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Rockingham County was established in 1785 from the upper half of Guilford County, and lies on the Virginia state line.

1800 Rockingham Co, Census

P. 442
MABERRY, Philips 20010-00010-00

P. 447
Combs, Patsy - 10000-10010-00

(US Census Index, Broderbund Software - Unreliable Transcription!)

Notes: Martha "Patsy" Combs' husband has not yet been identified; the Philip MABERRY record has been included due to the 1772 Guilford Co NC marriage of John Combs & Sarah MABRY, Phillip Combs, bondsman. (See John & Sarah MABRY Combs & the Mabry Family)

1810 Rockingham Co, NC Census Index

P. 186
COMBES, William

P. 194
COMBES, Martha

(Extracted by Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

1820 Rockingham Co, NC Census Index

P. 648
Combs, Martha

1830 Rockingham Co, NC Census Index

P. 282
William Combs

30 Oct 1834 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, William & CARTER, Nancy

(Marriage CD - undocumented)

09 Mar 1836 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, Patsey & MILLER, James

(Marriage CD - undocumented)

19 Feb 1840 Rockingham NC Marriage Records. James M. ROBERTS and Ann W. Combs

(Rockingham County, N.C. - MARRIAGES - Missing Marriage Bonds 1837-1868. See Also Copyright restrictions)

09 Feb 1847 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, Mariah & BAILEY, Danl

(Marriage CD - undocumented)

16 Sep 1850 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) COMB, Thomas & STIRES, Martha

(Marriage CD - undocumented)

11 Dec 1854 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, Jane W & FAGG, James F

(Marriage CD - undocumented)

18 Jan 1856 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, Maryan & POWEL, Thomas B

(Marriage CD - undocumented)

1860 Rockingham Co, NC Census

Lawsonville PO., Southern Division

p. 31
15 June, 1860

HH #216/216 L. Combs 25 (or 28) , m, farmer, RE=$1300, PP=$400, b. NC Married within the year
Mary A E Combs 17, f, b. NC, married within the year
Lucius C. Combs 10, m, b. NC, attended school within the year
John L. Combs 9, m, b. NC, attended school within the year
Felix M. Combs 8, m, b. NC.
Temesha A Combs 6, f, b. NC
Juliann Combs 5, f, b. NC

Notes and additional information per descendant Jim Woods:

James H. Combs b. 6 Aug 1830, d.16 Oct 1909 (listed in 1860 as "L Combs, wife Mary A E Combs. The couple was married within the year. No information about the first wife. He has not been found in the 1850 US Census. I think his parents may have been William Combs and Nancy CARTER listed in the 1850, 1840, and 1830 US Census.)
Children by first wife, name unknown:
Lucius C. Combs b. 1849 Rockingham Co., NC
John L. Combs (my g-grandfather) b. 9 May 1850, NC, d. 21 Jan 1906, buried Stokesdale United Methodist Church Cemetery, Stokesdale, Guilford Co., NC
Felix M. Combs b. Dec 1852, d. 1923
Tremesha(?) A. Combs b. 1854 Rockingham Co [SE: possibly same as [Tempe in 1870 census record and maybe same as Tremesha in 1860 record]
Jenifer Combs b. 1855 Williamsburg Twp, Rockingham Co.
Julian Combs b. 1856 Rockingham Co. [SE: shown as female in 1860 census] m. 1860 Williamsburg Twp, Rockingham County, NC
+Mary A. SANDERS b. 13 Aug 1842, d. 21 May 1905, m. 1860 Williamsburg Twp, Rockingham County, NC

John L. Combs m. Martha Jane CLEMMONS (b. 12 Apr 1849, d. 2 Jun 1906 , buried with John) Children:
Susan Elizabeth Combs b. 23 Sep 1875, d. 31 Oct 1945
Oliver Elbert Combs b. 10 May 1877, d. Oct 1951, Buried Stokesdale United Methodist Church Cemetery.
James Martin Combs b. 25 Mar 1879, d. 2 Mar 1883
Horace Melvin Combs b. 26 Feb 1881, d. 1951, buried Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Guilford Co., NC.
Luther Pepper Combs b. 26 Feb 1883 d. 29 Jun 1963, buried Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery.
Mary Ellen Combs b. 23 Jan 1885, d. 1950
Lillie Thompson Combs b. 29 Jun 1887, d. 29 Aug 1971
John Walter Combs (Gfather) b. 21 Jan 1889, d. 27 Sep 1963) m. Nannie Florence PEGRAM on 14 Apr 1913, Guilford Co., NC
Vera Gladys Combs (my mother)
Era Mable Combs
Mary Madeline Combs
Joan Combs
Walter Leon Combs

Reidsville PO Northern Division

June 13, 1860

HH 135, William J. Coram 27, m, chair maker, b. NC
[can't read] 24, f, b. NC [wife Frances, age 34 in 1870]
[can't read] 1?, f, b. NC
Thomas Combs 30, m, farm lbr, b. NC
Martha Combs 34, f, b. NC [Martha Stiers md. Thomas Combs 16 Feb. 1850]
Elizabeth Combs 8, f, b. NC [w/ WM Coram in 1870]
James Combs 7, m, b. NC [w/ Robert Coram in 1870, age 18]
Matilda Combs 4, f, b. NC [w/ Robert Coram in 1870, age 14 as Tilla]
Elizabeth Stiers 66, f, b. VA

SE Notes: Elizabeth Combs with Wm Coram in 1870, James (18) and Tilla (14) with Robert and Sarah Coram in 1870.

25 Apr 1863 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, Sarah & SNEED, William A

(Marriage CD - undocumented)

25 Jul 1865 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, Oliver C & STUBBLEFIELD, Arian W

(Marriage CD - undocumented)

20 Apr 1866 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, Fannie & JOYCE, R A (Marriage CD - undocumented)

31 Aug 1867 (Rockingham, NC Marriage Records) Combs, George W & JOYCE, Nancy E

1870 Rockingham Co, NC Census

Williamsburg, Reidsville PO

p. 409
27 Oct. 1870

318/311 Combs James H. 41, m, w, farmer, RE=$500, PP=$100, b. NC
Combs Mary 26, f, w, keeping house, b. NC
Combs John L 18, m, w, at home, b. NC
Combs Felix 17, m, w, at home, b. NC
Combs Tempe 15, f, w, at home, b. NC
Sartin [or Lartin] Ellis, 26, m, b, farm laborer, b. NC

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives