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Format: Surname, Given Name, Middle Initial, Patentee, Warrantee, State Doc No., Sig Present ?, Sig Date, Land Office, Nr, Aliquot Parts, Seck/Blk, Township, Twp Dir, Range, Range Dir, Fract Section, Meridian, Acres, County, Comments, Accession No. Patentee - Warrantee is Y/Yes N/No, Fract Section is Y/Yes N/No, Sig Present ? is Y/Yes N/No

Note: Each document can have several segments - listed number Nr. ( parts 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.)

Lands in Alabama

Combs Frederick A Y N Mississippi 21882 Y November 30, 1848 Pontotoc 1 SE 31/ 2 S 14 W Y Huntsville Meridian 160.1 0 Lands In Alabama MS3170_.326

*Patent Certificate: Frederick Augustus Combs of Franklin Co, AL

Lowndes County

Combs Pleasant C* Y N Mississippi 19556 Y February 27, 1841 Columbus 1 SWSE 17/ 17 S 18 W N Huntsville Meridian 39.91 Lowndes 0 MS1210_.442

Patent Certificate: Pleasant C. Combs of Lowndes Co, AL

Monroe County

Combs Sarah 0 Y N Mississippi 7165 Y February 27, 1844 Columbus 1 W1/2SE 5/ 13 S 13 S N Huntsville Meridian 80.02 Monroe 0 MS1440_.217

Noxubee County

Combs William A Y N Mississippi 31355 Y September 1, 1846 Columbus 1 E1/2NW 34/ 13 N 15 E N Choctaw Meridian 79.87 Noxubee 0 MS1460_.151

Combs William A Y N Mississippi 33496 Y December 1, 1849 Columbus 1 SESE 23/ 13 N 15 E N Choctaw Meridian 39.96 Noxubee 0 MS1500_.287

Patent Certificates: William A. Combs of Noxumbee Co, MS.

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