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of Larue Co., KY

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LaRue Co., KY was established in 1843 from   Hardin Co., KY. See the William F. Coombs Manuscript for more information about some of the Combs of this county.
22 Jul 1844  Hardin Co., KY Deed Bk W p. 18 transcribed by Deb Coombs from LDS Film #0388602

"This Indenture made and entered into this 22nd day of July 1844 by and between Adin COOMBS and Mary his wife, and William W. BOWLING and Martha his wife to the County of Hart, William Coombs and Martha his wife, Thomas F. COOMBS and Chloe his wife and Isham COOMBS and Martha his wife and Amelia COOMBS widow and relict of Adin COOMBS, Sr deceased of the County of Hardin and Greenberry COOMBS Addison MITCHELL & Emily his wife (late Emily COOMBS) of Trimble County children and heirs of Elizabeth COOMBS deceased late a daughter of said Adin COOMBS Sr dec'd and Amelia WILLIAMS of Larue County & William N. CHEATHAM and Keziah his wife (late Keziah WILLIAMS) all of the state of Kentucky and Fielding COOMBS and Valinda his wife of Marion County and State of Indiana all (except) the said Amelia) heirs of Adin COOMBS Sr. deceased of the firstpart and Stephen SAVAGE of the County Oneida & state of New York Witnesseththat whereas the said Amelia COOMBS sometine since sold to the said SAVAGE the tract of land herein after described under the belief that she was authorized to do so by the last Will & testament of the said A. COOMBS decd which was since proved to be invalid and whereas the said Amelia COOMBS has applied that part of the purchase money which she has received to the payment ofthe debts of the said A. COOMBS Sr deceased and whereas the said Adin COOMBS & wife & others the heirs of the said Adin COOMBS Sr deceased as above named are willing to Join in the conveyance to said SAVAGE of saill and Now therefore in consideration of the premises and for the further consideration of the sum of two hundred and seventy five dollars all but the sum of about one hundred and fifteen dollars heretofore paid to the said Amelia & applied by her as aforesaid the said parties of the first part have the day granted bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain and sell unto the said Stephen SAVAGE all their rights title and Interest in and to a Certain Tract of land with all its appurtences lying and being in the County of Hardin and State of Kentucky on the waters of Nolinn and immediately on the Turnpike road leading from Louisville to Nashville"... "a small distance above the mill house" ... Containing 48¼ acres be the same more or less" .. Wm. W. BOWLING Wm F. COOMBS Martha COMBS Isham COMBS Martha A. COMBS Pamelia WILLIAMS Fielding COOMBS Valinda COOMBS Wm N. CHEATHAM his mark Kezia CHEATEM Adin COOMBS Mary J COOMBS Martha BOWLING T. F. COOMBS Cloea COOMBS Pamelia COOMBS Addison MITCHELL Greenbury COMBS Emily MITCHELL

DC NOTE: Most relationships are explained fairly well above, however, Isham Coombs is a grandson of Adin, also a son of Adin's daughter Elizabeth Coombs who married Thomas Coombs. See will of Thomas Coombs p. April 1834 Henry Co., KY. See also the will of Adin Coombs of 28 Aug 1834 Hardin Co., KY See also William F. Coombs manuscript.
Dec 5, 1849 LaRue Co., KY Marriage Records. COOMBS, Walter W. & CHURCHILL, Sarah E. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Orton from var. Marriage CD'S)

Notes: According to the William F.Coombs Manuscript, Walter W. was the son of Samuel H. and Susan WILLIAMS Coombs,and "married Sarah CHURCHILL of Larue County. His widow lives near Big Spring Church in Larue County. John and Susan [COOMBS, Walter W.'s siblings] are living with her. John [COOMBS] is a very energetic farmer and stocktrader."
1850 Census Larue Co., Ky (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser, unless otherwise noted)

pg 412 a&b

Bennet STRAUGHN, 54 Farmer, KY, $2000
Ura, 58, F,VA
Wm. H., 25, M, farmer, KY
F.G., 23, M, KY
Saml C., 18, M, KY
M.L. 15, F, KY
(Extracted by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs)

