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Ed Note: Unfortunately, we are “short” on Mississippi Combs Researchers so far, leaving our Cherry May somewhat out in the cold, and leaving everyone “records-short”. Someday, we hope this report will be an index to Combs &c. Counties of MS, but for now, it remains primarily a report (Moved to Noxubee) on Cherry's ancestors, William A. and Malinda GREER Combs of GA and MS.

Combs &c. Mississippi Counties of Record

BLM LandRecords
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See also a brief Chronology of additional MS Records and Index to Combs BLM Land of Mississippi

A Brief Chronology of
Additional MS Combs Records by County

Coahama County

29 Jan 1868 Coahama Co, MS. Married: Harry COMBS & Lovena PARTEE (Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)

1870 Coahoma Co MS Census

Martin Combs 43 M W KY Farmer
Mary A. 44 f W KY
Sarah D. 14 f W KY
Master U 12 M W KY
Josephine 10 f W KY
Abram E. 7 M W KY
Georgianne 5 f W IL

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

BSM Notes: I read this census while at the Sutro Library in San Francisco, and the first name of this Combs is difficult to read, but I believe it is Martin Combs, though the "t" in Martin is not crossed. I looks somewhat like MARHU Combs, but not exactly either, if that makes any sense...... Down the road is a Henry COMBS, age 25, single, Black. Charley STACY, son of Mason and Charlotte CARTER Stacy (m 1809, Greene Co, KY) is also listed in this county, in HH 1309/1311, age 35. This Stacy family (Mason and sons and daughter's) had moved from KY to IL to MS by the 1850 census. Also listed is a Martin JOHNSON, age 42, born in Virginia. He is in household 199/200, living alone. Next door is Henry JOHNSON and Sally BROWN (age 37) and her two children. Also in the area is a Major JOHNSON, age 57 (household 957/959) and he lives very near Martin JOHNSON. There are many Johnson's living in this county....The MAYNARD'S are living there in Coahoma also. In particular is a Deaton MAYNARD, from VA.

Notes: The above Martin COMBS is not Martin K. of Muhlenberg Co KY, nor Martin Massingill of Perry Co KY. The only other possibilities, assuming birth states are correct, are M. COMBS of Jefferson Co KY, and M. S. COMBS of Bullitt Co KY.

1870 Mortality Schedule, Coahoma Co MS

COMBS, Frances X Female-born in MS-died age 2 in Sep 1870. Cause: Bowel Inflammation

(Combs Researcher Pat Osborn Orton)

DeSoto County

1860 Mortality Schedule, Desoto Co MS
Combs, Martha- Female-born in MS-died age 3 in Jan 1860 Cause: Measles

(Combs Researcher Pat Osborn Orton)

Lowndes County

1820 Lowndes Co, MS Census Index

P. 23: Pleasant C. Combs

1840 Lowndes Co, MS Census Index

p. (23 and/or 213) Pleasant Combs

27 Feb 1841 Mississippi BLM Land Patent. Combs, Pleasant C of Lowndes Co, MS. Y N Mississippi 19556 Y February 27, 1841 Columbus 1 SWSE 17/ 17 S 18 W N Huntsville Meridian 39.91 Lowndes 0 MS1210_.442 (Index to Combs Land of Mississippi)

1850 Lowndes Co MS Census

Columbus City 3rd Ward

p. 125 (per census index)

#60/60 Pleasant C. Combs age 45 M VA Carpenter
Cynthia " 37 F MS
John MOOR (sic) 24 M MS Living with them, no relationship shown

(Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

Marshall County

1860 Mortality Schedule, Marshall Co MS

Combs, Thomas- Male-born in NC-died age 74 in Mar [1849] Cause: Dropsy Occupation: Farmer

(Combs Researcher Pat Osborn Orton)

1870 Mortality Schedule, Marshall Co MS

Combs, Lula- Female-born in MS-died age 1 in Sep 1870 Cause: Fever

(Combs Researcher Pat Osborn Orton)

Neshoba County

1860 Mortality Schedule, Neshoba Co MS

Combs, Lucy X- Female-born in MS [sic] died age 60 in Dec 1859 Cause: Pneumonia Occupation: Laborer

(Combs Researcher Pat Osborn Orton)

Pontotoc County

1850 Pontotoc Co, MS Census

William COMBS 30 KY
Catherine 32 TN
William Jr.
James Washington [11 AL?]

(Partial record provided by Combs Researcher Walt Davies who adds that he is descended from Winnie Lee COMBS (1925- ) b: Bates Co. AR, d/o Charles Emory COMBS (1904-1926) b. Scotts Co, AR, s/o James Washington COMBS (1839-1911) b. Cherokee Co, AL.

1870 Mortality Schedule, Pontotoc Co, MS

Combs, James- Male -born in KY died age 60 in Jun 1870 Cause: Brain Disorder Occupation: Farmer

(Combs Researcher Pat Osborn Orton)

Tishomingo County

1880 Tishomingo Co, MS Census

Beat 1

COMBS, Solomon M 38 (abt 1842) KY KY KY Farmer
Cornelia Combs F 20 (abt 1860) AL Ire. TN
Jimmie I. Combs M 2 (abt 1878) MS KY AL

Washington County

1880 Mortality Schedule, Washington Co MS

Combs, George X- Male-born in LA, died age 13 in Oct 1879 Cause: Pneumonia

(Combs Researcher Pat Osborn Orton)

Combs: 1850 Mississippi Census Index

LOUNDES CO., MS (3) 60
S. MARSHALL MS 58 & 635
NOXUBEE CO., MS 654 & 692
WILKINSON CO., MS 258, 384, 385

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

From Index to Goodspeed's History of Mississippi:

Mary Combs born ca 1793 in SC m Robert NELSON and lived in Tennessee where she died in 1878."

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews. NMI)

Important: All Records collected for these counties may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives