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DAKOTA or DACO'TAH (so called from the Dacotah Indians or Dacoits - see Sioux), a territory of the United States, bounded by Minnesota on the E., Nebraska on the S., Montana and Wyoming on the W., and the British possessions on the N. It was formerly part of the territory of Minnesota, but was detached when that became a state. Dakota is in length 414 miles, its average breadth is about 360 miles, and it has an area of 150,932 square miles.

The territory is watered by the Missouri and its branches. Dakota includes open grassy plains, high rolling prairies, and abounds in game furnishing valuable furs. The land is fertile and well timbered, and is rich in coal and other minerals. The N. Pacific Railway runs across Dakota from E. to W. The territory was organized in 1866; pop. (1870) 14,181; (1880) 135,180, without tribal Indians. (Excerpted from Chambers's Encyclopedia Vol. ii, Collier Publisher, NY, 1889.)

In February, 1889, Congress established the boundary between North and South Dakota. On November 2, 1889, North Dakota became the 39th state and South Dakota the 40th state to enter the Union. (Billings Co, ND Genealogy)

Combs &c. North Dakota Counties of Record

CountyDate FormedParent CountyCounty Seat
Barnes1873 as Burbank, named changed to Barnes in 1875CassValley City, 1879 - present
Billings1879Unorganized territoryMedora, 1886 - present
Burleigh 1873Buffalo (Discontinued)Bismarck, 1873 - present
Cass1873Original CountyFargo, 1883 - present
Grand Forks1873PembinaGrand Forks, 1875 - present
McHenry1873Buffalo (Discontinued)Villard, 1884-1885
Scriptown, 1885-1886
Towner1886 - present
Ramsey1873PembinaDevil's Lake, 1883 - present
Territory (pre-statehood) Records

Barnes County, North Dakota

Barnes County was formed in 1873 as Burbank from Cass County. The named changed to Barnes in 1875. The county seat of Valley City was established in 1879.

1900 Barnes Co, ND Census

MICROFILM#: T623-1226

Valley City Twp

Valley City Ward 1

p. 85A SD: 199; ED: 5

207/237 Combs Lee A. Boarder W M Sept 1869 30 S IA NH Eng Lawyer

Note: Hotel

Billings County, North Dakota

Billings County was formed in 1879 from the unorganized territory. The county seat is Medora.

1880 Billings Co Dakota Territory Census

The USGenWeb Census Project ®

ED: 101

p. 19; June 1st, 1880

Comba, Richard Capt W M 43 X Soldier USA; Ire Ire Ire
Francis M A W F 22 Wife Wife TX Ire France
Fany M W F 4 Daughter MT Ireland Texas
Odelia L W F 3 Daughter MT Ire TX
Emily E W F 2 Daughter MT Ire TX

Note: A Capt. Richard Combes is in Fort Buford (Unorgainzed Territory (in 1870) of the Dakota Territory, later (1891) part of Williams Co, ND) in the 1870 Census.

Burleigh County was formed in 1873 Buffalo County (Discontinued). The county seat is Bismarck.

1900 Burleigh Co, ND Census

Gran Lake Twp


Sheet 2B; 24 Jun 1900, Charleas O, Hansen

50/50 Coombs Frank Head Wm Jan 1864 36 M12 Eng En Eng 1882 18 Pa Farmer
Emily S Wife WF Nar 1864 36 M12 5/5 Ire Ire Ire 1886 14
Walter F. Son Wm Aug 1890 9 s IA Eng Ire
Howard G. Son WM Sep 1891 8 s IA Eng Ire
Edeth E. Dau WF Mar 1894 6 s IA Eng Ire
Milard A. son WM Jul 1895 4 s IA Eng Ire
John L. Son WM Jul 1899 10/12 s IA Eng Ire

McHenry County, North Dakota

McHenry County was formed in 1873 from Buffalo County (Discontinued). The county seat is Towner.

1900 McHenry Co, ND Census

Twp 157, Range 76

SD:1, ED: 266

sheet 1B, 6-7 Jun 1900, Albert M. Young

8/8 McCombs, James Head WM Jan 1857 43 M19 Canada Canada Canada 1892 8 Na farmer
Ida L. Dau WF Feb 1857 43 M19 6/6/ Canada Canada Canada 1892 8
Cara E. Dau WF Mar 1882 18 S Canada Canada Canada 1892 8
Hattie E. Dau WF Jul 1883 16 S Canada Canada Canada 1892 8
Harold E. Son WM Jun 1884 15 S Canada Canada Canada 1892 8
William J. Son WM Aug 1885 14 SCanada Canada Canada 1892 8
Edna Dau WF Oct 1886 13 S Canada Canada Canada 1892 8
Joseph L. Son WM Jan 1891 9 S Canada Canada Canada 1892 8

Ramsey County, North Dakota

Ramsey County was formed in 1873 from Pembina County. The county seat is Devil's Lake.

1900 Ramsey Co, ND Census

City of Devil's Lake

SD:ND, ED:126 1st Ward

p. 65, Sheet 1A; 1 Jun 1900, Luther ??ahan

3/3 Tompkins Allen Head WM Jun 1854 45 M16 Canada (Eng) Canada (Eng) Ire 1881 19 Na Electric Plant (?)
Eva wife WF Dec 1867 32 M16 4/4 Canada (Eng) Canada (Eng) Canada (Eng)
Ernest Son WM Nov 1887 12 S ND Canada (Eng) Canada (Eng)
Clarence Son WM Nov 1887 12 S ND Canada (Eng) Canada (Eng)
Leah Dau WF Jul 1893 6 S ND Canada (Eng) Canada (Eng)
Edith Dau WF Jun 1894 5 S ND Canada (Eng) Canada (Eng)
Coombs, Arnia lodger WF Jan 1850 50 Wd 2/2 Eng Eng Eng 1887 13 un
Logan Mary Servant WF May 1876 24 S ND Canada (Fr) Canada (Fr) Servant

Twp 157 Range 63


p. 24 sheet:7A; 25 Jun 1900, George W. H.Davis

153/153 Combs, Louis Head WM Mar 1865 35 S Germany Germany Germany 1881 18 Na Farmer

Fort Buford was located at the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone river in what is now present day Williams Co, ND, 22 miles SW of Williston.

1870 Dakota Territory Census

Unorganized Territory

Fort Buford

19/19 Combes Richard 32 M W Captain 500 Ireland mf

Note: Father & Mother are foriegn born. 19/19 contains about 312 soldiers (inc. officers). He appears to be the as Capt. Richard Combs found in Billings Co, ND Census of 1880.