DC Notes: Bennet md Ura COOMBS, a daughter of Amos COOMBS of Montgomery Co., VA and Hardin Co., KY

Hamilton Dist.

pg 459

Walter WILLIAMS 71 M farmer $2500 VA
E. 72 F VA
Wm. PRESTON 85 M England
Walter Combs 22 M farmer $1500 KY md within census year
Sarah Combs 20 F KY md within census year

Note: Walter Combs was the son of Samuel and Susan WILLIAMS COOMBS. See Walter and Sarah CHURCHILL COOMBS marriage record above.
16 Dec 1853 recorded 34 Jan. 1854 Larue Co., KY Deed Bk 3 p. 177 transcribed by Deb Coombs from FHC 409402:

This Article and Marriage Contract made and entered into this December 16th 1853 Between Walter Williams of the one part and Milly Coombs of the other part Witnesseth that Whereas it is Contemplated by the Above named parties that they will become United in Matrimony as husband y wife and now befre the same is consumated they agree as follows: The Said Williams is not to assert or exercise any Ownership over any of the property now belonging to the said Milly Combs and her said property is to remainunder her control as if she was an unmarried woman and not to be subject to the payment of any of the said Williams Debts & The said Williams further agrees to take Care of and Maintain the Said Milly Coombs Comfortably to feed and clothe her and give her One bedstead Bed & Bedding to use and do with as she may think proper And the said Milly Coombs on her part agrees that the property now belonging to the .. Walter Williams or arrising from the Same by increase shall not in any event be subject or liable to any of her Debts but is to remain his and under his own Control as though he was unmarried And the said Milly Coombs agrees that if she should be the longest liver she will now claim any Dower in any of the property of the said Walter Williams It is intended by this Contract the property of the parties is to remain subject only to the control of the now owner As Witness our hands and seals the day and date first above written Walter Williams Amelia Coombs attest W. L Morris 17 Dec 1853 Larue Co., KY Marriage Bonds transcribed by Deb Coombs from FHC 0409561:

Walter Williams and Isham Combs are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the penalty of one hundred dollars for the payment whereof well and truly to be made to the said Commonwealth we bind ourselves our heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 17 day of Dec 1853
The Condition of the Above Obligation is such that whereas there is about to issue from the Clerk's Office of the Larue County Court A License for a Marriage shortly intended to be solemnized betweed sd Williamsand Milly Coombs.
Now if it shall appear that there is no lawful cause to obstruct said Marriage then the above obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force. Walter Wiliams Isham Coombs

DC NOTE: This is Pamelia Williams, the first wife of Adin Coombs of Hardin and Hart Co., KY. Adin and Pamelia were married in Frederick Co., MD. Isham Coombs was Pamelia's grandson.
11 June 1859 Parthena REAVES, 48, Female, Housekeeper, Md, d. June 11, 1859, Cause: Change of Life, Parents: Wm and Mary Combs, b. Green Co, Ky, Res: Larue Co, D. Larue Co. (Source: Original KVS images,, Ky. Death Records 1852-1955, abs by SE)

Notes: Parthena, wife of Henderson REEVES. See 1850 Taylor Co, KY census and 1860 LaRue Co, KY census.
1860 Larue Co., KY Census (Extracted from 1860 Annotated LaRue Co Census by Marguerite Emmons and provided to Combs Researcher Debi Houser unless otherwise noted)

p 23

HH 327
W. W. COOMS 32, male farmer KY
S. E. 29 female KY
Leslie(?) 7 male KY
Susan 5 femaleKY
John 3 male KY
Iada 1 femaleKY
Samuel LEASOR 15 laborer KY

