Lincoln County, Oklahoma was established in 1891 as an Original County from the Iowa, Kickapoo, Sac, and Fox Lands. The County seat is located in Chandler, Oklahoma.

1900 Lincoln Co, OK Census

(Transcribed 1998 by Combs Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt from 1900 OK Federal Census, Soundex Microfilm No T:1066 Roll 9 C-462 to c-622)

John D. COMBS Apr 1858 42 MO
Nancy E. May 1856 44 IA
Bertie M. Jul 1882 17 KS
Orville H. Oct 1884 15 KS
Cora C. Oct 1887 12 KS
Rosa R.? Jul 1890 9 KS
Ferna F. Aug 1892 7 KS
Elsa E. Sep 1894 5 KS
Josh? D.? May 1899 IT

Chandler Twp

Sam COMBS May 1856 44 ??
Ida Jun 1861 34 NY
Henry PSIER bo May 1875 27 KS

Seminole Twp

Walter COMBS Oct 1858 41 MO
Mattie Sep 1868 39 IL
Asa J. Jan 1890 10 MO
Anna L. Dec 1891 9 MO
Andra V. Aug 1894 5 OK
Sherman I. Apr 1891 3 OK
Robert TINSTON Jun 1872 IN Bo
Sarah COMBS Dec 1828 71 IN Mother
Flossie HOOPER Dec 1872 27 MO sister

N. Choctaw

William COMBS May 1872 30 KS
Leafy Jan 1871 29
Roy V. Feb 1893 KS
Orville Jul 1894 OK
Leona May 1897 3 OK

1900 US Fed Census List of Combs (Soundex)

(submitted by Barbra Rivas)

North Choctaw

William Combs North Choctaw, Lincoln, OK abt 1871 Kansas White Head
Leafy Combs North Choctaw, Lincoln, OK abt 1871 Indiana White Wife
Roy Combs North Choctaw, Lincoln, OK abt 1893 Kansas White Son
Orville Combs North Choctaw, Lincoln, OK abt 1895 Oklahoma White Son
Leona Combs North Choctaw, Lincoln, OK abt 1897 Oklahoma White Daughter


Sarah S Combs Seminole, Lincoln, OK abt 1829 Indiana White Mother


Claud Combast Keokuk, Lincoln, OK abt 1883 Indian Territory, OK White Boarder
Alatha Conbest Keokuk, Lincoln, OK abt 1872 Kansas White Wife
Benn Conbest Keokuk, Lincoln, OK abt 1871 Missouri White Head
Elva Conbest Keokuk, Lincoln, OK abt 1892 Oklahoma White Daughter
Marin H Conbest Keokuk, Lincoln, OK abt 1898 Oklahoma White Son


Bertie M Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1883 Kansas White UNKN
Cora C Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1888 Kansas White Daughter
Elsa E Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1895 Kansas White Daughter
Ferna F Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1893 Kansas White Daughter
Irl I Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1897 Indian Territory, OK White Son
John L Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1858 Missouri White Head
Nancy E Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1856 Iowa White Wife
Orville H Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1885 Kansas White Son
Rosa R Coombs Union, Lincoln, OK abt 1891 Kansas White Daughter

1930 Lincoln Co, OK Census

Wellston Twp, Dist. 40

SD 4-40; ED10

Page 210, 2 Apr 1930 by Mrs Dennis McPherson; S#1A

9/9 COMBS, Mell Head MW 26 M20 OK MO MO MO Laborer on Farm
Rosie Wife FW 23 M19 OK KY OK (Rose Bowlin)
Ruby Dau FW 5 S OK OK OK
Vada Dau FW 3 11/12 S OK OK OK
Beaufort Son MW 2 2/12 S OK OK OK
Alfred Son MW 1/12 S OK OK OK

Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt

Note: BTM Mellie Marion COMBS is the Grandson of Peter Anderson COMBS and Keshiah LuAnna Lancaster COMBS. Son of William Henry COMBS and Nellie Nettie EVANS COMBS. He married Rosie BOWLIN (still looking for m: record). He is also found on the Jan 1920 CNS Payne Co., OK census with his parents. He was listed as Wallie M. Combs, which should have been “Mellie M” after looking at the census records more closely.


(The map was given as a gift to each person renewing their subscription to THE CHANDLER NEWS IN DECEMBER, 1903) Originally printed in Oklahoma Land Run of '91 - a Lincoln County Centennial Salute, a souvenir booklet by the Lincoln County Historical Society and used with permission of the Lincoln County Historical Society. Contributed by Carline Harp Doyle who adds: Lists of first land owners and therefore first families of Lincoln County. These names are not alphabetized in order to preserve physical proximity of families.

