at 12 o'clock, our old friend and neighbor, W. B. Combs, departed this life at the residence of his youngest son, Wallace W. Combs, near this city.

The funeral took place at the Presbyterian Church at 4 o'clock, Jan 8th, 1894 and was conducted by Elder R. N. LONG.

The deceased was born in Clark Co. Ky. in 1818. Moving from there to Madison County and remained there until 1886, when he came to Morton Co., KS., residing here until his death. He was at the time of his death in his 77th year.

Mr. Combs was a good, moral citizen, highly respected and esteemed by all who knew him. He leaves many warm friends besides is sons and grandchildren who mourn his loss.

(Provided by Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas who adds that it was copied for Opal Combs by a Betty Harvey Williams of Missouri.)

Additional genealogical data is provided in the Biography of William Wallace Combs, sent to Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas from Betty Harvey Williams, Warrensburg, MO who received it from Mrs. Opal Combs, from 978.1 C76 "Standard History of Kansas and Kansans", 2nd Edition 1919. Book 5, p. 267 [BR: or maybe 2267 - hard to tell]:

"WILLIAM WALLACE Combs. One of the first permanet[sic] settlers of Richfield Township, Morton County, is found in William Wallace Combs, a prosperous farmer and stockman and a reliable, trustworthy citizen. Mr. Combs was born 8 Mar 1855 near Richmond in Madison Co., KY, where he latter attended the common schools and continued to live until he came to Kansas in April 1885. His parents were WILLIAM B. and FANNIE (HARDEN) Combs. WILLIAM B. Combs was born in Feb,. 1917 [1817] in Clark Co., Ky., and was a son of CUTHBERT and Miss (DANIELS) Combs. CUTHBERT Combs moved to Ky., from Va., and settled in Clark Co., near Richmond and died in that county near Indian Old Fields. He was a Whig. The children of Cuthbert Combs and his wife were many, and the following names have been preserved: JOHN and MACK, both of whom moved early to Missouri and nothing is known of their subsequent lives; WILLIAM B., father of William Wallace; Mrs. POLLY OSBURN; Mrs. ARKY ALLEN; Mrs. NANCY ALLEN and Mrs. SALLY A. FRITTS.

"WILLIAM B. Combs died 1894 in Morton Co., Kansas and his wife was FANNIE HARDEN, dau. of THOMAS and Miss SPURR HARDEN of Clark Co., Ky., FANNIE HARDEN Combs died in Dec. 1885 in Morton Co., Kansas. Their children were: JAMES E., died in Kentucky; JULIA married W. H. CRISMAN and both died in Kentucky; MILTON C. and WILLIAM WALLACE, both residents of Morton Co.

"WILLIAM WALLACE Combs married 27 Dec. 1877 in Madison Co., Ky. to Miss MILLIE FIELDER, b. 8 Oct. 1855 dau. of WM. and ELIZABETH BURGESS FIELDER, the former b. in 1813 Ky., Madison Co., d. Aug 1861 Madison Co., Ky., the latter born 1822 Madison Co., Ky. and died 7 Feb. 1874 in Madison Co., Ky.

"The children of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH BURGESS FIELDER were: AMBROSE, lived Clark Co., Ky.; WM. T., lived Waco [Madison Co], Ky. was in the Civil War-Union; DILLARD, lived Madison Co., Ky.; UNITY, m. SAMUEL RODES (?) and died in Madison Co., Ky. ; MARGARET married MILTON C. Combs and died Morton Co., Kansas; MILLIE married WILLIAM WALLACE Combs; JOHN C. B. lives Madison Co., Ky.; HARVEY C. died in childhood.

"Children and grandchildren of WILLIAM WALLACE and MILLIE FIELDER Combs: FANNIE, wife of F. G. GLENN, died Morton Co., Kans. ahd daughter Mary MILDRED who lives with WILLIAM WALLACE Combs; MAGGIE, m. 1st William GLENN, m. 2nd GUY M. TIPTON, ch: WM. RALPH GLENN, FAY TIPTON; JULIA m. THOMAS O. MORGAN of Stevens Co., Kans. and had 5 children, OLIVE, EDNA, LEE, LILLIE, and ROY; CUTHBERT S., m. BEDA RICHARDSON, lives at Hugoton, Kansas; LIZZIE m. CHARLES ORTH and lives in Richfield Twp, Morton Co., 7 children, MILDRED, WILL, WALLACE, CUTHBERT, FANNIE, ESTHER and RUTH; ALLIE M. m. CLAY TIPTON of Richfield Twsp, son HUGH, dau. DALE.

"WILLIAM WALLACE Combs was Recorder of Deeds in Morton Co., Kans. 1896-1898."

Note: A more complete version can be seen on KSGenWeb.

1895 Morton County Kansas State Census

Combs, Allie
Combs, Cudd
Combs, Fannie
Combs, Julia
Combs, Lizzie
Combs, M.C.
Combs, Maggie
Combs, Millie
Combs, W.W

This is an alphabetical list of people living in Morton County in 1895 KSGenWeb

1900 Morton County, Kansas Census

Richfield, KS 37-158 2-60

Combs, William W. Mar 1855 45 KY
Mildred E wf Oct 1855 44 KY
Fannie d Jan 1879 21
Julia d Jan 1882 18
Cuthbert s Aug 1884 15 "
Lizzie Apr 1887 13
Allie May Mar 1889 11

Cimarron 37-158 4-17

Combs, Milton C Oct 1853 46 KY
Hattie A wf Mar 1867 33 Penn
Doris M. d Jun 1895 4 KS
Lester E s Apr 1897 3 "
Harold Dec 1899 6/12 "

(Transcribed from notes from Mrs. Opal Combs by Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas)

Richfield, KS Cemetery

Name of Dead Date of Birth Date of Death Other Information
Maggie Combs Glenn 14 Apr 1880 19??
Bedia A. Combs 1885 1949
Cu??bert B. Combs 1884 19??
Margaret Combs 7 Feb 1852 19 Jul 1891
William B. Combs 28 Feb 1817 6 Jan 1894
Lester Combs 8 Apr 1897 29 Mar 1908 MC & H Combs
Fannie Combs Glenn 19 Jan 1879 24 May 1909 Fred G. Glenn - Husband

Morton Co, KSGenWeb

1917-18 Registration Cards re: Morton Co. KS

Combs, George Floyd 20 Jul 1891 W Lewisburg KS Morton KS

Morton County, KSGenWeb

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