Note: Walter Williams COOMBS, son of Samuel H. & Susan WILLIAMS Coombs, married Sarah Elizabeth CHURCHILL.

pg 76

WW COOMBS listed as a slave owner
6 total slaves
1-adult male
1-adult female
2-male children
2-female children

p.94, Aug 1, 1860, PO Hodgenville

637/627 Henderson REEVES, 47, M, Farmer, RE=$300, PP=$267, b. KY
Martha, 27, F, b. KY
Cath, 25, F, b. KY
Mary, 23, F, b. KY
Milly, 20, F, b. KY
Solomon, 16, M, b. KY
Harriett, 13, F, b. KY
Sarah, 10, F, b. KY
(Source: Original census images,, abs by SE)

SE Notes: Henderson, widower of Parthena Combs, d/o of William and Mary SKAGGS Combs of Green Co, Ky (see 1859 death record). Daughter Milly aka Millie was born 4 March 1838 per her 1930 Taylor Co, KY DC.

p. 201 HH 118/118 transcribed by Deb Coombs
Bennet Straughn, 64, M, farmer $6000/$7275, KY
Ura Straughn, 68, F, VA, cannot read or write
F.G., 33, M, laborer, $800, KY
S.C., 27, M, KY
M.C., 18, F, KY
27 Nov 1860 Larue Co., KY Marriage: George W. COOMES to Barbara A. TENNELLY (Extracted from Kentucky Marriages, 1851-1900 from Ancestry by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
1870 Census La Rue Co., KY (Transcribed from microfilm by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs)

Buffalo PO p. 004

HH 27/27
Solomon COMBS, 65, M, farmer, -/$100, KY
Annie, 63, F, keepinghouse, KY
James, 40, M, farmhand-/$100. KY
William, 24, M, farmhand, KY
Millie Reaves, 27, F, housework, KY

Note: Solomon COMBS married 24 Nov 1828,Green Co., KY, Ann SCOTT. He and Ann can be found previously on the 1850 Taylor Co., Ky and 1860 Hart Co., Ky Census.

BUFFALO PCT, p. 8, 27 July 1870

45/45 REAVES, Henderson, 50, M, W, Farmer, b. KY
Mary, 32, F, W, Keeping House, b. KY
Harriett, 22, F, W, Keeping House, b. KY
George 1, M, W, b. KY
Millie A, 7, F, W, b. KY
(Source: Original census images,, abs by SE)

SE Notes: The young Millie A appears to be same as Millie Ann HALL whose 1949 Taylor Co DC states her mother was Mary REEVES. It also states her father was Henry REEVES but that may reflect only that she was raised in Henderson's household for she was styled a granddaughter in 1880.

Hodgenville Pct 038

HH 165/165
Sarah E. COMBS, 40, F, farmer, $6000/$1400, KY
William L., 18, M, farmhand, KY, attended school
Susan, 16, F, KY, attended school
John 15, M, farm hard, Ky, attended school
Johnson GRAHAM, 10, M, farm hand, KY
Allen SLENGIN, 17, M, farm hand, KY

Note: Sarah Elizabeth CHURCHILL was married to Walter W. COOMBS.

Upton Pct p.108

HH 189/194
George WILLIAM, 79, M, Black, farmer, -/$50, KY
India WILLIAM, 71, F, Mulatto, keeping house, KY
Samuel COMBS, 11, M, Mulatto, KY
Jessee COMBS , 50, Mulatto, farm hand, KY
1876 LaRue Co KVS Birth Record: Bettie A REEVES, b. [c/r m/d] 1876, Female, born alive LaRue Co, Ky, Father: Solomon REEVES, b. Taylor Co, Ky, Mother: Sophrona PATTERSON, Larue Co, Ky, Resided: Larue Co, Ky (Source: original KVS images, KY Death Records 1852-1955,, abs. by SE).
1880 Census Larue Co., KY submitted by Jennifer Wilhelmi

