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Catholic King James II fled England in December 1688, and was succeeded to the throne by the Protestants William of Orange and Mary on 13 Feb 1688/89. William COMBES of Talbot County, unlike Enoch COMBES of Calvert County, was one of those who supported the ouster of the Catholic Proprietor Lord Baltimore. See the Talbot Protestant Petitition to learn who was on "the other side" in Talbot County, and see Combs &c. and the Maryland Protestant Revolution for more about the signers of both petitions and their various causes.

Address of Talbot County to King William and Queen Mary

Address of Talbot County to the King.
Recd. from my Ld Shrewsbury.
7th Febry 1689 [1689/90]

To the most Sacred Majties of Great Britain etc.
The humble Address of your Majesties most Loyal
Protestant Subjects, Inhabitants of Talbot County
in the Province of Maryland

Dread Soveraigns.
The Congratulation of yor Majesties happy access to the Throne and Imperial Crowne of our native Country of England, together with tbe recognition of your Majesties undoubted Right and Soveraignty thereunto, and also to this your Majesties Province, and other your Dominions and Territories (which have already been represented to your Majestie in a generall Address from this Province) Wee have not deemed sufficient to demonstrate our zeal and affection for your Majtie Royall Persons and Interest. And therefore humbly acknowledging and rendering thanks to Almighty God for your pious and princely care and Endeavours for the restitution of our ancient Laws, religions and properties to their primitive purity lustre and splendour soe happily accomplished and effected) wee presume now particularly to Address your Majesty humbly prostrating ourselves at your Royall Feete, and imploring your gracious Answer to our humble supplications therein sett forth, That your Majesty would favourably accept and receive us into your Royall protection and vouchsafe to settle the Government of this Province in the true Protestant religion, in such manner and form as to your Majtie in your Royall and Princely wisdom shall seem most meete and convenient. That wee may participate the happy influence of your Majties Glorious Acchievements and Accomplishments with the rest of our fellow Subjects in our native Country of England and others your Dominions and Territorys, and be the better enabled to serve your Majesty with all imaginable alacrity, joining with them in the hearty and sincerely well wishing your Majestys long life and happy Reign in this world, and a Crown of Glory in the next, And that there may never want of your Royall Offspring to succeed you in the Throne, as is and for ever shall be the constant fervent and incessant prayers of May it please your Majesties Your Majties most humble, dutiful loyal and obedient Subjects and Servants

Edwd Man James Ross
William COMBES John Dally
George Robotham William Ridgaway
Thomas Smithson John Stanley
Micha Turbutt V. Delahay
James Smith James Edmondson
Wm Finney Wariter Quinton
James Sedgwick Abraham Morgan
Sam Withers John Barker
John Edmondson William Troth
Wm Sharp John Whittington
Robt Smeth Rithard Sweatman
Anthony Rumball James Downes
Tho. Burtt James Benson


Edited and proofed by Combs Researchers from Archives of Maryland, Vol. VIII, Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1687/8-1692, William Hand Browne, Editor, Maryland Historical Society, 1890, pp. 143-144

About the Signers (Selected)

William COMBS married ca 1676, Elizabeth ROE, daughter of Edward ROE of Lancaster County, Virginia and Talbot County, Maryland. His ancestry is unknown, as is his relationship to John COMBS who married Mary ROE, sister of Elizabeth. He died 1689-1692, following which his widow married Nicholas LOWE of Talbot. William was a merchant and only a few months prior to signing this petition, a letter written by him and the above William SHARP was sent to the General Assembly in reference to a ship being held in Virginia (See Talbot County). William and his wife are also mentioned in a letter from Col. Peter SAYER of Talbot County to Lord Baltimore (Charles Calvert) regarding the Indian rumors (See Combs &c. of the Maryland Protestant Revolution).

William SHARPE, son of Peter SHARPE who died in Calvert County in 1672, married before 1679, Elizabeth, surname unknown. His sister, Mary, married 9 Feb 1670 in Calvert, William STEPHENS, a Quaker, and his sister, Elizabeth married (1) Robert HARWOOD (died 1675, Talbot) and (2) Wenlock CRISTENSON, both also Quakers.