Woodward County, Oklahoma was established in 1893 from the Cherokee Outlet. The County seat is located in Woodward, Oklahoma.

1900 Woodward Co, OK Census

215-270 COOMBS, James M. Head W M Jul 1855 44 M 20 IN TN KY
Shrilda Wife W F Nov 1859 40 M (child.: 4; 3 living) 20 IN IN IN
Walter E. Son W M Dec 1894 8 S IN IN IN
Wiliam R. Son W M Mar 1895 5 S IN IN IN
Edma M. Daughter W F Aug 1899 1 S IN IN IN

Note: James M. s/o William H. and Martha Ann "Patsy," (Nelson) COOMBS. See Boone Co, IN. Shrilda WALL, d/o Robert "Mexican Bob" and Lucinda J. (Huffman) WALL, also of Boone Co, IN

282-287 COOMBS, Rebecca Head W F Jun 1858 42 Wd (child. 7; 4 living) IN IN IN
Lullu Daughter W F Jun 1884 16 S IN IN IN
Arther Son W M Jun 1887 13 S KS IN IN
Wallace E. Son W M Mar 1869 31 5 IN IN IN
Anna M. dil W F Sep 1869 30 (child.: 4; 4 Living) IL England IN
George N. gs W M Apr 1896 4 S OK IN IL
Maud L. gd W F Mar 1899 7/12 S KS IN IL

FOSTER, Harry L. Boarder W M Mar 1891 9 S KS OH IL

Note: Rebecca was the widow of William N. COOMBS s/o William H. and Martha Ann "Patsy," (Nelson) COOMBS. See Boone Co., IN. She was the d/o of Daniel D. and Mary Jane (Mills) WALL and a cousin to Shirilda w/o James M. COOMBS. ? Could Harry L. age 9 be a son of Anna M's from a previous marriage and why did they call him a "Boarder."

283-288 COOMBS, Ch---- Head W M May 1877 23 S IN IN IN

Note: Believe this to be Rebecca's son, Charles H. b. 1877.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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