OTTER CREEK, MAG DIST #3, p. 157 ED 156 (Sheet 6), June 1880

53/56 REEVES Henderson, 66, W, M, Farmer, b. KY NC NC
Polly, 42, W, F, Daughter, Keeping House, b. KY KY KY
Milly A, 15, W, F, G Daughter, At Home, b. KY KY KY
George, 11, W, M, Grand Son, b. KY KY KY
Betty A(?), 9, W, F, G Daughter, b. KY KY KY
Henrietta, 4, W, F, [no relationship specified], b. KY KY KY
(Source: Original census images,, abs by SE)

54/57 REEVES Milly, 40, W, F, Keeping House, b. KY KY KY
B?? J, 3, W, F, Daughter, b. KY KY KY
Fannie, 6/12, W, F, Daughter, b. KY KY KY
(Source: Original census images,, abs by SE)

Notes: Living near Underwoods. Could be Millie A REEVES, d/o of Henderson and Parthenia. See her 1930 Taylor Co, KY DC. She appears to have had some children although her DC states she died a single woman.

hh 107/111 COMBS, Solomon M 75 (abt 1805) KY VA VA Farmer
Ann Combs F 72 (abt 1808) KY VA VA
Mary Smith F 46 (abt 1834) VA KY KY (daughter, widowed)
James Smith M 14 (abt 1866) KY KY KY
Ellah A. Smith F 9 (abt 1871) KY KY KY
John Smith M 19 (abt 1861) KY KY KY

Siberia, Larue, KY
WILLIAMS, George M 83 (abt 1797) KY KY KY Farmer
(family is black)
Easter Williams F 56 (abt 1824) KY KY KY (niece, widowed)
Judy Williams F 18 (abt 1862) KY KY KY (other, mulatto)
Soloman Williams M 4 (abt 1876) KY KY KY (nephew)
Harvey Williams M 1 (abt 1879) KY KY KY (newphew)
COMBS, Samuel M 21 KY KY KY (nephew) Farm Laborer
8 Jan 1891 (Thursday) The LaRue Co. Herald. Solomon Combs' burial took place at the Methodist Church in Buffalo [LaRue Co., KY] on Dec 29. Was about 86 years old. was married 56 years. (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from The LaRue Co.Herald (Ky) newspaper's obituaries)
20 Sep 1894 (Thursday) The LaRue Co. Herald. Cooney COOMBS, a barber from New Haven [Nelson Co., KY], died Sun., Sept 16. (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn imp from The LaRue Co. Herald (Ky) newspaper's obituaries)
1900 Census transcribed by Deb Coombs

Hodgenville, Larue Co., KY ed 64 sh 7B
John H. Coombs, head, May 1855, 45, S, KY, KY, KY, farmer
Sarah E., mother, Feb 1830, 70, wd, (yrs married blank), 6, 3, KY, KY, KY
Sue, sister, Sep 1853, 46, S, KY, KY, KY
Walter W., nephew, Oct 1891, 8, S, KY, KY, KY
Mary E., niece, Mar 1884, 6, KY, KY, KY
Mollie Patterson, niece, Nov 1887, 12, KY, KY, KY

