Choctaw County was created at statehood in 1907 and takes its name from the Indian tribal name, “Chahta”. It was created out of the districts of Apukshunubbee and Pushmataha and contains portions of Jackson, Kiamitia (Kiamichi), Cedar and Towson counties of the Choctaw Nation (political subdivisions).The 1860 Choctaw Nation constitution divided the Nation into 3 districts; Pushmataha, Apukshunubbee, and Mushulatubbee. Each district was further divided into counties. Choctaw county is located in southern Oklahoma and borders Texas. The county seat is Hugo. (Source: USGenweb Choctaw Co. website).

1900 Choctaw Nation Territorial Census

Roll: T623 1853

(State not yet created)

Township 1

ED: 181

Page: 21A

-/- Frank Combs 45 2/1855 AR Irel Irel
Emma 35 3/1865 IL NC NC wife
Robt 10 11/1889 TX AR IL son
Jessie 8 3/1892 TX AR IL daughter
Ruth 6 2/1894 TX AR IL daughter
Fay 4 4/1896 TX AR IL daughter
Willie 1 4/1899 TX AR IL daughter
Ed WILLIAMS 23 11/1876 TX AR IL son-in-law
Danie WILLIAMS 18 2/1882 TX AR IL daughter
Lakie WILLIAMS 1 5/1899 TX TX TX grdaughter

(Submitted by Veanna Carr)

Note: Judy Wood Myers, granddaughter of Ruth Ellen Combs (B: 2 Feb 1892, TX D: 11 Jun 1955. Torrance, CA), daughter of Frances (Frank) Combs (B:3 Feb 1852, KY D: 14 Feb 1906. OK) and Emma EARNHART (B: 28 May 1862, IL D: 8 Jan 1954, CA), states the above Frank aka Francis was the son of Wiley Combs (B: 8 Apr 1826, KY M: 1851 KY) and Mary Polly FIELDS (B: abt 1833, KY) with this Wiley being the son of Henry Combs, Jr. (s/o of Henry “8” Combs) and Nancy BROWN of Perry Co., Ky. No source documentation provided; however, Judy states she has the 9 Sep 1880 Texas marriage certificate for Frank and Emma. According to Judy, there are two family traditions. One states that when Frank was age 14, his father shot a neighbor over a cow in his field and then fled to Texas. The family never saw him again. The second story was that it was Frank that shot the neighbor, fled to Texas and married Emma ERNHART. Frank may be the Frank Combs, age 24, living in an 1880 Colllin Co, TX, household that included an Emily EARNHART. If this is Francis, son of Wiley, then his birth is recorded in Perry Co, KY, on 9 Jan 1852, as Francis Marion Combs, son of Wiley Combs and Polly FIELDS (Wiley married 26 Jan 1851, Carter Co., KY, Polly FIELDS).

Addl Notes: Although census records are notorious for inaccuracies and individuals escaping from legal difficulties were not always truthful about their origins, the fact that this census record states Frank's parents were born in Ireland is curious. The month of birth is different and the year is off by 3. Wiley Combs is not found in the Perry Co, KY, 1870 census and his whereabouts is unknown. No record of his death has been located. Wiley's sons Marion (age 16) and Henry (14) are living with the LANGLIN family in Perry Co. in 1870.

1910 Choctaw Co, OK Census (Soundex)

Jeter Twp

Edward Combs abt 1857 Texas White Male

1920 Choctaw Co, OK Census (Soundex)

Hugo Ward 1

W R Coombs abt 1872 Wisconsin White
Ruth Coombs abt 1885 Kansas White
Audrey Coombs abt 1898 Kansas White
Barbara Coombs abt 1902 Kansas White


William F Combs abt 1870 Missouri White
Melisa Combs abt 1883 Texas White
Ethel Combs abt 1902 Oklahoma White
Joe Combs abt 1905 Oklahoma White
Jessie Combs abt 1908 Oklahoma White
Olie Combs abt 1911 Oklahoma White
Haskell Combs abt 1914 Oklahoma White
Hazel Combs abt 1916 Oklahoma White
Charles F Combs abt 1888 Arkansas White
Gladys Combs abt 1915 Texas White


Tesie Combs abt 1877 Texas White

1930 Choctaw Co, OK Census (Soundex)


W R Combs abt 1872 Iowa Head
Ruth Combs abt 1887 Wife
W H Combs abt 1851 Father


Sarah Combs abt 1864 Oklahoma Head
Nawar Lee Combs abt 1904 Son