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Guadalupe County was established in 1891 from Lincoln and San Miguel Cos, NM.

1924 Cuervo, Guadalupe Co, NM. Death Certificate of Nancy Combs Creed

State Of New Mexico, Bureau Of Public Health
Certificate of Death
1. PLACE OF DEATH: Cuervo, Guadalupe County, New Mexico
2. FULL NAME: Minnie Marie CREED*
(a) Residence: Cuervo, Guadalupe County, New Mexico
3. Sex: Female 4. Color or Race: White 5. Married 5a. Husband: G.W. CREED
6. Date of Birth: January 26, 1849 7. Age: 75 years, 19 days 8. Occupation: Housewife
9. Birthplace: Sullivan Co., Tennessee
10. Name of Father: John Combs
11. Birthplace of Father: Tennessee
12. Maiden Name of Mother: Mary BOOHER***
13. Birthplace of Mother: Tennessee
14. Informant: Mr. LAWSON**
(address) Cuervo, Guadalupe Co., New Mexico
15. Filed: Feb 24, 1924 Eva Coffey (sub registrar)
16. Date of Death: February 14, 1924
17. Cause of Death: Old Age (with no doctor attending)
18. Cannot read the name of person who signed the death certificate.
19. Place and Date of Burial: Cuervo, Guadalupe Co., New Mexico - February 14, 1924
20. Undertaker: None

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher John Kays who adds *This should read Nancy Marie CREED, not Minnie who was Nancy Combs Creed's daughter. Somehow the person taking down the death information wrote down the incorrect name for the deceased. **The informant, "Mr. LAWSON," was her son-in-law, husband of her daughter, Minnie L. CREED Lawson. See Sullivan Co TN re 1850 & 1860 census enumerations and 01 May 1866 marriage of Nancy Combs to George W. CREED. *** This was originally transcribed as BOOKER, but a re-reading looks more like BOOHER... not unsurprising when the records of Sullivan Co, TN show the name spelled both ways over the decades)

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