NOTE: Sarah E. was the widow of Walter W. Coombs; her maiden name Churchill. The children Walter W and Mary are the sons of William Leslie Coombs, John's brother, who later resided in Washington Co., OK.
27 Oct 1904 The LaRue County (Ky.) Herald (extracted by Carolyn Wimp): Six Men Indicted at Jackson for the Murder of Tom Jones Jackson, Ky. Oct. 22-Indictments have returned by the Breathitt County grand jury against Bradley Martin and Wm. Martin of Knott Co. and G.B. Combs, Shade Combs, Neley Collins and Wm. Combs of this county, charging them all with the murder of Tom Jones, whose charred remains were found on May 2 amid the dying embers of a campfire by the roadside on Troublesome Creek. On the evening before his death, Jones left Jackson in company with Wm. Combs and Shade Combs. The latter stated that the party stopped when night overtook them and built a fire, with the intention of waiting by it until the moon arose and gave them light by which they would be enabled to resume their journey. They declared that when the moon arose they were unableto arouse Jones, who was asleep by the fire, and that they went on their journey, leaving him there.
7 Feb 1914 Kentucky Death Certificate: Full Name: Ellen ELLIOTT, File #4859, Larue Co, KY, Female, White, Widowed, Died: Feb 7, 1914, Larue Co, Ky;Cause: Pneumonia; Age 78yrs, Born March 6, 1835, Ky., Father: Sol Combs, B. KY, Mother Ann SCOTT, b. KY, Informant: J F PRICE, Buffalo, KY; Buried: Buffalo Cemetery, Feb 9, 1914 (Source: Original images, Ky Death Certificates,, abs by SE).

Note: Ellen could be same as Parthena E Combs in Solomon's 1850 Taylor Co, Ky. census.
The following is from THE CHURCHILL FAMILIES GENEALOGY, Vol II, by Charles Timothy Todhunter, 1992, McDowell Publications

Page 83: "Sarah Elizabeth CHURCHILL, the second child of Armstead Slaughter CHURCHILL and Mary Thompson Street BROWN, was born Feb. 4, 1830 in Hardin Co., and died Feb. 1, 1910 in Bartlesville, Ok. She married Walter Williams COOMBS on Dec 4, 1849. Walter was the son of Samuel H. COOMBS who died in 1829 in Eagle Mills, LaRue Co [then HardinCo]. Walter was raised by his maternal grandfather, Walter WILLIAMS. Susan WILLIAMS, his mother, was born Nov 21, 1803 and died in Eagle Mills, LaRue Co., in 1833. Both Samuel H. COOMBS and his wife Susan WILLIAMS were interred in the COOMBS-WILLIAMS Cemetry in LaRue Co."

Notes: Samuel H. COOMBS (son of Amos & Tacy DRAKE Combs) m Susan WILLIAMS 16 Mar 1823, Hardin Co., KY. The Wm. F. Coombs Manuscript names Sarah CHURCHILL as wife of their son, Walter William Combs.
LaRue County, KY Cemeteries

Coombs - Williams Family Cemetery - This small family cemetery is located south of Big Spring Church near Eagle Mills. The cemetery dates back to the 1820s (Extracted by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson from

Combs, ????? no dates
Coombs, Churchill (son of Walter W. & Sarah E.) 1850 1851
Coombs, Ida (dau. of Walter W. & Sarah) 1857 1862
Coombs, Samuel H. (hus. of Susan) 14 March 1797 29 ??? 1829
Coombs, Sarah E. (wife of Walter W.) 1829 1909
Coombs, Susan (wife of Samuel H.) 21 Nov. 1803 1833 (stone broken)
Coombs, Sue (dau. of Walter W. & Sarah) 1853 1911
Coombs, Walter W. (hus. of Sarah E.) 1828 1862
Williams, Elley (wife of Walter) 15 Feb. 1778 18 June 1852
Williams, John no dates
Williams, John G. (son of Walter) 9 Aug. 1800 22 May 1855
Williams, Lee no dates
Williams, Mrs. Lee no dates
Williams, Walter (hus. of Elley) 8 July 1778 2 Jan. 1869

Siberia Cemetery -Located in western Larue County about ¼ mile west of where Heying Lane and Hwy 1517 meet. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson from

Combs, Jesse 11 Jan. 1825 21 Jan. 1887

Buffalo Methodist Cemetery - Located in south Buffalo and dates back to about 1860. The cemetery is on a hill just east of highway 61 in Larue Co., Ky. A number of Civil war soldiers are buried in unmarked graves at the back of the cemetery. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson from

Combs, Solomon Died 29 Dec. 1890 at age 86 years* (Newspaper article) no stone
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