South Seminole Township. Township 12 North, Range 5 East

Geo. Henderson, I. Foot, J. I. Braudy, Kate Rigley, D. Hamilton, F. F. Meier, P. Heinze, Jno. Beirman, Cooper Jno. Pantlick, J. S. Pantlick, E. Christ, C. M. Miller, W. A. Johnson, M. J. Clark, Wm. Johnson, C. F. Lohner, J. F. Thompson, P. Forsmanh, I. Cartwright, G. W. Vineen, W. N. Gentry, J. Walsh, D. Tarpley, F. Huendergardt, C. Brihammer, A. Terry, M. Strickler, H. L. Baskett, F. Meier, J. I. Pantlick, E. L. Barkley, D. A. Quillin, W. A. Norman, E. Hardman, L. Beamer, D. N. Meek, Jno. Looey, Lilly Forma, Wm. Richardson, Jas. Red, M. J. Cadwalader, A. Weins, J. Vobornick, N. Lader, B. F. Stewart, A. L. Carter, V. Ludar, J. M. Greeneld, S. A. Jones, E. B. Josey, N. M. Williams, Aug, Freyer, J. H. Flemming, W. H. Darnall, Alfred Garner, Frank Wilkins, R. W. Oplinger, A. Durbin, G. G. Hart, M. Laughlin, H. F. Kahler, W. M. Lyon, Belle Black, A. L. Holman, J. S. Daves, J. J. Dostal, W. B. Bourland, V. Pliva, J. L. Johnson, J. E. Brown, W. J. Stricklen, H. Lewis, F. Weimer, W. B. Hudspeth, H. T. Noble, F. Fernande, Job Vychytil, W. D. Ware, C. Schaeffter, Annie Guild, E. Berry, M. Irwin, Geo. Aberdel, Eurlaba Wyk, M. Y. Hudshoe, E. Maddox, F. W. McConnel, J. Ruinig, G. W. Millican, Jos. Lucquect, H. W. Peck, Jos. Coyer, F. O. Parkburn, John Bever, Mrs. Jno. Losey, Wm. Maxwell, E. Gawthro, Wm. Garrison, Carol Hallbeck, Z. M. William, S. J. Baker, W. H. Burns, W. E. Johnson, J. D. Harris, G. F. Jenkins, W. H. Rogers, W. S. Baker, H. J. Hammond, R. F. Coooper, H. Duputius, F. Permela, M. O'Leary, J. Devlin, W. S. Baker, C. C. Walters, L. Gable, L. L. Gable, J. N. McConnell, L. E. Clury, S. J. Foust, J. L. Hyde, C. Foust, J. B. Davis, Dobbs Willis, Jane Perniki, R. Boyd, Jos. Sefeck, Agnes Lance, T. Hall, W. H. Gorker, W. L. Parks, J. Netwon et al, F. Mudsick, G. H. Hayes, J. H. Howe, I. W. Bliss, J. W. Kightower, W. G. & T. H. McMichael, E. Lacquenent, Frank Pasta, J. A. Bontly, H. H. Gibson, J. J. Colrare, J. A. Faucher, W. A. Turner, D. H. Bugg, W. COMBS, W. S. Baker, G. W. McGuffy, F. Blacklinger, J. H. Welhington, L. Baker, W. H. Hammer, R. S. McDuffie, Leonard Baker, Samuel Spiller

North Choctaw Twp. Township 13 North, Range 4 East

C. E. Strable, J. F. Todd, Ellis M. Labrue, E. C. Mayes, E. Bateman, J. H. Bayes, A. H. and W. A. Miller, A. J. Wolcott, K. Farpis, J. A. Forbis, C. M. Ladd, L. Thomas, M. Gordon, F. Bee, P. See, J. R. Crister, C. Stout, M. Bull, Soul Brown, W. E. Smith, J. U. Pinson, E. A. Brady, L. C. Fouquet, Lizzie Flowers, I. C. Fouquet, S. B. Nation, D. Eby, P. Kinyon, Flora Gray, W. H. Torrea, Alice McAnwanrey, L. J. Johnson, R. P. McRibbon, Jos. Fugate, E. A. Kirkpatrick, J. F. Moore, D. F. Graham, C. V. Wells, S. S. Allenbauch, J. L. Brown, M. Richardson, Sally Keyes, C. Nixon, M. R. Gillett, Hattie Bridges, M. Burris, Sarah Collier, Jno. M. Cook, T. S. Rice, G. Winkle, S. Winkle, R. B. Wells, Hattie Walk, H. S. Emerson, Kate Ayers, T. Baker, H. Arky, R. H. McFarland, M. J. Cansler, Wm. March, A. M. Bray, H. W. Saywer, W. E. Jones, A. Bateman, N. L. Bateman, C. L. Krone, G. W. Butler, Leroy O'Conner, J. H. George, W. D. Yoder, F. W. Boerney, F. Springer, J. B. McFarland, A. N. Black, Julia O'Harris, O. A. Amber, D. F. Arnold, E. Gerardy, J. M. Allanbaugh, J. S. Davis, J. J. McCurry, J. L. Einthlc, Jas. Griffith, C. W. COMBS, G. F. Cox, I. McIntire, F. Evans, J. H. Judging, F. M. Sharp, W. M. Kelly, J. Ambler, C. B. Ambler, W. M. Gerardy, C. W. McFarland, W. M. Elliott, W. F. Griffney, J. Martin, J. P. McCurry, M. Trice, Mary Miller, B. F. Cox, A. S. & C. W. Lay, David Day, T. N. Latimer, G. E. Kunkle, D. W. Collier, J. B. Ausmus, J. S. Ausmus, C. F. Crider, T. J. Boudet, R. I. Allen, Jno. Weber, C. H. Arnold, H. Arnold, A. R. Arnold, J. W. Arnold, F. O. Richardson, V. Dungcury, W. H. Cox, Lon Archer, G. W. Thompson, O. Watkins, D. I. Collier, F. P. Collins, W. B. Witherspoon, R. Weaver, J. G. Patton, A. L. Oppey, J. B. Howard, O. Dunlevy, Jas. Parker, E. Rankin, Eliza Dubney, H. C. Wulls, Nuncy Miller, T. J. Moss, W. F. Vaughn, M. O. Moore, Lulu Allen, A. C. Quinn, J. T. Quinn, I. Cubert, Dora Howard, A. J. Howard, W. F. Ellison, J. O. Spriggs, Jas. Rankin, C. A. Stuart, M. Trice, Hattie Jones, Jno. Brown, S. Horton, T. G. Miller, S. Bunger, J. Anderson, C. A. Bolton, T. H. Wood, Martha Craven, Chusa Steward, D. S. Williams, N. A. Eggleston, Mary Sargent, N. Whitmore, T. Graham, Arch Hill.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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