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 of Kentucky Land Grants

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Primary Source: The Kentucky Land Grants, A Systematic Index to All of the Land Grants Recorded in the State Land Office at Frankfort, Kentucky 1782 - 1924, Willard Rouse Jillson, Sc. D. (Originally published as Filson Club Publications, KY.

Note: This is only an index. The grants themselves are far more detailed. Also note that in some instances, the grantee never resided on the land, nor possibly in Kentucky itself, but immediately assigned/sold the land to others. Reminder: During the course of time, more Kentucky Counties were formed, the same land might bepart of a number of counties. For this reason, we have also provided anindex which is ordered by (a) Watercourse, then (b) County. For more information about early County Formations (and some additional grants/surveys), see Early Combs to Kentucky. For more information about both county formations and, possibly, additional records, see also the applicable Kentucky Combs County of Record


To facilitate research, four indices are provided:

Grant Book Order
Given Name Order
County Order
Water Course

Important: All Records collected for this index may not have been added here as yet.